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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 3: Part 3)

So here it is, final part of Ep tiga. Apparently...
Note that most suspicious bloke...

Firstly, why I up the song so sad one? Very simple. 'cuz majority of the scenario is all abt Saber and Iri. Yet, we must note that throughout the entire duration, Kiritsugu is the main focus and herein lies the POV masterstroke: while it's very common to use the most direct method, i.e. using the same character's POV to understand said character, what we're seeing here is a case of Emiya Kiritsugu in the eyes of those around him. Three women to be exact-his Servant-turned-potential daughter in law, his sexual partner only capable of satisfying him, and lastly, Iri herself.

Perempuan satu-der Diener
Currently, there's nothing exposing Saber's character apart from whatever we know via Fate/stay night. In short, Fate/Zero has always been about Emiya Kiritsugu since he's the one justifying everything and ****ing everything up also.

However, it's also worthy of note that at this point of time, Saber still has not understood the full extent of Kiritsugu's dishonourable nature. This is solely due to Iri knowing the real Kiritsugu and even then, I truly doubt she knows more than 40% of the truth. It's either that or she knows the real Kiritsugu 100%. Must one day go listen to that drama CD ep. >.<

Curiously enough, Iri can be said as a character closest to Shirou than anybody else. You see, no one understood Kiri better than Iri, that's why I'm a fervent K-I shipper. Granted Iri most likely never knew Kiri's past in his native Japan, but she could literally see his hurt. Back then, she knew nothing apart from being the Grail's physical vessel. Now, Kiri has given her an actual reason to live. Even though she knows what has to be done.

Of course it seems that she's actually trying to hide Kiri's methodology from Saber. Why? Because she wants to heal whatever rift between Kiri and Saber! You see, Saber is Arturia, Arturia is Queen Arthur. We're talking abt the King of Knights ffs, knights will always live and die by their code of honour. As we will see soon enough, the imminent conflict between Servant and Master is the greatest joke pulled off by fate itself.

Ironic logic 1-Iri is the only one knowing Kiri best, but even Iri herself couldn't prevent anything from happening. Literally and way beyond our wildest nightmares. Also by playing the good lady, Iri might have manufactured an atomic bomb unwittingly. Figuratively ofc since it's all abt hiding Kiri's way of doing things from Saber-chan.

Perempuan dua-die Hure
Yes, I'm being misogynistic here, I blame it on my ****ed up past. Coupled with me feeling paranoid over how my fellow locals might see living children living lives 10 x more ****ed up than yours truly, I believe either I'm 100% barking mad like how ppl in the past tend to perceive me, OR I'm actually a genius. Either way, this is me digressing. Don't understand my meaning? Then you're dumber than this barking mad virgin bastard here.

Now let's go onto Hisau Maiya. Why I called her "the whore" in German is due to two reasons:
1. I'm trying to sound intelligent here.
2. German isn't the universal language, English still is.

Anti-feminist jokes aside, Maiya is actually Kiri's most able assistant. Literally. You see, the only reason why Kiri looked to her for sexual comfort is down to an empty life lived thus far. Sexual partner=/=practical partner, folks. Best evidence? Her analysis on True Assassain's "death".

Remember how I said Waver Velvet's analysis being rather spot-on? That was pertaining to Gil's Noble Phantasm being the Gates of Babylon. Maiya's analysis, on the other hand, is 100% military, 100% professional. She only know 70% of the situation, but this 70% is down to suspicion rather than cold hard facts presenting themselves naked.

So where does the 70% come from? One simple question asked-why timing and situation seem so kelong one?

I happen to know a certain pakcik melayu in work where his kelong song is concerned, military kelong is diff from football kelong. Football kelong is all abt locals and Czech footballers playing illegal bailout, military kelong has nothing to do with $$$. The problem with timing is this-everything seems fake and I'm not talking abt Koreans. Firstly, given Tokiomi's character, surely he should have expected the Assassin Servant class being legit! Secondly, why True Assassin so bodoh one? Solo sneak into other ppl's house, confirm sure know scally got sentries one wat! Bounded fields? Check. Detecting a non-Assassin fellow Servant hiding somewhere? Total bullshit. Given Gil's prideful character, discretion is nvr in His Holy Majesty's dictionary, I dunno abt "discretion" translated in Sumerian/Akkadian.

Ironic logic 2-Is there any? Dunno b/c I think this particular section lagi convoluted one srsly.

Perempuan tiga-das reiche Mädchen, both in $$$ and heart.
Remember Saber's section? Well, I did say a bit on Iri, now let's see what I can write further on. Firstly, Kiri isn't someone willing to open himself up. When Iri stated that Japan has hosted too many painful memories for Kiri, it's not necessarily that she knows everything. Mr Eric Soh once said that women tend to be more emotional, I now interpret this as being more easily empathetic. Yes, Iri IS indeed an empathetic character, perhaps this is why Kiri broke down upon remembering holding an infant Ilya years ago.

I believe Iri is still trying to get Kiri to open himself up, for all we know, she might have discovered Kiri's "affair" with Maiya already (note the quotation marks b/c Kiri is still technically a bachelor).

One interesting area abt Iri's entrance is this-when she entered Japan, I doubt there's nothing wrong with Saber wearing tux. But the greatest laugh is this: Iri's wearing something out of place in a country like Japan. Can you imagine an angmoh girl wearing winter wear in local SG? Sure confirm will have ppl alerting IMH and Ward 46A@SGH one.

So what should we deduce from Iri's character? Firstly, she's a fashionista when it comes to other ppl. Secondly, she's NOT a fashionista when it comes to herself.

Yet, her sheltered upbringing is what matters most. You see, she had nvr stepped beyond the walls of House von Einzbern, Iri is actually an innocent girl at heart (altho it didn't really prevent Kiri from doing horrible things to her knowledge). I believe her reaction towards wading in the beach says it all. Does she know the cruelties of life? Yes. Does she understand why life must be lived forward rather than backwards? Yes. Kiri taught her to ask herself both questions seriously, Kiri will forever be the one giving her the strength to live.

Ironic logic 3- pls read below further...

Abschnitt Nachbesprechung
Doubt can say much abt Kiri, allow me to just debrief everything in terms of his inner fragility. I've said before earlier here that Kiri broke down upon remembering holding an infant Ilya in his hands. In the original novel, he said it in self-derision. Why? Self-derision is NOT about self-deprecating. Self-derision can be seen as a mentality more severe than merely self-deprecating humour. Laughing at your own stupidity is one matter, mocking your own life being quite another.

Kiri is, without a doubt, mocking at his own life. He used to live a life where killing is the only way out. Not in terms of surviving, but rather to save many more lives. Ironically, Archer (as in GAR-cher himself), never understood such cruelty until he became a Counter Guardian. And Emiya Kiritsugu is quintessentially a human Counter Guardian.

Schicksal Ironie-Emiya Kiritsugu is indeed a man of steel, but made of steel he is not. He believed himself as beyond emotions, Irisviel von Einzbern proved him wrong. Hisau Maiya lives an identical life, this is only why Kiritsugu seeks her for comfort.

Note Koyama-san's key statements.
I can only say Emiya Kiristugu got a ****ed up childhood amounting to überhaupt keine

On 100% unrelated note...

And on 200% unrelated note and 300% self-plugging note...
"They tried raising him as a pup, they ended up feeding a cub instead. I was equally guilty, I still am. Like my brethren, I am a hound and nothing more. Aeranath is my son, he shall always be a wolf. If there's anything a father can do for his son, it'll be righting my people's wrong done to him and reversing my sin committed against him. Aeranath, I'll be waiting... waiting for the moment where you will right everything through ripping out my heart."
~Rowein of Steel