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Friday, 26 July 2013

Literally the most intelligent bastard ever... (Part 6)





Summary: Death comes to everybody, not even the 2nd Emperor of China could have escaped. Apparently, situation ain't all that hunky dory since rebellion was still an everyday occurrence. After Han Xin, we got Ying Bu (although can't be sure when Peng Yue pulled off the same stunt).

Amazingly enough, not even the loyal Fan Kuai was spared from suspicion. We all know he's way too dumb to stage an uprising, some fella just chose to upgrade every single damn thing. His Holy Han-ness' reaction?
Scariest part? Evil Ping sowed discord just for teh evulz. Well sort of since His Holy Han-ness was hell bent on executing Fan Kuai despite this big bloke following him right from the start...

Scarier still? Evil Ping suggested sending Zhou Bo as the emissary since he's the Grand Commandant by now. Okay, it's actually Zhou Bo taking over Fan Kuai's place while Evil Ping was tasked with the sword.

Yet, here comes the question: If this was Chen Ping's ploy coming from Chen Ping, then why did he regret the decision halfway through? Guys, I think it's quite likely that Liu Bang had yet to go senile despite nearing death. At the same time, we must also know that Chen Ping always accompanied Liu Bang during the Chu-Han War and the aftermath of unification. In fact, it takes a bastard to know another bastard and both were equally bad. Quite a bit like the pot and kettle being black without either stating the obvious.

In short, here is my conjecture-Chen Ping had NOTHING to do with this military drama. Willingly that is. In short, His Holy Liu-ness got the power, the rest is history.

Yet, this was when Chen Ping executed another piece of strategy masterstroke. You see, Fan Kuai wasn't only close to Liu Bang, but above all he's also close to His Holy Liu-ness' Empress wife. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, an Empress is after all a woman.

Chen Ping's evil planz? Well, firstly, we have to give it to Chen Ping in the sense that he understood what kind of character His Holy Liu-ness had became. "God" has never been so paranoid before (although there had been countless mortal gods in the course of human history), this is quite like how Wade Wilson became Deadpool through Weapon X apart from the fact that Deadpool is still considered technically (?) sane.

To put evil plans in a nutshell, by convincing Fan Kuai to shackle himself in a prison carriage, every man and woman will be a happy man or woman. In fact, Fan Kuai did have a redeeming quality apart from being a war machine. You all can call it dumb honour, I call him a loyal subject.

P.S: We the Chinese have this favourite saying-accompanying the lord is akin to accompanying a tiger [伴君如伴虎]. Don't believe me, go ask Ned Stark how's it going downstairs.




Summary: Halfway through, "God" died. As an adviser of "God", Chen Ping started fearing for his life. You see, we can only blame "God" for subjecting everybody under this ridiculous period drama, no one is gonna listen to said servant anyway...

Step 1-stage a wayang, rush all the way to Xingyang.

Step 2-cry in grief like a crybaby, the more you look like a bapok, the higher your chances of survival.

Step 3-Still fearing for his life, Chen Ping requested to stay amongst the Imperial Guards.

Step 4-He got a new post, he now in charge of teaching the crown prince. No more army, no more pasta.

Result-Empress Lu bought Chen Ping's deal hook, line, and sinker, Chen Ping lived to fight (?) another day.

The only problem? The Lu clan still got a regal troll called Lu Xu. We'll get to that later.



Summary: By then, Cao Shen had passed away as the Chancellor. Before him, there was one Xiao He, this time round, we got Chen Ping.

Remember Lu Xu? Bugger was PO'ed over the assumption that Fan Kuai nearly did himself in in via Chen Ping's evil planz, this time he became even more jahat. By slandering Chen Ping to be a drunkard and womaniser, that should have done him in.

Chen Ping's response?

Empress Lu's reaction?



Summary: There's a reason why Empress Lu erected Chen Ping as the Chancellor. Given the kind of insidious talent Chen Pin is, acting drunk and horny will only serve to deflect any suspicions away. In short, Chen Ping knew what kind of person is Empress Lu. So long as he outlived her, Interesting Times are sure to follow. In fact, whatever decisions made by Empress Lu was approved by Chen Ping, I'm talking about granting high posts for her clan.

Soon (?) after, Han dynasty DID survive to witness an Interesting Time. When they say "may you live in Interesting Times", it means they want you to die. That's why Sir Terry Pratchett called this a curse in Discworld, that's when Chen Ping seized his chances.

After Empress Lu's demise, Interesting Times erupted. In order to take the correct side, Chen Ping and Zhou Bo cooked up a plan. You call it a bastard's game, I call this a fatal backstab. Interestingly (?) enough, Chen Ping was the one suggesting whatever dastardly strategy available.

After the debacle, Zhou Bo became the right Chancellor and Chen Ping the left. However, the Wen Emperor's original decision was quite the opposite. To him, Chen Ping was the numero uno. Yet, Chen Ping chose to take MC. When boss asked apeh ini, Chen Ping replied that Zhou Bo was the one overseeing the military aspect while Chen Ping only had a mouth and a tongue. In short, it's a case of his overall credit being no match for Zhou Bo's, be they during or after Liu Bang's reign.

Note: The right position is the higher of the two, we'll see soon enough the dynasty wedgie...

[居顷之,上益明习国家事,朝而问右丞相勃曰:“天下一岁决狱几何?” 勃谢不知。







平谢曰:“主臣!陛下不知其弩下,使待罪宰相。宰相者,上佐天子理阴阳,顺四时,下遂万物之宜,外填抚四夷诸侯,内亲附百姓,使卿大夫各得任其职也。” 上称善。




Summary: Nothing much, only that big boss asked Zhou Bo on whatever irregularities available, i.e. number of people convicted per year and amount of produce accumulated per annum. Zhou Bo couldn't give the correct answer to 2+2, Chen Ping had to do bailout.

Chen Ping's answer was very easy: go find the relevant people in charge.

You see, it's one thing to supervise everything and quite another to supervise everything 24/7. Liu Bang once stated that Zhou Bo lacked the capacity to rule as Chancellor. Chen Ping, on the other hand, was lauded as one with vital wits, yet unable to stand on his own. One could say that Chen Ping's problem lies in his unsavoury repute, likewise Zhou Bo's problem was that he didn't posses the attention span and focus to pull this off. It wasn't until donkey years later that Zhuge Liang managed to defy human logic, Zhuge Liang managed to do what Zhou Bo had failed so miserably in the past before.

Long story short, Zhou Bo felt ashamed of himself, he let Chen Ping have total power as the Chancellor via shooting a resignation letter.




Conclusion: Nothing much of note apart from the fact that Chen Ping's descendant got horrible screwed via decisions amounting to persona non intégrité. Scariest thing? Chen Ping had foreseen this because he knew something instead of knowing nothing...

P.S: Yes, I know this post is a half-assed standard one. I tried to give my all, my head feeling lagi light atm.