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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Letter to an anguished Liverpudlian

Plus some much needed (?) advice to a certain Mr Steve "Team Steve Menace" Ang Eng Hock
Better known as Stevie (Ang) or that most famous AS1 in the entire history of 32 SIB. Just to quote his words back then during my NSF days as a PES E jiapalang clerk:

"Last week, Boro lost. I very happy. WHOOOSSHH!!!"
(Plus a physical gesture of joy for reasons I'm not about to out)

LCP MH Kuok's dearest letter to 1st LT Ang:
Dear Stevie, I know I don't have to call you Sir because 32 SIB days are certified history. Although I know you still have reservist. The contents of my letter is this: Please give Brendan Rodgers a few years time in proving himself. This is in the event where you believe he should be sacked.
Firstly, let's dissect the cause of Liverpool's current fortunes. We all know about the previous regime of Tom Hicks and George Gillet Jr. It's proven disaster. But so was Rafa's transfer policies. The only successful examples so far would be: Xabi Alonso (moved on to Los Blancos), Fernando Torres (signed away by a team in blue) and Dirk Kuyt (Lots of grit, but not a proven match winner). Steve Gibson once goaded a stupid response from this fella when he commented that England didn't have anything going for them in terms of youth football. No one told Rafa to open his golden trap. And flies flew out as a result when he invoked Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Simply put, did I see more than one Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher? Stevie G is still a class player. Carragher, in my most honest opinion was only class upon merit of mobility. Fullstop. Let's not humiliate the red end of Merseyside any longer.

Kenny "King Kenny" Dalglish could have been so much better. I had hoped for the best back then despite my neutral loyalties. Yet, something went wrong somewhere. Was it down to the repercussion of the previous regime? Rafa did well upon giving Man Utd an almighty scare during his penultimate season. Final season was a certified failure on every count. I truly pity King Kenny. I know what he's capable of as per proven in his up-yours season against Sir Fergie during the 94-95 season with Blackburn Rovers. A certain Mr Tobias Fong can testify to my feelings on that most famous season in the history of the Premier League. Period. I suspect it's down to spending too much on players proven in their own clubs, but not within one with such a stature like this current club.

Stewart Downing was a potent winger with Ashley Young back during the Villa days. That was back when Martin O'Neill wasn't forced out of the club because Randy Lerner lacked a certain sense of ambition.
Jordan Henderson was a promising lad and I believe he still is. You don't get to see a player shining at his age. Even if it's in the Mackem colours under Steve "that closet Geordie" Bruce. Sadly in a warped twist of fate, Martin O'Neill moved into the Stadium of Light (now currently known as the Stadium of Shit Football) and he was shipped out to your end.
Andy Carroll was a proven goal scorer. So imagined my horror when a somebody hailing from the good ol' Tyneside ended up lambasting this poor lad last season. Apparently, he forgot to switch off the mic. Just like how Luis Aragones was castigated by the foreign press back then. Just to set the record straight, Aragones proved himself at the end of the day. Chris Hughton got sacked before he could reverse that mini-blip back then.

Hence we now come to Brendan Rodgers himself. Let's not kid ourselves. John W.Henry could have signed a higher profile manager if he wanted to. But all's in the past now. Firstly, let me just say that the Rodgers brand of football is totally different from what you're used to seeing in Dalglish's reign. His team was famous for passing the ball around. Attractive football. The exact kind of stuff Roman "big oil" Abramovich truly desires even unto now. The rich blokes over at the other big blue team are playing this kind of football under Roberto Mancini and people are setting up altars decked in blue jerseys even before the season ends. I know an altar decked in the correct red is pleasing to your eyes. Yet do not let the tabloids make a fool out of your eyes. Prince William isn't too amused with recent events of late. Moral of the story: Tabloids only care about sensationalising stuff.

Give him 3-4 years to shape a team truly able to win games his way. The attractive free flowing way. His team is still King Kenny's team: Team Shit Football. No different from what you'll keep on seeing at the good old Stadium of Shit Football. Ironic somewhat? Yeah, I know that.

Players of note:
Fabio Borini needs time to adapt. He's not your flat 4-4-2 striker. Remember it took Thierry Henry half a season to adapt to English football. The press hounds were barking and baying for his blood back then. So much for Monsieur Wenger as Le Professor as a show of respect here. Mr Carl "Carling" Jan D'Vries should know this better than me.
Joe Allen is a 50-50 gamble. Given Rodgers' penchant for youthful players under the correct circumstances, let's wait and see first. If Jordan Henderson should seen as shit just because he's yet to make the cut, then no reason for Joe Allen to be spared from all those sharpened knives flying from the press box.
Raheem Sterling. Now this is one lad truly worthy of note. You will do well not to see him go. Pace, mobility and technique. Kid has it all. I rate him way better than the likes of Walcott and on the par with Ox-Chamberlain. Or rather Sterling doesn't have an Ox's strength, yet having the grace of a feline ready to kill on sight.
Ending statement:
Now I'll like to say more about why Rodgers failed to sign a replacement for Carroll despite that Yankee switch being a last minute heel turn. Yet, I need to write something far more constructive now. Yes, this is (ex)LCP Kuok Minghui signing off here.

P.S: I truly believe the Utd fans will behave themselves for tonight's match. You see, the Mackems never bathed that much. Once per year to be exact. If they can give the rightful respect due in the last match, then any Utd fans doing the exact opposite must have been living in a monkey cage right from birth without knowing how to bath.