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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How this lobo was born... Henderson Primary School (Lobo year 1989-1994)

Just feel like doing a shout out back to the past. A warning to all though: REAL names will be used b/c you can say it's my own total recall. Whether I'll get it right is another issue altogether. Also, there will be people whom I'll missed out. Don't worry. It's not b/c you suck by default. It's b/c of events way beyond a couple of years in counting.

"The northmen have long memories. A lord who does not seek his rightful vengeance threatens to have his own men turn on him." 
 Note on above: Westeros is fictional. Fullstop.

Teachers I still remember: Mrs Cheong, Ms June Wee, Mrs Goh, Mr See, Mr Lee
Principal: Mrs Fong
Pseudo-lobos of note: Huang Feixiang, Ha Lai Wah, Qiyong, Weiquan, Jean, Baoli, Tommy

Shit that I did: Can't really remember much apart from the fact that I was a slow-mo learner/writer back during Mrs Cheong's time. Read: Pri.1.
Note: Definitely NOT like this though.

One particular episode of note was the fact that come primary 4, I broke down for some wtf reason that somehow eluded me. Ms Wee became vexed and... well shit just happened. Not that I'm about to point any fingers though. Just that this was my first moment of wtf. >.<

At the same year or so, I experienced YET another wtf moment of the same nature. Apparently, some shit happened between me and Baoli. I forgot what that was, but still everybody was a certified si-geena, so I'm not too perturbed over this episode. Or rather I've learnt to laugh off a lot of stupid stuff committed both by me and others.But lol yeah, Mrs Goh went powder keg modal on me. I've forgotten why anyway. And I don't give a damn now anyway.
Note: Of course Mrs Goh's words back then might have been proven eerily prophetic. Apparently, there's a reason why the monicker "Mad Scientist" was reserved for this SG bugger here.

Mr See has gotta be the funniest teacher in my HPS years. I still remember him talking about the Four Great Beauties of Ancient China. And I still remember him producing a sample portrait while telling the guys to close their eyes first. Just because his intention was to let the girls see first.

Mrs Fong... nothing much of an impression apart from her very own Iron Lily moment. Telling us about all that Dragonball cards was one thing and tearing up one right on stage is yet another. No thanks to that moment, Mrs Fong will always be that Iron Lily that every of us si-geena truly feared.

Mr Lee, now that was one hell of a guy. I still remember getting the rotan on the hand. For whatever reasons, I dunno. But still you'll have to give it to the fact that then was then, now is now. If any teacher dared to pull off such a stunt at this era, MOE will be set on red alert. But not so much back then. Given that si-geena will always be one, I guess things do have a funny way of working themselves out if you all get what I'm saying here. At least I've learnt how to be responsible. Or rather just the tip of the iceberg. Interestingly enough, the X-men animation was the rage back then. Even good ol' Lee sensei wasn't exempted from the hype.

Special note should go to Mr Singh as well. He arguably pulled off the greatest bluff in HPS history. Look so fierce and garang on stage, once go inside classroom can become so humourous. Case in point: I still remember that Mother-Out-Law joke.

And now just something about all you pseudo-lobos listed here:
Baoli, I don't think I need to say anything. We're all kids and I've forgotten what made me used the numbskull word on you. Provocation can only be an excuse going this far. I can kill a person upon such a count and I will still hit the gallows.

Huang Feixiang, I remember you as that 四大名状之一,也就是[飞护法]本身。Qiyong would be that [勇护法] while Tommy was that [高护法]. Ha Lai Wah, you're still that [老护法]。四人到齐,此实乃[四大名状]是也。
Note: The whole nicknaming is something I made up by myself here btw.

Weiquan, I remembered him for his height. And his curly hair. And that's more than enough. Especially the latter factor.

Jean, I only remember you for that one single episode where Chicken McNugget ended up being that greatest wtf moment in my primary school life. Some more during Pr.5 or 6. Weirdly enough, I think there used to be one Zarinah whose name became the subject of jokes. Something to do with a song like this. Bobian lah. Paiseh lah. longzong si si-geena. Scarily enough, the entire Chicken McNugget saga heralded that era of social isolation where this fella here is concerned. I still remember who were the guilty ones. No joking here.

P.S: Suddenly remember a Goh Bee Teck for all the wrong reasons. Poor fella was that only bloke far more isolated than me. At the same time, he's one of the two suaysiao guys who experienced a low blow. The other is me. Done by the same person. Bobian, longzong si si-geena.

How not to court a scandal !?
This is a living example on what not to do if you're a Pr.6 kid having a crush on another girl. Trying to be clever is one thing. Going beyond the boundaries via stalking even without knowing what such an act means is outright idiocy. This true blue SG lobo had became a momentary retard back then. And that truly says something when I intend the R-word to be something far beneath the intellectually challenged. Now if only Sarah Palin knew the potential implications of political correctness all around.
Thankfully, she's no Daenerys Targaryen.