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Sunday, 3 November 2013

(Un)Happy (belated) Nov 1st to limpeh!

Six reasons for me do this:
1. Boro lost 1-0 away against Blackburn, never felt so much like a piece of shit before.
2. My lobo OSM private league decided to rub salt onto my wound. Whether this=FB Wilson Raj remains to be seen.
3. Occasional mood swing due to... okay nvrmind....
4. My b'day=forever alone.
5. Today's TNP headlines only made things worse.
6. I actually made a promise on FB status, fake van Gogh is a real man of his word.

But firstly, I'd like to do a short OST (?) list


An Unknown Night's Dream

Kagetsu no Hyo’Ah

“Oi! Wake up!”

Attempts to rouse that dozing oaf finally bearing fruit, I would have died a thousand times if looks can kill. But then again, Lars always said I’m a beauty blessed with fire. Whatever that means anyway…

“What the fuck do you want?” growled the hoodlum, his visage more akin to wolf than man. I still remember what this cherry blossom tree meant to us, that’s why I’m so angry towards that bon’ko.

“Why did you chop it down?”

“Take a look around you. Tell me what you see.”

Is he asking me a stupid question? Congratulations, bastard. You’ve finally pissed off Hyo’Ah oh’jyung. So here it goes…

“Blue sky, green meadow, and a…”

“Miserable tree stump.”

No one has ever accused me of preaching non-violence, but I really feel like wiping off his dusky smirk forever. Before I can react, scoundrel strikes first. Feeling a biting cold caressing my breasts, this is when I realised my fate. No… no please… anything but… urgh!

Wincing in pain, I discovered what happened to me. He squeezed my left breast violently! Doesn’t he know the implications behind his action? Grabbing my tae’do, I splashed blood across his chest. Eh, wait… that’s…

“Your blood,” answered the mercenary nonchalantly, “I don’t enjoy raping bitches since I can pay them for a shag or three. You’re lucky I never fed you to the karas.”

Burning pain shot through my right arm and run rampant all over me, my sense dulling unto the point where turning back is not an option.

Nanaya no Geun’Jin

I glared at the jung’kan even though he’s clearly ignoring everybody. It took dae’ho an hour to proclaim ah’na out of danger, yet there he is smiling after a trip to the gi’on. We’re the only ones holding this orphanage together, yet he chose to talk up some stupid Demon story in front of us? The kids already have more than enough to handle, last thing they ever need is an arousal in curiosity. So long as Nanaya no Geun’Jin lives, no man shall lay a touch on my ah’na.

“Guen’Jin…” I heard ah’na whispering my name, relief washing my wearied soul.


“I want to see ‘him’… where is he?”


Surely not him…

Lars Alterfate

“Why didn’t you tell Hyo the truth?”

If there’s anything I can glean from that man, he only made it known via caressing the hilt of his blade. Thank the gods he never tried any shit with that. Even if gods don’t exist, I’m sure men forcibly castrated do. I saw his smile and I know what he’s trying to say. What a way to start a conversation, Lars Alterfate. At least I’m not guilty of force fucking.

“Hyo… what an interesting way to address a girl. Have you fucked her?”

I think I’m starting to like him.

“No. I’d like to, but she’ll castrate me first,” I can feel my lips curving up in self-derision, that’s the only way a bastard can afford to live without going batshit crazy, “Mind if I sit?”

“Go ahead,” shrugged the dusky bloke, “I promise no accident shall happen to you.”

“Unless I choose to materialise any,” two grinning bastards seated side by side, I never felt so alive before. Then we both hooted in laughter just like how one would hear mad wolves howling.

“What’s your name?”

Now that’s not your customary greeting, but I like this in a friend. Utterly sick and tired of liars wearing various masks, this is definitely one hell of a buddy. Quality jackasses, quality brothers.

“Shouldn’t you be telling me first?”

“Give me a good reason why you don’t deserve to have an accident.”

“Because there’s no point in doing so.”

“Sorry, but I do shit for fun. One more try, bastard. Surely you can do better than some half assed answer.”

Well, what have I gotten myself into? A Demon Hunter versus some…

“True Apostle. I know your correct identity and ‘tis not every day such beings got their cover busted.”

A suffocating aura soon consumed the surrounding air, I know by now that everything hinges on kill or to be killed. Sorry, bastard darko, but you pissed the wrong man off…

“Lars! What are you doing?”

Oh shit, there comes the unwanted bride. Eyes resembling amber stared at me, I know what Hyo is trying to say. Hmph, bugger all. At least there’s a value behind fighting another day. But before that…

“Hey, bastard darko!”

I can never understand why people can get easily offended over nicknames where in fact, they’re already used to mutual murder. But definitely bastard darko didn’t mind my affection shown. Balls of steel complimenting a mind of ice and fire, I’m looking forward to the day where we can go full retard together.

“Here, treat this as a welcome gift!”

With syo’ju in his hand, my job is done. Okay, make that mission half-accomplished.

Kagetsu no Hyo’Ah

I hardly believed my eyes. That bastard spat out the sa’ju I saved for him!

“Fuck water, give me wine.”

“That’s wine you’re drinking, ya’rang!”

“Still tastes like piss, give me wine.”

Feeling a sudden urge to castrate him, I managed to cease my murderous intent. But not before he gave me a knowing smirk.

“Your lover has far better taste in wine.”

What? My aito? That hen’tae Lars Alterfate?


I’m no moron, I know what the wanker wanted to say. Granted I was guilty of exposing a pair of Cinha tits, but squeezing them wasn’t my plan. That looney old fart always enjoy saying “shit happens” as if shit is something natural, but constant survival have taught me how true this is. As for her little bitch of a sister, I don’t give a rat’s ass damn.

Fool of a mortal, you dare go against me?

Well, why not? I saved her from your cock.

A Demon riled is a Demon true!

What shame then, guess you only ripped apart a Cinha little girl’s clothes.

I shall get my due and grant you yours!

Sorry, but no one remembers a watery snake impaled by blades mounted atop silver chains. Doesn’t mean violence isn’t needed from yours truly though. One split second’s difference and I could be drinking my own bloody puddle instead. That girl is blessed with spunk, I shouldn’t have let my guard down. If the gods exist, a Ranger’s warping ability has to be their only good gift to this Known World.

Pity that beautiful tree though. I was merely peeved hours before.

Kagetsu no Hyo’Ah

“Huh? You’re sure, ah’na?”

Nodding my head, I know my dearest ah’mou can be hopelessly naïve at times. No, make that most of the time.

“The eleventh month is regarded as an inauspicious month, Hyo. You’re guilty of cursing somebody to death.”

Contemplating a snarky retort, I opted to hold my tongue. A glib hen’tae will always be one.

“My decision is final. Objections will be overruled, the first day of eleventh month shall be Aera’s birthday!”

Noticing Lars and Geun’Jin’s incredulous gaze, I know only trouble awaits. I just can’t call him by any nickname, no matter how pleasant. Sometimes, I wonder whether Kagetsu no Hyo’Ah is the only person immune to stupidity.

Alestrial Eliaden

Birthday is supposed to be a joyous occasion. After all, every individual’s birth comes once in a lifetime. I do not know my parents, but House Eliaden is surely my home. Shutting my ears from Twong’s incessant babbling, every words seems like pointless adulation. At least I hope Yeovil will crash his grandest speech since he always enjoy doing that. They say even girls should deserve a naughty break, I know what Joenne’s favourite quote is.

Glancing about, I paid no heed to Ross, Yeovil, and Twong. Joenne and Karen are my only bosom friends, but this private tea party will never come to life without him.

A shattering sound immediately causing alarm, I don’t have to sneak a glimpse at what is happening out there. Stifling a giggle, I know some people will always remain the same.

Catterm Leen

“He’s gonna receive the buggerapp?”

Glaring at Lukas’ innocuous look, I realised this is really one son of a bitch you wouldn’t like to cross. If you’re not mentally prepared, his wit will drive you to suicide. Thankfully, I’m still alive.

“Yes, cretin smashed a window pane just to get himself into his Lady Alestrial’s room. Everyone was present so as to speak.”

Lips curving up quirkily, Lukas said nothing as he proceeds to fix my drink.

“Here, Crystal Flare. Strongest of the house, tabs on me,” smiled the pretty boy. At least I know a genuine fellow when I see one.

As I raised my glass to my lips, something pressed itself hard against my back. Instinctively, my cock goes hard and my head suddenly feeling light. Recognising my comely assailant, I realised too late that I might have gulped down my Crystal Flare in one shot.

Shit, fucked again after last night. E…lys, Lu…kas told… yo… my…

Lukas Brun

“You know what you’re gonna face?”

Guy Cody nodded like an excited puppy before my exasperated self. This is arguably the strongest lad in Merseyside despite being half a head shorter than the biggest bloke. Not to mention one inch less around the chest. Pardes must be cursing his parents to sleep every night. The only problem though lies in chronic stupidity.

“Scholes said he’s gonna hang me upside down, but only for the whole morning.”

That’s the correct buggerapp alright. Wait, shouldn’t the duration be from morning till before late afternoon? Guy Cody, you lucky bastard. Catts and Elys better don’t hear any of this until they’re done for the night.

Ziron, Lord of the Lancers

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Blackest countenance squaring off against my glowering stare, Aeranath knew there’s no logic justifying my ire. If there’s anything capable in setting him off, it would be disturbing him in the middle of sex. His harlot is a looker though, I’ll give her that. Still, I only wanted to tell him the significance where this month is concerned. Even though my decision is something for naught.

“Shagging a whore?” grinned my charge suddenly, “Turns out she’s a virgin and I became her first man. Can’t believe she’s moaning for more until she’s contently full.”

“Do you still recall what month is this?”

Cocking his head, the girl moaned softly as that little bastard squeezed her breast. No doubt she was heavily fed with aphrodisiac.

“Eleventh month. Is that your problem?”

Sensing time is running out, I decided to be brutally blunt. Rowein requested me to take care of his only family, I failed him. I tried letting Erik had a hand despite his unwillingness, the Lord of Berserkers nearly died as a result. I possess the knowledge of every fighting concept possible, I ended up with nothing and worse.

“The Cinha girl whom you saved five years ago, her birthdate lies in the same month.”

“Same goes for this cute little blond,” shrugged Aeranath, thumb gestured towards her flushed features, “Heard she’s a captured Slarv.”

Unable to devise any reply, I can only vanish like a phantom. Indeed I’m already one, always one. I can only hope for his redemption, that one fine day salvation will bestow inner peace in the cub I've failed horribly.


Even though your story is nothing but betrayal, the world is never your enemy. That’s why you still care for certain things despite the obvious. This I believe you know better than me.

Tonight is a beautiful night, a night where the crescent moon is shining blue. I hate the colour red whenever the moon started mocking me. At least I’m not seeing a full moon, that’s good enough. Ever since I killed that stupid bitch with my own bloodied hands, my life had reached its final destination. No, make that the only destination. Betrayal means nothing to me, for I know my enemies and who must die. I killed my brothers and elders, their unworthy blood not what I seek. I’ve already betrayed myself during that fateful night, I know who saved that little Cinha girl.

I delivered her from rape and likely death, she saw Chaos Incarnate instead. I wasn’t her saviour, it was Contra Mundum redeeming her with blood and sword.

With the Answerer laid across my lap, I decided tonight will be the best night for slumber. Tomorrow this Ranger shall resume his relentless hunt, for now rest and fanciful dreams unattainable beckon.

Let no one intrude into this lone wolf’s territory. To any daring soul, I shall slay him. Man or beast, Demons or gods.

Background notes

Cinha terminology
Bonko: Idiot
Oh-jyung: Miss/Mrs (used as informal self-addressing term for females. Considered a rude/bossy word)
Taedo: A short knife used by Cinha maidens for self defence
Karas: Crows
Hen’tae: Pervert
Jung’kan: Stronger verbal variation of hen’tae
Dae’ho: The physician class of Cinha society
Ah’na: Older sister
Gi’on: Brothel
Syo’ju: Stronger version of rice wine
Sa’ju: Lighter version of rice wine
Ah’mou: Younger sister
Ya'rang: An extremely strong term for bastard. It's said that not even unschooled Cinha are allowed to use it.

Buggerapp: Sole punishment mete out to cadets in the Merseyside Academy should they violate even the smallest rule. Recipients are hanged upside down with hands bounded. Accidents are known to happen where fatality rate is considered high.
Contra Mundum: Latin phrase meaning “against the world”.