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Thursday, 28 November 2013


Felt like ranting, felt kenna makan. Why I never get Heimdall after defeating Malekith in final hurdle? Is it b/c I need to finish 5 star mastery?????? Dunno if I can do Part 2 of Rogue Economist, but at least I now got potong target.

In order to justify+cement my status as el hijo de puta, allow me to rub (?) some sea salt (?) onto the burning wound.
From how I see it, there's a common ground between Carlo "Blancos" Ancelotti and Laurent "Le Président des Princes" Blanc. Not the fact that they sacrificed 1 CF, but rather both choosing to retain their creative conduit. Gareth "not Christian" Bale and Edinson "I no Suarez" Cavani, what's their common strength? Creativity via speed and movement. Karanka's decision upon having 1 man down? Jayson "not Steele" Leutwiler in, Marvin "Wonderbaar" Emnes out. Why I give Emnes that Dutch moniker? Because he's dat creative weed dawg, our runnin' dawg. Only problem? Our loss against Leeds took place at Saturday, 10 men trolljob both took place during midweek.

Ofc given Chelsea is now in some sorta crisis, I hereby decide to do many long suffering Londoners some global service. Because football is worth it. Oh, and one interesting snippet abt yours truly: limpeh don't live in Tiong Bahru, but limpeh really lives in TB's vicinity.
No, I not that rabbit.
Credit[?]: SGAG

Not so special anymore, O Especial?
Mourinho said we must kill, entire team kenna killed instead. Yes, I know our temp no.1 used to play for FC Basel, but that's like 6 yrs ago. Apparently, either opponents now know what Mourinho is capable of or something went wrong. Somehow, somewhere, somewhat.

How to fix the problem?
I can't pinpoint where is/are problem(s), but I find it interesting that Frank "not lampah" Lampard has received a new lease of life under O Especial himself. On the flip side, we have Juan "orang biru" Mata kenna the 24/7 blues. I do not know what's wrong between soldado and comandante, but when Mourinho stated he can't play 12-14 players on the pitch, he's being cryptic. As in Chelsea's finest weapon lies in the bench, as in Mata is still sitting on the bench. Decisive moment: mid-season transfer window.

So what does Mata and Lampard have to do w/this shit?
Firstly, Lampard is a player who favours box to box play. Together with Steven "AnalAlex's idol" Gerrard, he's arguably an all rounder midfielder. Can play anywhere across the middle, can tackle+anchor+assist+shoot. Secondly, he's alrdy 30+, surely his stamina has taken a diving hit.

In this ever-evolving world of modern football where pace and aggression is no longer sufficient, there are 4 positions boasting the highest playing longevity. Goalkeepers will always last the longest while centre backs are always the wine casks of every winning team. Centre forwards age with tactical awareness, the same goes for centre midfielders. This is exactly why they say every team must have a spine.

If we're to go by Mourinho's 4-2-3-1 rule, why not lit up the Lamp just behind the lone CF? Such deployment alone will allow O Especial the luxury of choosing which two creative players to field. Eden "Hazzard" Hazard's greatest strength lies in explosive pace and Elven balance, Oscar Castlebane is all about mobility, close control, and passing precision (Kaká Knightsbane is more of a field duelist while Mesut "Le Cavalier d'Ottomane" Özil is more aggressive). Juan "orang biru" Mata, on the other hand, anchors play upfront, hence freeing up the rest. Because Mata is more ball reliant while Mourinho is more about tactical positioning, therefore things ain't that simple.

Try imagining this: O Especial telling Lamps to play front zonal with defensive reinforcement just behind. This is offensive reinforcement tantamount to high up counteroffensive, I can easily keep both opponents and press guessing my game under this situation.

As for O Especial's unique two middle salute, there are at least 3 players to choose from:

David "fake Fellaini" Luiz
This is a player primed for tactical awareness, movement positioning, and ball anchoring. The fact that he's able to play 3 whopping positions, i.e. CB/LB/DM, on the pitch highlights this fact. Much more cultured than whatever the press pack would like you to believe in otherwise.

John "fake Obi-Wan" Obi Mikel
This is Mourinho's most physical BA. Bad in running, badder in tackling. 50-50=baddest of them all. Used to be Lee "giant red cat" Cattermole's BFF, but cooled down quite a lot now. At least I don't remember him getting a straight red for N matches in running. Oh, and let's not forget Dennis "A [human] Clockwork Oranje" Wise.

Ramires Legionsbane
What's with Brazilians and Dunga Sambabane? During World Cup 94, we have the likes of Bebeto Cradleman and Romario Goaliebane. Likewise, there can only be one Dunga. That song is already history though since a lot of Dungas are now popping up all over. It's hard to classify where Ramires Legionsbane can play apart from understanding football being a human sport comprising of 25 human beings on the pitch (including ref and linesmen, but excluding the rest due to numerical grounds). A good box to box runner, Legionsbane will always be your best bet in applying pressure upfront. Not necessarily robbing the ball, but forcing opponent teams to lose it. Hard running and equally hard tackling=effective linkup pressure from the deep.

Moral of the season?

P.S: Just realised a closed group reserved for every SSB got taken down. I swear I'm not guilty of any online felony, I'm sure there's no legal reason for FB to take it down.*
*Unless authorised by Gibbo and co.