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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Some things to think about tonight's matches...

Liverpool vs Utd

Kudos to Vidic and Stevie for the planned gesture. Allow me to laud Sir Alex Ferguson for his plea to the traveling fans. Now the key lies in this: Suarez MUST shake hands with Evra. If the other fella wants to be jerk, that's his problem. If he lost whatever respect he had always demanded otherwise as the result, let him whine. For you, my dearest amigo, you're being saddled with the fate of Hillsborough upon your magic shoulders. Do your part and you have nothing to fear. So what if Evra decided to play in an Anton Ferdinand? Would he dare to do so right at the start? Rio won't let him off if so. Even if he has to scream hell and high murder after a half speeding Evra with a half recovered back, you can be very sure there won't be nothing racial this time round apparently of course. You know us the Chinese have a very famous saying?
I won't translate this literally. Let's just be known that:
"Cometh the hour, cometh the judgment. Sin not and thou hast nary a fear."

Slackers vs Gooners
Let's not kid ourselves. Drawing against Stoke means nothing, be it post match or now. Tony Pulis should be the more aggrieved party right now because of those two wayangs in blue. Thankfully, the blokes in blue are ruled by Russian oil, not Arab oil. To me, a lot actually hinged on whether Mancini critcising Hart is warranted or not.
Firstly, it's wrong for Hart to open his trap. Whatever should be said on performances should stay in the dressing room and with the team as the whole. Yet, Mancini committed that ritual PR suicide when he lambasted that kid in public. Tit for tat? Or is it how the tabloids work? Maybe if Robbie Manc had never open his trap, things wouldn't have exploded. Maybe if Open Joe had never opened his heart, the press wouldn't have that much money waiting to be earned from the consumer pockets.
Secondly, Robbie Manc has to do something to fix this mess. Not to say "I'm right and you're wrong because I'm the government here". Rather, he had to asses the situation. Is Hart suffering from a heartache right now? Or is it a fact that he had laughed off the episode? No matter what, Robbie Manc should just clear the air with Hart. And in open no less. On one hand, he won't have the balls of cold blue steel to go overboard since he's not the Prime Minister in charge. On the other, that will mean everyone is a happy family member and nobody will try to play up the opposition card because I don't remember Mr Low Thia Khiang saying he wanted to do this to Signor Manc himself:

Key trollolols of note:

El Jinete
Firstly, there's nothing funny about Silva trolling opponents on the pitch. A lot was said about Iniesta come Euro 2012, but that will only mean Silva was the unsung hero. Let's just face it, guys. He's technically top notch. Stupid Geordies call Hatem Ben Arfa one of the best players in the league and while I'll have to say he's technically damned good, Ben Arfa is still nothing compared to Silva. Here we have someone capable of starting week in week out and churning performances week in week out. Newcastle is still unplayable to some extent upon Ben Arfa being shackled/crocked. [1] Doing the same for Silva means City will be ****ed and carpet bombed. [2] This fella is extremely intelligent. He can easily switch flanks as a winger/wing forward while he's a constant threat once utilized as the secondary spearhead. He's ridiculously versatile and chances are that Robbie Manc will use him akin to how George Best used to seize the game by the bollocks.

Le Chevalier
So apparently, people are still in a disbelief over why Giroud could miss sitters that even Alfonso Alves would have converted. Of course this is just an analogy to show how anal the couch critics have gotten. For starters, Alves couldn't even ****ing score from six yards out despite his stated pedigree, hence any attempt to compare him with Giroud is just like condemning a promising knight in blue armour just because he acted like that other crap knight in red twice the age. Nerves is a natural given in the English footballing scene where frantic pacing will ensure a steeper learning curve compared to the far cooler on-the-field climate elsewhere.
On a tactical scale, a non-scoring Giroud might be far more dangerous than otherwise assumed. This is because firstly, his build and technique with the ball will ensure stupid words coming from stupid people. Simply put, the goals will come, be it sooner or later. What Monsieur Wenger has signed in this gamin is someone who can free up his fellow goons to make far greater goons out of the rest. The Way of Le Professor is this: la clé de l'avenir. In French [3], this means the "the way forward". Or rather, the only way to play football is going forward and not backwards. This is not Football English Style. This is Football Wenger Style. With the ball, Giroud can do what I've stated here. Without the ball, he can use that 1.92 frame to create a diversion. A decoy run if you like. Try imagining a 1.92 bloke running around you where in fact his brave petit bonhomme are running around playing pinball on the pitch. It's distracting and you can't guarantee that he won't make an intelligent run right into a correct position when your guys are under pressure. In fact, that's how Jukstower scored that first goal in courtesy of Mini Marvel himself.

[1]: Cabaye taken out of the picture on the other hand though...
[2]: Or at least half the battle won.
[3]: I don't claim any credit for this term. I got it from an online English-French dictionary. -.-'