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Sunday, 7 July 2013

World of Yore (R001-R002)

Now at cousin's house, another cousin says he'll be back, he's now back. Said cousin belongs not in 1st cousin's home, we all will eat dinner at 1st cousin's home. If I sound loopy here, be assured that I'm still undergoing a wee bit of motion sickness aftermath. Thankfully, I doubt I'll be flying all the way till beyond the English Channel. That'll kill me. X_X

I can only loop this song atm, it's utterly amazing that I've yet to lose my cool against a less than desirable connection speed. Must be b/c I now at cousin's home, I also using said cousin's line+laptop. Teutonia can wait. :P

R001: Alestrial Eliaden



Spd-2 Atk-34 Def-30 HP-300


Skill-Denial of Oblivion
Will execute any Character's Magic after said Character's Magic is performed.
[Skill will trigger 10 counts after execution]

Magic-Dancing with the Dragons
Area of Effect: full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Special [特殊]
Deal damage to all enemy Characters.
All friendly Characters gain increase in Spd.
[60 HP damage; Spd+2; lasts 4 counts]

[Leader only Class]
Increase Def for Vanguard Characters.
Increase Atk for Rearguard Characters.
[Def+5 for all Vanguard Characters; Atk+5 for all Rearguard Characters]

Ability-Crucible of Hrunting
Area of Effect-frontal circle, medium
Charge time-Medium
Type-Special [特殊]
Deal damage to enemy Characters within range.
Friendly Characters within range will reappear instantly around Alestrial Eliaden.
[80 HP damage]


Birth Date: NE 222
Ethnicity: Cinha
Birth Place: ???
Likes: Guy Cody

Teesside, The Blessed Kalaran Empire; NE 238, Summer

[Hey! That's mine!]

I look at Guy's expression while he sparks off yet another fight. All this for the sake of an apple pie?

[Hey, Ales! I heard Daly's Bakery got a new product! I asked Karen to help me out and the apple pie was really tasty!]

I giggled to myself as I recalled Joenne's dreamy face. Cutting the queue is absolutely wrong, I should have been faster in telling Guy that.

{Illustrator: Akihiko Yoshida}

R002: Guy Cody



Spd-3 Atk-48 Def-37 HP-360


Increase Atk whenever attacked

Magic-Pledged by Blood
Area of Effect: Self
Charge time-Medium
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Takes less damage from Magic/Ability effects.
[-30 HP damage taken; lasts 12 counts]

[Vanguard/Rearguard Class]
Increase Atk if chosen as Vanguard.
Increase Def if chosen as Rearguard.
[Atk+3; Def+3]

Ability-Gold and Crimson
Area of Effect-Self
Charge time-Medium
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Damage dealt cannot be healed.
Greatly increase Spd, Atk, and attacking reach whenever killing any enemy Character.
[Spd+4; Atk+20; attacking reach x 1.5; lasts 6.5 counts, 3 counts if after killing enemy Character]


Birth Date: NE 222
Ethnicity: Causacean
Birth Place: ???
Likes: Alestrial Eliaden

Teesside, The Blessed Kalaran Empire; NE 238, Summer

Both of us laughed in spite of whatever trouble I've created.

[Get back the line, boy!]

[You little brat! Who's your daddy?]

[Help! I swear he groped me!]

Well, guess Alestrial's the only person insane enough to stick with me after all these years...

{Illustrator: Akihiko Yoshida}

A/N: Sis is contemplating abt her career, I still fantasising over flying to Teesside and getting a nice ideal gf.... isn't me sad?