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Sunday, 2 September 2012

So let's do something far more constructive after my previous two insanity...

Been quite some time since I've talked anything football. Anyway, this will be a major rambling across the league so as to speak, so brace yourselves, folks.

Let's get this out of the system first
Boro lost 3-1 at New Den. Firstly, let me just say that it's a keenly contested match. We accounted ourselves well. No point feeling ashamed over such a loss. It's one season and not a sprint. We went on a long unbeaten streak under Gareth Southgate and we went down. We started strong last season and got hacked by that March Hare.
Moral of the story: It will do well not to see this come March

P.S to Bernie Slaven: If there's any freak chance you're seeing this post from this SG lobo, know that we got undone by an imba Maik Taylor and an imba Andy Keogh. Still, a loss is a loss.

P.S to Kenny Jackett: I'm not about to take anything away from you and your lads here. Your fans are certified loonjobs and they don't ****ing care. People laughed at your team and you don't ****ing care. We took a double trip from North East to London itself, yet I'm not gonna play up the excuse card because I'm not from the red half of Manchester. Simply put, please accept this humble tribute of mine if by any freak chance you're reading this post.

We sold Joe Bennett to Villa. i.e. Mogga made a ****ing killing
Best of luck to Joe Bennett. I'm not gonna heckle this guy because I know he's one of our most promising leftback in N ages running. Yet given the fact that we're not under the Strachan dinosaur, a lot of people might be asking why we sold him to Paul "he's no Christopher" Lambert. Now, let's just see things this way. Joe wasn't an unhappy player, but he wanted to have a crack at the top flight football. Granted we could have kept him for at least one more season and chances are that he will knuckle down instead of complaining like a stereotypical Singaporean. Simply put, we're not desperate for money and we sold him all the same. Why?
 Simply put, the basic maths goes like this:
We're not forced to sell+Undisclosed fee=Randy Lerner's pasal, not ours. :D

So who will replace him and Rhys Williams as well?
Tough luck for Rhys. Mogga gambled and failed upon putting him on the right end of midfield during our 2-0 victory over Gillingham ala some funny 3-4-3 freak lineup. Still with Bennett gone MIA for good, this isn't the end of the world. We all know Manchester Utd have some funny issues with the backline depth, but despite being a poor man's red jersey, we have quite a bit of depth in the SAME department.
First and foremost, we have gained a new Friend in George Friend himself. Forget all those Mr Sniggers all over the internet. As per so famously stated by a certain Mr Eric Soh LITERALLY, there will always people with no life. Simply put, they are fat, balding and only knowing how to type perfectly phrased nonsense in front of the PC screen (Again, words of wisdom originating from Mr Eric Soh, not me). If Doncaster had discovered how to clone eleven George Friends on the pitch, the entire Downing Street would have been set afire by Osama bin Laden himself post-Neptune Spear. Which is nonsense anyway. Not to mention Obama could just easily disprove stupid rumours via actual proof.
Note: Friend is my standout performer at the New Den. If it's up to me, I'll award him the Man of the Match. No questions asked or entertained. Period. :)
Seb Hines. In him, we have a comeback kid. Granted he has a talent in being a good centre-back, yet his career had been on a stop-start pacing until that horrific jaw injury. Post-op, he has truly became a man. Indeed mentally wise, he has became far more resilient despite the freaking fact that his jaw was undone in TWO areas with THREE operations. I'm not lying on this front. All my Band of Boro-thers can be my steadfast witnesses in the dock.
Stephen MacManus. If anyone can call him a Big Mickey, I can call him rightfully as Big Mick himself. Let's just face it, guys. Mance Rayder didn't do much shit in-plot so far in A Song of Ice and Fire, yet G.R.R Martin chose to keep him alive for reasons unknown. Just like despite how MacManus had never played much so far, he's still one hell of a badass. If Mance has the balls and ability to proclaim himself as King-Beyond-the-Wall, it means something really badass. Am I spamming the term? Go ask the wildlings.
Note: Last season, Big Mick successfully shut the **** up on Rickie "not Connor MacLeod" Lambert. This season, any takers? :D
Adam Reach. Man, I really like this kid. Still remains to be seen on whether he can make that decisive cut a few seasons onward, but his surging runs and crossing ability reminds me of a certain Andrew Taylor. Hopefully even better this time round. :)

Brendan Rodgers to Fulham: **** all you turncloaks! Are your ancestors from House Frey?
Taken down due to self-infringement logic. My Big Boss Man from Wales made sure of that. -.-'

Eh, not happy go kaobeh at my Jewish boss lah! Don't think I scare hor! White Hart Lane still got Team Assault Eric Soh on standby one, dun say I neh warn you lobos!

Real disaster so far?
Catalonia is now cheering and Senor Perez is now tearing his hair out. The Night's Watch at Bernabeu are calling for a revolt and Los Rojiblancos are hoping that this Portuguese bloke stays for the season and beyond. So what now, Senor El Uno Especial?
Maybe I should give my own advice to Senor El Dinero himself:
Querido Jefe: Temporada=Maratón

Mi consejo para El Uno Especial:
 Por favor no hagan eso

Crédito a Tito para este

El Tito VS El Uno Especial

Orgullo de Cataluña VS Pavo real de Los Blancos