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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How this lobo was born... (Final Fight)

Okay, so this one will be a 4 in 1 combo. Simply put, this is all about my two stints at the ITE, that part time jobber at dearest cousin Mabel's territory and that major insanity called 2 years of serving the nation in an air-con office.
Disclaimer: Despite the Northmen having far longer memories than the rest, it should be known that Westeros is fictional. But not G.R.R Martin himself though

Part timer @Cousin Mabel's mercy
Okay, that's a gross case of exaggeration anyway. I still remember serving drinks, taking orders, etc. The cafe space was quite small, but then again a lot of stuff in good ol' SG have been shrinking apart from that all too (in)famous exception. There's nothing much of a hell raiser worthy of note. But at least I remember a few blokes and gals back then.

帅哥 Jace, I know you've yet to know why I gave you this nickname. Because you look weirdly like an unnamed male model in a TNP article back then. No one should call me normal by that point of time anyway.

Wah Yin (or is it Wai Yin?)
I only remember your name, but that's only because you've never been at the receiving end where this crazy lobo is concerned.

Wan Ting
I remember that name because it's the same as another female schoolmate I've got a crush on during my secondary school days. And no, this has nothing to do with you, Dear Younger Sister Of Dearest Lord Cousin-In-Law. Wow, did I just dish out a cumbersome title? Hopefully I won't kannachi. x.x

Only one reason for me to remember you: Jay Chou fan. Or otherwise known as 周乱伦. And I mean you, not your idol. Incidentally, I'm not the one who invented this. I might be crazy, but I'm not that creative back then -.-;

The two aunties serving as the cafe cooks. Auntie Juliet and Auntie... bzt, I forgot. I'm tempted to say Auntie Nancy, but in the event of a screw up, I will surely kannachi by the real deal@DDR. By then, pah-behsi sure will become pah-horlisi. (#)

Second stint @ITE Dover. Read: Part time nearly fail
Not that kisiao like the one below. But still, there's a Kamala, Eugene and the Beng-bros. Incidentally, this Eugene here might have shocked the bigger Beng-bro at this very moment because of all the mind-raping contents in this blog. Eugene was also known as Baby back then, which led to an accidental moment of wtf. Due to rules of privacy, I'm not obliged to spill out anything. Hairul and Sofian (sp?) are the two most notable names right now. Football can do the greatest wonders. Hairul is still a Fulhammer for all I know and I believe Sofian is still a certified Gooner. I dunno about you Sofian, but I know Hairul is anti-England. Back then, I still support England. But now I can only sing this:

First ITE stint. Read: Full time epic fail
I really have to shoot myself on this particular episode. Not so much of the verbal abuse I've suffered back then, but rather the fact that once a slacker, still a slacker. I forgot the name of my teacher in charge back then, but I still have to apologize for being hauled up in the name of counseling. And thankfully, the system in the Dover campus was still in a 100% sane mode back then. Of course that didn't mean a shit when it comes to still being a slacker most likely without a gf for life. My mother at that time was being driven up the wall because of this si-geena here. And speaking of that word, I actually learnt it during this period of time. Plus a few other choice words of note. For example hor-sin (Hokkien for housefly).

Some blokes of note:

Bao Feng
Bao Feng was my default boss back then. It's just like 陈浩南与假山鸡. Any questions, go ask Bao Feng. Anything, go find Bao Feng. Nothing to do, go disturb Bao Feng. Now that I think back on it, I can afford to laugh at myself because if you can deprecate yourself, it's not because you're crazy. It's because you've matured unto an extent where only the truly mature can understand why. Interestingly enough, every certified Boro-thers is well known for such a self-lolz. Singapore don't do steel works across the state, but I've already seen myself as a SG smoggie. At least it's far better than supporting my national football team. Yes, me traitor, me a realist.

Dennis the Hacker
I still don't get it where he got the nickname. If he's truly capable of pulling off his namesake, either SPF would have remanded him in the name of national interests or him being instilled as the COA. Not Chief Of Army but Chief of Anonymous. He's pretty whacky if I remember correctly. Or maybe not that much. Depending on how you'll view a person asking for a werewolf like role in a story you've just started out with. And let's just face it guys, that said attempt at writing was my first. Fanfiction no less. Samurai Shodown some more. Alternatively known as Samurai Spirits(侍魂)in Japan and a shitty excuse to call myself a writer back then no less.

Jeffrey, that Man of Steel
I only remember all the random talk about another bloke being the actual Man of Steel. And did we mention a certain lady classmate? No matter what, everything is a matter of past now.

You truly did say something about PC virus and Kazaa P2P itself. And yeah, plus that necessary evil called reformatting. :D And did we mention a certain lady classmate?

Bryan and Benjamin
I only remember something along that line of this:

The Craziest Gang Class 2003-2005
Overgeneralizing of course. Not everyone in 32 SIB is a certified loonjob. But there quite a good few nutty ones out there.

AS1 Lester Koh
You ask me which drink I buy, I answer "rootbeer". Your reply in return? "Hmm, that's a good choice..." O.O

S3 Major Tan
Perfectly okay. A good and nice guy. Still remember that trip to your home, dearest Sir. And your most famous catchphrase as well:
Can, can, can! No issue, no issue!
Can, can ,can! Kill the issue, kill the issue!

Tee "Not Matthew Bates" Wei Jie
Injury record really jialat. Shit happens, bro. You know that with no sarcasm attached. Also, why you always ask me this question for no reason?



John "Arm of Kraken" Mo and Joshua. Plus Eric as well
Joshua's gotta be one of the most normal fellas I've ever seen in my workplace. And that's a compliment. John is a close second. But I still remember you pulling off that "elastic arm" stunt. Like some kind of sotong tentacle. And who was the one who said my position on the couch like a fetus? Of course back then, I was lucky not to kenna extra as a result. -.-'
Eric, I only remember you being crazier than Ah-Mo and Josh added together. Which is not saying much considering the rest...

AS1 Tan
Only this:

Let's forget about the fact that there's a Sania Mirza and I'm not talking about her here. Let's just say that you're the top draw clerk in the office. In footballing talk, you're the Man of the Match. Not only that, you're extremely good in doing that little jig. And thanks to you, I've gained the knowledge on why Malays tend to have a big family and why Malay mothers tend to be plump. Carling, you should be ashamed of yourself here. I'm not gonna out why.
Interestingly enough, have you done this before?
In a duck suit no less.

Seah "Snake" Wei Jie
Back then, I have trouble socializing. You called me Smeagol, Fair enough. I've learnt to live by laughing at myself. Can you? I only remember you saying:
Can, can, can! No issue, no issue!
Can, can ,can! Kill the issue, kill the issue! 
Wah piang eh! 此乃欺君犯上之罪耶!在古时代可会没命的。人家荀彧还不是因为这样而枉死于寿春。 >.<
Which comes now to...

Uncle Neo
Snake says: Ok, ok! Close shop, close shop!
You: WHAT? *BEEP*?!
Result - Longzong chio kaliao (me included ofc!)

Encik Lim Tiong Kheng
Apparently, failure in proper expression had some really dire consequences. Don't believe me, ask Encik Lim (Disclaimer: There's nothing wrong with Encik Lim saying "Nano, nano" because I'm talking about the other fella here *cough, cough*).
Me: Warrant Officer Lim Tiong Kheng
Snake: Oh! You die! You ask Encik Lim to tongkheng!

Moral of the story - Some people have more free time than the others.

Choon Kiat
Victim of my name calling stunt.
Tan Siew Jing
Second and final causality within context here. That plus a certified Hebe fan as well. I think he must be crying his heart out by now. On a totally unrelated incident...
你:当我的朋友知道 Christina Aguilera 变 slut 的时候,他(她)哭了一整天。。。

Moral of the story - The entertainment industry is indeed vicious. This is not a joke from yours truly here.

Also you're the one to make me realize George Lucas might be better off in not making the prelude trilogy. No beef against Obi-Wan and Liam Neeson. But seriously Anakin is the Anal-king in Revenge of the Sith.

Robbie and Nazreen
I tag you two together not because you're brothers in blood, but rather the two of you have a history of teaching me how to swear in Bahasa Melayu unwittingly. Okay, it's actually Nazreen. Putting Robbie in was only down to me not knowing what to write apart from the name being associated with Robbie Keane and Robbie Williams. And now Robbie Manc as well?

Staff Khalid and that Indian DOS with moustache (Note: Not from 32 SIB)
Further lessons on brusque usage of Melayu. End of story. You two will be fast friends with Mat Ibrahim. I always ask him that (in)famous question. You both can help me out on this front. :P

Encik Teo
I still remember that word made famous by you. Sadly, it's of a NSFW nature. Of course for all we know...

Encik Sankar
Still remember being your signature runner. Plus your standard SOP: "No pork, no lard". Did you tell me something about me playing football btw? I still can't do a dime on the pitch, but at least I can do this...


Steve "Steve Menace" Ang Eng Hock
I know you're feeling like shit right now. But allow me to console your broken heart by saying Utd rode their luck. Shelvey was booked for a 50-50 challenge while that retarded combo call on Valencia being fouled and Suarez's legit call for penalty has gotta be the greatest comedy in recent Merseyside history. That is apart from the numerous times Everton were deprived of justice equivalent. If even that Lord of the Trolls can give his backing for your Northern Irish pride, it's good enough news. No j/k.

P.S: I still remember you asking me why I buy all the ulu ulu games for my PS2 last time round. Apparently, you know nothing on gaming itself.

Final P.S: You once said I wouldn't go anywhere in terms of socializing with girls so long as I don't change my obsession with anime/manga. Apparently, some things never change. Maybe a bit more (d)evolved.

And this...
Nothing between me and that Swedish redhead, so rest easy there, Steve. :D

Lim Chong Hui and Ah-Leo
Still remember kenna mara due to my clumsiness. If Ah-Leo was that firm guy, then you, my dearest Lim Chong Hui would be the big tiger. But seriously, you might end up regretting your words. i.e. my other name should be Roger (弱智). 
Proof of my words.

Carl "Carling" Jan De Vries
I don't need to get started on the thought processing here, because you're way too crazy to forget. So allow me to reveal one tiny tibit of info back then@Changi during our unit outing there:
Still remember that perverted solo pose? I'd like to describe it, but that might be NSFW due to the comedy factor. You're fortunate that no one snapped a photo of that. It would have fetched a major fortune of a billion WTFs.

Chief Khairul
You're the one who started that Robocop joke. Or rather Robokuok. By utilizing my status as a BoA fanboy back then as the whole "BoA=my assistant" ammo, I've actually discovered that some compliments should never meant to be. 
Chief, wa boh zhimi homiah one lah!

Ms Sandya
I only remember Golden Balls. And that's not because you're David Beckham due to a reason most glaring. My lady boss might have pulled off a big one here.

Mdm Khor
Yep, that biggest lady boss around. But still not that one lady boss hovering above me last time round.

Ms Pathi
You once said you'll be waiting for me to release my own novel(s) because of this. I thought to myself whether it's truly possible. Seven years forward and I might have warped myself.

Ms Komala
Finally the last one standing. My de-facto lady boss. I still remember you praising my character. Sadly, things DO change. You know one thing, lady boss?
Lady Boss will be shocked at my warped taste now...