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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How this lobo was born... Gan Eng Seng School (1995-1999)

Note: Real names will be used due to the nature of this post. Whether I can remember all accurately 100% depends on whoever addressed.

Amazingly, this slacker managed to enter the express stream via 222 aggregate score. Of course this meant that my shot at the first choice school, i.e. Fairfield Methodist Secondary School was accounted as a quite-gone-case.

So let's get the lowlives and dirty out of the way first
Apparently, kids will always be kids. A lot had been said on the bullying cycle where the victims will become bullies themselves; rinse and repeat. I don't know about the rest, but for me, being a victim would mean that I was extremely lucky not to become that demon I truly hated the most. At least there's such a lesson called I don't give a flying damn to the rest out to define my own life. So here's a list of whatever I remembered. Note that it's stuff rolling off from my own memory:
1. Getting stepped on my hands, yep.
2. Having songs and stupid names made up about me just because no one had anything constructive to do, check.
3. Getting my chair kicked at the back while I was seated and sleeping... well, no one asked that random sod behind me to understand the meaning of vigilantism.
4. Getting character assassinated, now that depends on how one will factor in the magic words "personal flaws".
5. Someone must have played too much shooting games just because paper bullets shot from elastic bands came flying in my way.
6. Having the vast majority of my class raising their hands when my Sec 2 form teacher Ms Ho asked "who dislike Minghui" in a bid to diffuse a potential war? Hey, bigotry feeds on dumb conformity, get it?
Jon Snow is fictional. Putting two and two together and getting a five is not.

There's something about multiple crushes and it's multiple epic fail
I still remember my 5 years of lost and more lost when it comes to having crushes. I truly doubt it just merely 2 or 3 girls truly unlucky enough. In fact, I even got a crush on a cute Sec 2 chick working at the bubble tea shop@Tiong Bahru Plaza during my Sec 3 years. Just don't bother trying to look for it. The stall is no longer around anyway.

Fail 1:
I think that's my most memorable moment b/c of that stupid joke pulled off by a certain Mr Jian Liang. No thanks to that stupid joke, I finally upped this one. And yes, the crush was still in force by then coupled with a disastrous case of mistaken identity beforehand.

Fail 2:
There was a girl who was really famous back then. One year younger than me. Rumoured to be the dream girl of the male population together with the one I'll elaborate soon enough. I tried to be clever and sneak random glances whenever I bypassed the classroom. No one told me that she had noticed it and made her displeasure known. End of story.

Fail 3:
If a certain Wallace Wee still remembered this, it will be a miracle I guess. Year 1998 or 1999, I forgot which one. Back then, I buanged my first year of Sec 3 during the latter half due to medical grounds. When I returned, it's 1998. But no matter what, that girl was 2 years younger than me and the same old disaster still happened. Not so much that she truly noticed, but rather Wallace and his merry fellows from the proverbial Sherwood Forest barracked me. Sort of I guess since we're not talking about ten fellas beating up one porr nerd. That would have alerted the disciplinary board and a mass rotan session in public. Could it be just friendly ribbing? I guess so to be fair.
During my full time ITE years, Tan Mao Qing actually said something about her coming from a rich family. By then, I've moved on. 
No problems, no scars. Apart from having one more girl mara me under a somewhat similiar situation as in Fail 2.

Those fellas in black
If you know about the Night's Watch, fine enough. If not, then it's okay. I still remember my NPCC days. It's something really crazy as in I can still remember stupid shit pulled off for fun.
There's a certain Mr Albert aka Ah-ba (Hokkien for duck meat due to pronunciation). He was the one who initiated the whole pull-down-that-bugger's-shorts prank. Just don't ask me how many fellas kenna dio though.

Then there's Mr Tay Teck Yong. The craziest shit I've seen from him is... well using the term "moron" 7 out of 10 times duing our bus trips back to school on every NPCC Day rehearsal. But I'm not that fella on the receiving end though.

Lim Wing Cheong is known to be a singer. Non-pro that is.

Mr Gavin would open his house occasionally so that we all can go havoc-mode in all things video games. And yeah, Gavin, let this be known that Guy is far more badass than Ryu. Fullstop.

A few NCOs of note as well:
1st year: Shui Long and Wei Qing. You two were the first to teach us what's the meaning of talking cock. Or that last word in general anyway.

2nd year: Ragu and Chee Wee. The former had sung this before, the latter will only say "I'm feeling really psycho today. I want to psycho somebody".

3rd year: Long An. Because your best bud Aaron once associate you with a certain something.

Special mention: Tan Mao Qing and Bai Yi Qiang. Bai Yi Qiang, I still remember what you did with the lighter. Not my pasal anyway though. Tan Mao Qing, I know you kenna mentioned already. But still I'll have to highlight the question on why you can keep smiling with your fingers pointing upwards last time round when we're punished to run to the school gates and back. Or at least that's how NCO Desmond described the scene.

The only song I remembered:

Bangali ta kala chia
mata 出
Bomb mata
九泉之下, lia kazua!
Sec *insert number 1-4*, tia wa pang pui sia!

A bit on football
Any wonder on how I got to know football watching? In my first year, there's the famous Blackburn-Man Utd rivalry aka that 1 year wonder. Blackburn won and I was accused of being a fair weathered fan between the two. One year later, I decided to go random and supported Middlesbrough. And I got cruelly mocked whenever they got relegated. Yep, that's political correctness for you. That plus I suck in the sport itself, hence I became that human football whenever we started to play the game. 军师有吗?

Playing chess ala Three Kingdoms RPG mode
It's just melding the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel with Chinese chess itself. Something like you've got a fixed amount of resources and your challenger will declare which resources will be at stake. Funnily enough, I remember such a challenge in this very context: 我要你的女人!
My thoughts right now?

Notable fellas: Me, Hong Bin, Zhu Tian Yun, Sim Fook Ming... the rest I forgot for now. -.-'

Note: Back then, we only knew about the novels, we only knew shit about the actual history.

In case I forget: Sim Fook Ming, do you still remember a certain Ma Wen Yi? Now that I've reached unto this point, I suddenly remember the whole man-vs-woman duels 24/7 back then. :P

Forgot to mention this guy
Was it Sri Hariharan? Or maybe I should just call him Hari. Still remember his prowess on the football pitch:
It's all about Usain Bolt, not the girls.

Your most famous verbal exchange with Li Ming Zhou had something to do with this:

And lastly a few words for my teachers. Not that I can remember all at one shot though
Mrs Ko: Sorry for creating so many troubles for you. I know I'm no bad boy, but still once a slacker, still a slacker.

Ms Ho: Will remember that house trip our class made to your home. I think like two times within two years.

Mr Lee: Hope you're still well. You're rather old for a teacher back then. If you can check through my links section, you'll be shocked. 不是每个人都会无聊到阅读三国志与孙子兵法的哟!

Mr Wong: I still dunno whether you knew students were calling you ba-zang back then.

Mrs Ling and Mrs Ching: I really have to apologize for all those horrendous noise made at your expenses. Albeit everything was a collective effort rather than one proverbial Osama bin Laden.

Mrs Yoga: I still remember you because history happened to be my best subject back then. Until that thrice damned upper sec streaming that is.
Mr Leow: This
Mrs Tay i.e. formerly known as Ms Pang: You once said something about making my dreams come true. Back then, I didn't know where my talent lies. Now I do.

17 years worth of Darwinism?

Okay, I've yet to touch Mirai Nikki. Don't believe me, I can sumpah.