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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 3: Part 2)

So here we are, now at Bro-skander's end. This time round, we will get to have a glimpse on why Bro-skander is everybody's bro. But firstly, some OST to hype shit up.

Irony dua-idiot=genius
A certain friend of mine deserves some major credit. Everyone calls him dao-you* (导游) including me, I've yet to know his real name apart from the fact that I need to ask him again what's his name in Top 11 Football Manager (albeit mine is FB ver while his is phone app ver, so you all catch the drift...).
*Oh, and one more thing... suddenly recalled that Taiwanese girl jape. O_o

You see, he once said (juts last week lol!) that there will always be a fine line separating genius from an idiot. More often than not, when a person acts like an idiot, it means he/she is truly one. Yet, there will always be that 1 out of every jipaban ppl born who is truly a shining diamond hidden six feet underneath a pile of debris. These are the kind of blokes/gals acting like a cretin, but who are definitely NOT cretins.

Remember the late Steve Jobs? He's an eccentric bloke, some will even say an egomaniac. However, back during the 90s when he was touting that "I have a dream..." idea, people thought he's howling mad like a lone wolf infected with rabies. Even though he's now six feet underneath, I truly doubt racial lineage plays a part in the iPod technology that kick started the iPhone and iPad technology (note of self apology: I actually got it wrong when I first assumed him to be an American Jew where in fact he's Arab-American). They say he who laughs last is laughing at you, I'm not talking abt He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Emma Watson is uber hot though, but that's beyond my point.

Now back to Bro-skander. Is he an idiot? Well, he does act like one when His Macedonian-Greek Majesty made that first appearance. Playing GTA is one thing, only Bro-skander is allowed to pull off RLGTA. Don't believe me, go re-watch Ep 2.

One of the greatest false indication lies in the fact that he managed to declare the great US of A to be his next greatest enemy/rival. Critics tend call the actual US of A as an imperial asshole nation, but trust me when I say Bro-skander is too manly for insult-hurling. He saw B2 stealth bomber, he declared that he wanted to buy that type of aircraft. He saw Mr Clinton talking cock on TV, he declared Mr Clinton as his next worthy rival due to my aforementioned B2 tech.

Ironic logic 1-This has nothing to do with US of A, but it's worthy of note that modern day Iraq is actually part of the Persian Empire. Bro-skander only sees Mr Clinton, Al Hussein nowhere to be found. Also, let us remember the correct Berserker while I'm at it.

So now comes the lamest question in the history of Man himself, Is Bro-skander really an idiot? A BIG FAT NO. Alexander the Great is called Alexander the Great for a very good reason. He's the greatest conqueror history has ever seen, not even William the Conqueror should be seen an equal, let alone his better. You see, the Normans managed to conquer Britain, but the Macedonian-Greek Empire managed to stretch its arms like an almighty sotong (or maybe some gaijin tako like this one below).

Now it must be stated that the Macedonian-Greek Empire was an empire massively steeped in warfare. Of course every empire had its own history written in blood, but the Greeks in particular were quite war obsessed so as to speak. Remember Sparta, remember His Badass GAR-ness.
But Achilles and Perseus MIA, sad...
Now this is NOT me bullshitting here b/c Alexander the Great was a military genius. You see, the enemies he had to overcome are those of unknown quantity and quality. Quantity b/c of deployment, quality b/c of strategy and tactics never seen before. However, Alexander the Great still managed to do what he does best in the business: making war first, then love. In fact, who knows how history would be rewritten had he not died an untimely freak death? Son of a gun ended up marching all the way till the Persian Empire itself, I shit you all not.

Now, it's virtually a no-brainer that Bro-skander=Alexander the Great and I'm not talking abt you, AnalAlex. You're an Aussie, not Foin's fellow country Greek. Back to the topic at hand here. Now it's pretty clear that Bro-skander is damned whimsical, only Gil can be his certified equal.

If there's any proof pointing to His Macedonian Greek Majesty's character, it would be that certain running gag called war video games. On the first glance, it really seems like one, however, such an otaku hobby only highlights the only way where Bro-skander can stamp his mark. He can only wage war and conquest, for his life is that of a conqueror, not a ruler. In fact, I suspect the only logical cause behind his ambition to "rule the world once again" stems from his imminent failure in conquering the Persian Empire.

A military man is always a pragmatic man, but we must also say that no man should be deprived of his right to dream. Bro-skander IS a dreamer, make no mistakes about that. Ironically, the only reason why he never achieved that dream of his wasn't down to a lack in ability, but rather getting shit outta luck.

Ironic logic 2-Underneath a massive jester's guise lies a military genius capable of calm and composure. His attitude adopted towards Gil's actual Noble Phantasm (i.e. Gates of Babylon) should be the best proof pointing to a military thinker rather than just merely a follower.

So now let's get to Waver "Velvety" Velvet. What's so special abt this wussy coward, you might ask. Maybe just put it this way: in Waver Velvet, are we seeing a velvety guy or a sharp analyser of situation? Everybody in the Clock Tower despises him because he comes from a half-assed family, yet in this ep, we managed to see his other side. Looking back at how he observed True Assassin's "death" before the Gates of Babylon, it's quite unthinkable to see him formulating a conclusion. Granted the answer has yet to out itself from the closet, but still we have to give credit where rightfully due. Yes, Waver IS the first character to have an inkling of an idea pertaining to Gil's Noble Phantasm. Period.

Ironic (?) logic 3-Remember how Bro-skander perched himself and Waver on top of that bridge? Can't be sure whether it's Fuyuki Bridge I'm talking abt, but any bet on whether Bro-skander possesses Noble Phantasms amounting to ranged weapons is on. After all, Archers are known to be adept tacticians capable of reconnaissance. Ironically, this is also Lancer's role during the beginning of Fate/stay night where in fact, he doesn't like GAR-cher a single bit. Don't believe me, go ask Rule 32.

Next-Still got Part 3, guess who?