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P.S: Oh, and one more thing. Vid below is yet another ideal OP for A Ranger's Tale.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Me bastard, the rest all abang hitam...

Now brain lagi hyper liao due to sleeping too much from 5+ in afternoon to 11 at night or so. So in case I still need more kun before finishing new chapter of ART...

P.S: Post weirdly inspired by my laopeh watching PRC news channel... apparently, we got things going south and brother killing brother further north. Don't believe me, go try asking Dongmyeongseongwang... wah, title lagi cumbersome sia...

P.S: Have G.R.R Trollolol trolled these blokes yet?

Ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow

A/N: I'm not a default endorser of JxD, but it seems that a particular post speculating on Jon Snow has created a nuke bomb out of a cluster bomb. In S'porean talk, we call this massive upgrading.

Final shout out-Apologies to Ms Seow-turned-Mrs Wong if you're to ask me again why I every time stay so late. My brain feeds off momentum, I also say girls are considered exception to the rule. Future Mrs Sim, I appreciate your suggestion tbh.