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Friday, 21 December 2012

In order to make the most out of my sad and miserable existence...

A false lady adopted, a true lady of unspoken steel.
A fawn never to be a doe, for a Dragon true will be indeed born.

+park shin hye
Note: The above link doesn't mean anything apart from the possibility (?) of  SHyn Corp causing Alestrial Eliaden becoming an experiment suddenly gone nuclear. At the same time, I have to admit defeat to my parents over how to pronounce the surname "Park" due the fact that understanding of Korean culture wasn't part of the local media system decades ago. >.<
The highest hit/views rating thus far for all things The Known World. O.o Now you all know why liao... :o

Just to make doubly sure that I will depart from this world without any regrets...
 bar the what-if on 21st December 2012 being a mystic's trip that is...

And this is due to some unfinished parts missing here...
So firstly the ideal seiyuu
So firstly, why her? I think the chief reason lies in the very fact that we're talking about Tohsaka Rin's voice actor. Now quite obviously the two personalities are nowhere different between night and day. But yet, I'll have to say that a bulk of Ales' character actually hailed from Rin as in I really intended her to be a female character far more than your token noble girl (Ce'Nedra, I'm staring hard at you).

Interestingly enough, the plan has always been to create a literally independent character and not merely just one in name. Which comes to the question of why Ueda-san if we're talking about Tohsaka Rin. Shouldn't it be Kawasumi Ayako? After all, she's Saber's seiyuu and that she's actually far more of your classic heroine aka Queen Arturia Pendragon (King Arthur Rule 63 ver). Actually, I believe it's down to Tohsaka being far more of a lady than Saber since technically Arturia IS King Arthur herself.

Okay, I lied blatantly on that last statement. To be honest Kawasumi-san wasn't candidate numero uno and I sorta got stuck with Ueda-san due to the fact that I actually prefer Tohsaka Rin personally while I'm still a certified Shirou X Saber shipper (Tobias will laugh at me for that).

Which now comes to the biggest question swimming in my head: How would I visualize Rin's voice within this very context?

It's quite difficult at first because I don't really envision Ales having that classic anime girl's voice. After playing the whole visualising N times though, I actually discovered that it's actually workable after all since Ueda-san is also quite capable of voice acting character way more mature than Rin (technically a loli called Rachel Alucard albeit usage of "technically" is down to the fact that Rachel is a vampire in the BlazBlue series). So if we're to envision a Rachel-esque voice rather than a Rin-esque version, things might truly be able to work themselves out. Of course come at this point, Kawasumi-san should be considered as a viable alternative as well (not the first time I've explored that option since Aeranath's case is pretty much a 50-50 between Suwabe Junichi and Seki Toshihiko).

How a noble lady addresses herself and the rest
"Watashi" is the only way to go in terms of self address. On the first glance, you can call it gender-neutral. But upon being used within the female context alone, it can be classified under the informal/casual context. Simply put, it will suit Ales' character right to the very tee since she's not really your 100% formal nobility while at the same time she's not exactly a female Aera/Guy. Of course depending on the situation, "waga" should be the correct term to use (and "waga" can be considered far more formal than "watashi")

"Atashi" is quite obviously out of question though since Ales has never been intended to be the type of character to play the "cute girl" role. If I want to do that, I might as well create a rule 63 for Guy Cody and we can just call it a day (although "atashi" can be seen as a term far more abusively prone if we're going to highlight girls like Yeras Wynda and Joenne, i.e. the former still lurking around while the latter is just a certified extra playing the role of Ales' ditzy friend).

If we're talking about addressing others, "kimi" and "anata" are the most frequently used terms. "Kimi" is basically reserved for those with a lesser standing, e.g. Aera, Guy, Yeras, Joenne, and the list goes on...
As for "anata", this is something reserved for her elders/own family members/people with an equal or higher standing. Interestingly enough, unless you're Aera or Guy, chances are that Ales will use "anata" when it comes to every true blue formal speech.

In fact, this will (hopefully that is) end up creating a persona contrast between her and most like 90% of whatever main/side cast character popping up at the moment/in the future.

Amazingly enough, she won't shy back from using "omae", but only if the situation is really 100% informal.

So anything on the badass army apart from Ionioi Hetairoi itself?
I'm going to blame Bro-skander for this because had not for that badass Reality Marble, there's no way I can devise a way to create Ales as an entity far more than a mere Sansa Stark clone. While the concept is far more towards The Wild Hunt within the ancient European folk myth, there has to be a starting point somewhere. Okay, I know I'm talking cock here. Full stop.

Any badass weapons preparing to be used?
Should it be all about bow and arrows? Now this is a common trope throughout the whole classic heroine archetype. But will I opt for something way beyond that boundary? Well, rules are not just merely there to take a leaf from, you know. For all everybody knows, I might really end up breaking some rules. But then again, maybe not. :P

And lastly I just feel like doing this:
Nothing to do with SHyn Corp pointing a gun at my head to be fair...

Warriors birthed from blood
My very body as their steeds
With every bone I crafted their arms
My very soul the field of war
Never to relent nor ever to rest
Not knowing death and never aware of life
The beast that is no more rises again
Upon the Dragon's horn all shall ride

A/N: I don't really have the time now to elaborate anything on that truly complicated deal called the Ales-Guy-Aera conundrum. So maybe I'll do that in the next relevant post. Possibly after I've upped the entire 15 part Fate/stay night walkthrough for Fate.