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Saturday, 16 November 2013

DLC#1-Alternate Costumes

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. However, this simple Jack here only knows how to create games.
Okay, I know I risk setting off Cody Underwood's ire, so let me assure everybody that I'm not anti-disability rights. Actually, I'm pro-disability rights since I believe retard should be a word reserved for normal people having subhuman principles. If you're mentally/intellectually challenged, it means you're considered humane, not retarded.

P.S: Suddenly realised Tony Stark was deriding everyone apart from those truly intellectually/mentally challenged.

Latest tweaks (either that or I've done them alrdy)
1. Screen angle will be done in plane view format.
2. When selecting any target enemy for combat, a map will pop up at the top right corner. Use control pad to select the target. Camera angle will zoom accordingly.
3. Manual camera zoom is still possible due to enemy reinforcements remaining a possibility.
4. You can explore any given part of the Settlement your party is at. Exploration will be done via 2-D map form.
5. Characters ranked B to A can execute two Technique/Magic instead of one. Rank S Characters can execute three Technique/Magic instead.
6. Level up for both Magic and Technique is solely dependent on usage rather than Character Rank.

DLC-Alternate Character Costume

Body-Blue ninja garb
Hands-Brown leather gloves and red bandages
Feet-Grey leather boots

Body-Original costume without hooded cloak
Additional-Long hair and albino complexion

Guy Cody
Body-White short sleeved shirt and blue trousers
Hands-Brown leather gloves
Feet-Brown leather boots

Body-grey tunic and pants
Hands-Steel gauntlets
Feet-Brown leather boots
Additional-White surcoat with a wolf's head motif

Alestrial Eliaden
Feet-Matching flat heeled boots with steel plates attached on the shin area
Additional-Long hair let down, i.e. in the first arc-The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair.

Body-Plain long sleeved beige tunic and khaki pants
Hands-Brown fingerless gloves
Feet-Black leather shoes
Additional-Short hair this time round

To be cont'd
(b/c too late must kun liao...)