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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 1)

Recovering from sore throat now, not to mention some flu-like symptoms earlier today. By doing this post, it will only mean one thing: I'm now a certified compulsive freak who believes in self-perfection. Thankfully, I don't have to make ridiculous demands out of others. But then again, this might be the reason why I nvr got a gf since birth. Sad, huh? I think my laobu is getting sian liao over having this kind of problematic son lol!

I don't profess to understand above geek speak, this is me putting this for teh lolz

INTRO: The High Realm of Teutonia is a military man’s world, only fools will dare their luck. Famous for its code of chivalry and fearsome knights, this is the only kingdom firmly believing in the Old Ways. Despising the cowardly Kalarans for abandoning their pride and uncouth Slarveans rejecting their roots, Teutonia's status as a militaristic realm is further cemented through high ground and forests as borders. With very little options available for smooth crossing, enemy troops more oft than not find themselves dead before entering the Inner Circle.

Otherwise known as the Outer Circle, Teutonia boasts of having the most difficult terrain ever. A combination of high ground and thick forest, different terrain will always offer different dangers.

Outposts situated at mountains tend to be larger while those hidden within the forests are known to be actual settlements. Mountain outposts span from one peak to another with walls and towers made of stone. Behind the walls, each outpost will have an army at least two thousand strong with reserve troops doubling up as messengers. Settlements within the forest terrain, better known as hamlets, tend to be much smaller comparatively with civilians assuming the militia role whenever need arises.

However, it is also interesting to note that such commoners also serve an important, albeit unsung, task. Known as Pathfinders, they also help out in delivering relief supplies should reinforcements fail to arrive in time.

One interesting aspect of its border terrain lies in the fact that the only possible route for mass incursion lies in crossing the numerous fords available. Hence it will take a good commander to get around the obstacles and defeating whatever soldiers guarding their ground as defensive deployment will gain upper hand through coordination between surrounding outposts and hamlets. Even if the enemy manages to breach the border, forts forming the Inner Circle are sure to mount a stubborn defence.

Named after the manner in which its fourth reigning High Lord, King Ursulf I, organised the inner defences, the Inner Circle is literally a circle of forts surrounding the Middle Plains. Beyond that end lies a mixture of grassland, woodland, and hillocks. This will be where knights are stationed normally together with peasant archers behind the walls or perched high up on the hillocks. Hidden within the forests are the woodsmen armed with their axes and fury.

To be continued...
(b/c the only life I have apart from blogging is work. No wonder no gf...)