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Friday, 21 September 2012

So should Mogga be sacked?

Let's just face it guys. The failure at Blackpool's stomping ground shouldn't be laughed at. Firstly, we could have gotten something post Bikey's goal. We failed to. We deserved to lose the match. Maybe not so much based on performance but rather something so much painful.

We just don't have the kind of quality to go toe to toe!
Blackpool is a team scoring for shit and giggles. In order to stem the threat, there's nothing wrong with Mogga's strategy. What went wrong was the fact that we only have one ball winning player in the form of Grant Leadbitter. One lead biter is NOT enough to face this kind of threat. Nicky Bailey's absence was sorely felt here in this major fail. Mogga might not have mentioned it, but I know better. So long as the Tangerines have the ball, they're ****ing unplayable in their division. Forerunners to win the Championship this year? Oh hell no, my friends! Mad Ian should be hollering along the sidelines AT the highest level. The Premier League IS where the Tangerines should belong ****ing dammit!

So Mogga should be sacked then?
I don't know about the rest, but I don't worship internet forums and I for one sure won't even sacrifice a bloody half dead chicken for the pundits on TV. Let's just see things in perspective here. Firstly, if Steve Gibson is to sack Mogga, who else would take the job? We're nearly there last season. To sack Mogga under such a situation is a ****ing idiocy shown through and through. Gibson should be held accountable for that one thing called a stupid mistake. In fact, would any capable manager, uncut gem or otherwise join us under such a situation? Juninho joined us when we're still in the Premiership despite Bryan Robson being no Robocop. So will there be anyone with a decent ambition be that daring? At least teams like Leeds who are still in the division are showing signs of recovery after N ages of relegation from the top flight all the while. And let alone, this one.

Gordon Strachan could have been our Messiah in red. The only problem lies in his wrong decisions made. The nature of his spending hurt the wage system far more than on-the-pitch. And what destabilize such a structure will translate onto the field and dressing room. Kris Boyd was a good striker. It's only down to his ridiculous wages that caused this to be the greatest WTF shit deal ever in our history given the context of circumstances. Andrew Taylor left because of him, Joe Bennett got frozen out because of him and Marvin "still marvelous" Emnes nearly left because of him. He's not a poor manager to be fair. Quite the opposite in fact. It's just as what he had admitted here.

Halfway through, Mogga inherited a team nobody gave a single two shit's chance to survive. We mocked at Carl Jan De Vries. Next season, people said we would only hit mid table at best. 7th spot and Carling still got mocked. This season? It has yet to end, my dear Boro-thers in Red and all you mockers. In fact, Blackpool should be a reality check, not Armageddon itself. We ****ing survived 1986. That's a miracle. Try telling teams like Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool that and they will just say "big deal!". Yes, they're right in a way. Because a 1986 to them is nothing less than this.

In the spirit of 1986 we trust...