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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Trying to restart engine now...

Writing engine that is... high time I should be writing a new chapter for ART, suddenly got quite a few new ideas in the middle of work. Hooray for creative genius!!!!! But before I up the thing, figure I should plug this awesome songstress. :)

P.S: This has nothing to do with Abe Shinzo visiting my country b/c I apolitical bastard, I part of Night's Watch. Also this post guilty of song spam, i.e. I might have upped some songs here somewhere in this blog before.

And now for some conceptual quotes... problem, self-plug? Must be an invincible air of despair hovering over good ol' Teesside now... wanna blame Watford, wonder whether we will be equally fruity to sign a certain Irish fruitcake...

"The boy will leave our pride one fine day, for the Lion of Teesside belongs only to himself..."
Moggray Tonn

"I won't give him up like you did one year ago, Ales. My mind is made up, you can only choose to aid me or go against me..."
Yeras Wynda

"I remember him standing over the fallen, Joenne. Guy Cody was merely a commoner's son and still remains so. Yet, I can never forget the moment where I witnessed a lion amongst men fighting for my chastity's sake despite being total strangers back then..."
Karen Tenias

"I think Ithi likes him, I believe she won't be the last to feel this way. Sorry, Southgate love. Lad is way better a charmer than you decades ago."

"I'll be back soon, Lol. Maybe I'll bring with me the best man you'll ever meet in your whole life. After all, lions are considered giant cats, no?"
Lars Alterfate

"I remember seeing a boy half my age, Theseus. It seems weird for me to say this, but I think he's a charming boy..."

"Jo, have you ever wondered why so many girls stole a glance or two at Guy? He's neither attractive nor ugly, average looking most likely. Yet, many a time I've heard girls boasting they would have him as a lover within weeks or even days. Do you like him as well? I think Karen does and I know how I feel towards the courage he's given me. Alas I've lost the right to repay him..."
Alestrial Eliaden

"He is a wild animal on the prowl, I'll give him that. Yet, even the most majestic of beasts can be lain low by a serpent's bite on the heel. Lukas Brun, my beloved Hand, I beseech you to persuade this boy not to forfeit his precious life so easily..."
Eliador de Lioncourt

"Saints don't exist, boy. So long as you retain the courage to admit your flaws and face this cruel world, ten years from now you'll be a splendid man."

"He once told me a dream of his, Alestrial Eliaden. A wish every boy is entitled to, that one fine day he will become a hero in his own right and merit. If said dream is a path which will lead him unto doom, will you let go of him or still hold on tightly?"
Lukas Brun