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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 2)

Cont'd from Part 1...

Remember kids, the above demo is a positive demo. Don't trust any AI unless proven otherwise.

The High Lord will always be the actual figure of authority, no matter what. However, it is still possible for court nobles, formally known as Earls, to control the Sidhe Court through controlling the High Lord himself. More oft than not, these are normally Earls entrusted with caring for the heir should the incumbent die early. Mayhap the most famous example is Fergus of Rioch, who managed to declare himself the High Lord after his charge's untimely death. 

Alternatively, political marriage is another mean to obtain absolute power should the High Lady wedded to the High Lord belongs to a powerful House. Indeed, it is said that rebellions happen for a reason...

The Sidhe Court is not a place where royal meetings and functions converge. Rather, it refers the Earls in general. There are two factions defining this political system, Seelie and Unseelie.

Seelie are the Earls presiding over governorship. They do not have power over any municipal decisions, but they possess the absolute right to impeach any Baron suspected in running afoul of the law.

The Unseelie comprises of Earls responsible for decision making in preparations for war. Although the Old Ways forbid third party interference during any ongoing conflict, Unseelie Earls have the duty to decide who should be appointed as the War Commandant, for this is a post of absolute command within the battlefield. 

This is basically the right to rule as the High Lord where his seat in the Sidhe Court is known as the Heroic Throne. Only either of two possible situations can be considered as having a legitimate claim, namely death of the incumbent without a heir or the ruler/heir considered unsuitable to rule

The Heroic Throne symbolises absolute trust with absolute power. Not the power to rule, but the power to veto. No one in the Sidhe Court, no matter how powerful, can ever overturn this decision set down by the High Lord. In return, however, the High Lord must present a viable alternative at the same time. If not, he will risk alienating himself from his subjects. For although no one can ever depose the monarch, there will always be other means to ensure nothing really happens.

Teutonia's relationship with Slarvea and the Kalaran Empire can only be described as volatile. Indeed all out war is still allowed under the pretext of self defence where rulers are the only ones defining this law. As there are countless lands at the border waiting to be won, successful conquest is sure to invoke hostility, be it direct conflict or potential profiteers.

Relationship with Tamuria, however, is that of mutual respect, but with no love lost. This is down to Teutonians despising mercenaries and Tamurians in general are considered sellswords once stepping foot into foreign soil. In fact, the only place for earning respect is on the battlefield.

The arid Southlands have a tradition in slavery trade where Teutonia can only stand to profit. No member of nobility is willing to subject his/her own brethren under menial labour or worse, Sudhlit slaves are to be their most ideal option. In particular, brothels are only allowed to house foreign harlots and Sudhlit girls as young as twelve are common sight.

The Furthest East also provides slaves intended as prostitutes as well. However, organised trade has always been the Cinha people's forte. As such, business done is not just about slavery market, but also every manner of exotic goods and animals.

Elves are generally shunned, for only a drunk or worse dare to accost himself to them. Their repute in arms mastery never in doubt, the Homm'Nua would rather take the first initiative. That is if they feel like doing it (?)...

Crag Isles is considered a vassal state where the Dwarves have to send yearly tribute to Teutonia's capital city, Anglsax. In exchange for this show of fealty, they are allowed to raid freely so long as no Teutonian settlements are targeted.

To be continued...
(b/c I still sakhit, I wish for my ideal gf...)