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Friday, 5 July 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 3)

Cont'd from Part 2...

Teutonia is a kingdom where feudal lords rule their lands. These local rulers, known as Barons, possess military autonomy and the right to decide their own municipal affairs as they deem fit. Both the High Lord and Sidhe Court do not have any hold over the Barons, for their lands are hereditary, thus not owned by anyone else. Likewise, one Baron does not having ruling power over another, this is down the Old Ways condemning kin slaying unless one is found guilty of violating the law or code of chivalry. Indeed kin slaying is seen as an equal crime to high treason, the only sentence available is being hanged, drawn, and quartered.

Yet, political intrigue is still an everyday occurrence where Barons play their own chess of diplomacy with each other. Political marriage is an everyday event, allied Barons training their soldiers and granting favours in trade are not uncommon sight.

A piece of land belonging to a Baron is known as a fief, his esteem will always be decided by the number of fiefs owned. There are three types of fiefs. Farms, bastion, and marches.

Farms are fields used for agriculture where one third of yearly harvest will belong to the ruling Baron and a further half belonging to people residing in bastions. Due to constant need in sustaining the overall population, Farms are situated on flat fertile lands watered by the countless distributaries branching from the River Sol. 

A bastion is basically a city/town where every manner of trade and education is available. Heavily fortified, bastions will always be situated at defensive ground due to an everyday possibility of conflict with Those-From-Nowhere, i.e. the Demons.

Marches are reserved for those saddled with military duty in case of any external invasion. At the same time, marches also serve as reinforcement sources in order to cope with any Demon threat, for no one knows where and when Those-From-Nowhere will strike.

Of course this does not mean Barons have unbridled power, for the Seelie possess the right to punish any Baron deemed guilty.

This is a wide swath of land belonging to every Baron. If the northern and eastern borders are meant as a buffer zone, then Ermandy is all about trade and riches. Encompassing the western and southern borders, Ermandy is a massive harbour. Its ports were owned by different Barons, this is also where aristocrats, both Barons and Earls, deal their business. Earls do not have any control over Ermandy, but due to the power held by the Sidhe Court, no sane Baron would dare to offend them.

Every Baron is allotted one specific area, but political alliances are known to blur out whatever boundaries originally set. Due to the Barons' right to autonomy extended unto this massive piece of land as well, Anglsax can never exert any local authority over Ermandy.

Organising of defence is nothing short of strange, many might even say crazy. The coastal area is where economy is concentrated, a massive barricade known as the White Wall is flanked by two stretches of hillocks seemed to be every man, woman, and child's death knell. However, there are actually underground tunnels dug by the Dwarves facilitating escape behind the White Wall. Every building has an underground entrance leading from the cellar up till the Sanctuapolis, an emergency shelter situated behind the White Wall.

Ermandy's economic structure:
Ermandy is the only place where foreign traders and merchants are allowed to conduct their business freely, every Baron will surely desire maximum profit possible. There are three main sources, namely Badesh, Nanban, Crag Isles, and Histalonia.

This is the only commercial port in Southlands where trading slaves in exchange for riches is a commonplace occurrence. Even though it's extremely likely that Badesh possess its own form of local produce, only slavers and slaves make their voyage up north. The slaves used for business are mostly female, for Sudhlit girls are known to be the most beautiful despite their darkest complexion.

As the locals enjoy saying, a Sudhlit means every man's living dream.

Considered a loose confederation of maritime states situated at the southern end of Furthest East, economic relationship is somewhat mutual with ships arriving there annually. The slaves they offered are often inferior to their Sudhlit counterparts, but still they are highly sought due to comely curves and fresh innocent looks. However, the Nanban merchants also bring with them local produce and handicraft.

In the words of local folks, the Cinha will even sell themselves if the price is right.

Crag Isles:
The Dwarves will always sail across on peaceful terms, yet their brand of peace is most definitely something forced down their throats. However, the High Road leading from Ermandy is the only route they are allowed to take during their annual payment of tributes.

As the Teutonian nobles tend to mock, the Homm'Eot are famous as vassals and even more in pleasuring the enemy's womenfolk.

The only faction considered wholly maritime in nature, they say Histalonia will always share everything. But only at a price, as the banker, and keeping their whores. Histalonian maidens are known to be sensual objects of lusts, many a foolish man ended up castrated brutally or killed just because they made the wrong move. Apart from their women, the Histalonians have the most to offer. From exotic fruits and plants to equally exotic birds and beasts, there's surely something for everyone and everything for themselves also. Gunpowder in particular, is the only commodity considered priceless, for Teutonia has to deal with the Badeshite krish and Nanban kaizoku, pirates whom Badesh and Nanban have denounced as outlaws on the run.

As so often the Teutonian folks say, barrels and powder means sevenfold power.

To be continued...
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