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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Post (not so) spamming

Suddenly feel like doing something on tactical talk. But firstly, let's do some take on our most recent victory over Blackburn Rovers.
@Mr Chen Kangbo: Maybe it's not so much of a bad thing for me to go MIA for your big day due to work commitments. I would have mocked you just because you did the same to me before on all things Middlesbrough and that you're a certified Blackburn fan. Yes, we all were pretty immature back then, so let's kill off the hatchet here and right now, shall we? ;)

Knights of Roses 1
Lions of Crimson 2

Post-war verdict:
The Lions deserved the win. And the Knights were lucky that they didn't get mauled badly.

A lot had been said about Lions XI rather than Lions XII. I still see my national footballing scene with a well-earned cynicism on levels most unacceptable. To me, there can be only one team of Lions in Red. To me, there can be only one Lions XII. It's Middlesbrough F.C and boy am I chuffed to bits over that win at Fort Edwood.

Firstly, adopting a 4-4-2 approach might seem naive at first glance. Yet, due to that one man called Kevin Thomson, it will be a far cry to call this a flat layered 4. More likely to be a middle 4 diamond with Tommo at the deep lying position while Leadbitter will be biting the lead just in front. On the flanks, Mogga opted for a very interesting choice. Carayol should be a no brainer because he can cover a lot of ground within a short notice. Simply put, he's the perfect player for such a formation where alternating between burning the touchline and conducting inland raids from the side borders. Lil'Josh? I suspect this is where Carayol's license to torch the outposts truly came in. Lad isn't your standard wing player. But can he cut inside? Let's just say that he's a drifter. That on paper, he's starting on the right (or is it left? I know Muzzy can torch the borders on both sides),yet, he's our Fujiwara Takumi. Period. Of course credit to Hoyte if my guess is spot on. Simply put, he had to put up an extra shift as the rightback (assuming Takumi McEachran is playing on the right. If it's the left, then we will just envision George Friend instead although that will mean we might be playing a lopsided flanking game by then). Simply put:


    Carayol                                          McEachran


This is the default formation.
The one below will be what you might be seeing back then.



Carayol                                 Hoyte

This is the kind of formation where Thomson the archer didn't have to do much with Leadbitter playing the zonal destroyer decked in heavy armour. Carayol and Hoyte would be riding at the touchlines like two battalions of Reivers with McEachran being your quintessential Ranger unit. In this context, McEachran would be the roaming party doing the link up. Just like how skirmishing units are there to provide the cover and platform for the offensive tactics. With such an approach, that would mean Muzzy and Hoytie wnon't be switching flanks because they DON'T have to. Remember the Ranger unit? That's the key. License to roam=drifting around Mt Akina itself.

That big Pole and little Holland.
They're truly vital as in Jukstower will be holding up the ball so that Ranger unit can have a better go in relishing that free man behind. We need an intelligent player for that and how he scored the first was proof of what's going on here. Of course that would also mean Mini Marvel will be wrecking havoc up front with Ranger Takumi just lurking behind as the offensive link up. All the while with Tommo perched on high ground firing his Taulmaril. Leadbitter? Yep, he should still be riding around like Sir Galahad on crack.

We should have won by more
Kean was really lucky that this was a 2 strikes to 1. It could have been worse. Refusal to field Pedersen might be screw up in decsion. Against a team which can hurt your ass upon merit of fortify-and-raiding, this fellow is extremely important to hit us against the run of play. yes, his legs might have left him at times, but why not put him at the central role? Something like a box to box? Pedersen's strength lies in dead ball situations and the most dangerous open play rocket. He's Kean's chief mage ffs! If you don't have someone to cast that fireblast, you're asking for trouble against an army hell bent in fighting like the Wood Elves in their merry forest home of Athel Loren. Yes, we're fighting like the Asrai and Forest Spirits. Is it any wonder the Wood Elves is my all time favourite faction in the Warhammer Fantasy world? We can play fast raiding with our own Glade Riders. We have our own means to deploy these mofos called the Wild Riders of Kurnous. Tommo was our very own Scarloc in that battle while Takumi McEachran is no different from that crazy unit called the Wardancers.
Grant Hanley's goal threw Mogga's plans into disarray. Let's not take anything from this fact: By subbing in Zemmama in place of Carayol one minute before, the intent was clear. To sustain the pressure up front where a Moroccan spellsinger armed with a ball would be more than a legit cause for alarm. Carayol must have done a lot of running here by now. And it's necessary as well because we need to run these Bretonnians damned dead ragged. 

In this instance, we really have to thank the backline here. Be it the Treemen, Treekin or Eternal Guards ready to give no quarters, everyone put in their rightful shift. Woodgate was our Asrai Highborne in that most vital moment. Or maybe I should tag him with Orion, King in the Wood with the rest being his elite crack units of Wild Riders themselves. And Bikey is my Durthu. Fullstop.

A good sign then?
Mogga had to oversee 10 guys cutting themselves adrift with 12 new units coming in. This isn't RTS maths, guys. Mogga is dealing with real human beings. One season to shape a squad still in transition and the job is still far from done. Our back 4 is now stable. What truly needs to be tweaked is the middle and the front. 

The other teams are far luckier. Mad Ian has truly honed the his team into a troupe of Bladesingers while Huddersfield have Simon Grayson to look up to. Cardiff screwed up mightily yesterday, but Palace is now looking strong under Dougie Freedman. Burnley will pose a real danger on their day and we've yet to know anything vital on Charlton Athletic. Brighton and Leeds will surely be frontrunners for promotion while let's not forget Owen Coyle despite whatever the press had hurled at him. At least I think he's still sticking around with David Wheater. And lastly, but not least, Barnsley might be the real surprise package this season after their 5-0 hammering of Birmingham albeit the Brummie Blues don't look so impressive to me so far. Throwing away a vital lead and forced unto a 2-2 draw against Forest is no excuse for any bullshit. Chris Hughton moving onto Norwich has truly hurt the team in blue.
P.S: Craig Davies may be that man to watch this season in Barnsley colours.