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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 3: Part 1)

Amazingly, I guess this will be a short post on a relative scale. Need to get back into the groove of things. Thankfully, I decided that Marvel Avengers Alliance is more than enough of a FB app for me to handle.

Problem irony?
Ep 3 is basically a bit of filler ep here. Apart from the very end where Lancer finally made his most handsome debut, there's nothing much of a progression. However, this is also quite a character driven ep (unless we're talking abt military analysis).

Irony satu-What Gil said and Fate/stay night
Despite being a sneaky bastard, I really pity Tokiomi. Why? Because he ended up summoning the wrong Servant. Or rather he ended up summoning Gilgamesh into the sallah Servant class. You see, Archer Servants do have that one unique ability/skill called Independent Action. For Gil, I think it's like A+. Which means he's absurdly OP'ed. In Toki's own terms, the only way to rein him in is to use a Command Spell. However, we all know shit can only be spammed thrice. They say the 3rd time is a charm, 3rd time in this case means game over.

Ironic logic 1-Tokiomi is a certified schemer, that's why the Holy Grail chose for him the Archer class (i.e. Archers are certified tacticians). Tokiomi is also a prideful bastard, that's why he will get himself into major trouble. Period.

Secondly, Tokiomi FEARS Gil. No, I doubt I'm shitting myself here. If you're a boliao person who enjoys observing ppl for teh lulz, you'll most likely notice his body language when Gil suddenly spirited himself into full glory.
From relaxed mode to tensed up mode, if this isn't called nervous, then Ser A.Fergie should be cosplaying as Hello Kitty (or is it Hello Daniel?).

Ironic logic 2-What I said up here. Literally.

Interestingly enough, Gill actually commented that 'our' world (as in the modern world), is full of ugliness. That was his answer towards Tokiomi asking him whether 'our' world is to His Holy Majesty's liking. Laughably enough, Tokiomi has effectively downgraded himself by asking this plp question. It's virtually a case of the tail wagging the dog, an actual ass backwards hierarchy order if I say so myself.
But enough of Nasuverse rhetoric here. What I'm trying to say this:
Gil called 'our' world an ugly world, but why is it that he's still wanting know any form of beauty most worthwhile?

Ironic logic 3-Because he's a whimsical bastard who enjoys doing things in spite of the apparent obvious. In short, he's just wanting to double confirm what 'our' world is all about.

So what's the biggest irony thus far? Two things, my Nasuverse khakis.

1. Gil's self centred opinion (or most say personality even) is an ironic precursor to the main course so as to speak. Just as how Emiya Shirou viewed Saber as a living dream years later on, likewise Gil would also see Saber as a living form of absolute beauty. They say the most beautiful dreams are meant to be unattainable, this is Saber's only meaning of existence.

2. Tokiomi thumbed down his nose on Kiritsugu, but that's only because an elitist prick can never understand that sibeh suay fella born to suffer and endure (suddenly remember years ago a Wee Shumin farce for no reason at all). Kiritsugu IS indeed a one man terror organisation, but he is not. Is he a despicable man? Yes. Is he a noble man? YES. That's why he ended up summoning Arturia (i.e. Queen Arthur) as Saber. Although, on a major hindsight, Arturia can only be Saber Servant class, so you can dismiss this as me talking cock (but only the last part b/c only bullshitting idiots will disagree with me on Kiritsugu's noble beliefs).

P.S: There's such a thing called catalyst for summoning and said catalyst will always have close ties with the Heroic Spirit summoned. But still have to give it to Nasu when it comes to all things symbolism. :)

Next-Food, sex, sleep, and war... enjoy everything to the max, live life to the max. This is Bro-skandar speaking here, no bullshitting you peons. And yes, both vids below highlights me as a GAR-cher fan.

{無限の剣製. ver. アーチャー}

{無限の剣製. ver. 衛宮士郎}