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Monday, 17 December 2012

*$%@$$#&%($#... I can't sleep!!!!!

Must have been sleeping too much for last night, i.e. 12 hrs of sleep=Pastor T will send me principle's letter very soon. -.-;

Now hopefully I can sleep a bit better after this nice little rant (?)

Firstly, I decided that The Known World I is now officially dead where Glossary section is concerned since everything seemed to be deviating into the Background Notes A/N for every given chapter of A Ranger's Tale. Hence from now on, The Known World I is now reserved for boliao bs talk on all things A Ranger's Tale. Hopefully every post from henceforth won't be really that kisiao since the onus for me is to create a certain tangible scope of rambling. So here comes rant numero uno...

And it's called the top 3 characters thus far...

Plus a music clip meant for looping...
Credit to Sara Jackson for being that kind soul acceding my request and putting up with my childish nitpicking.

Firstly, my Twitter handle doesn't have anything to do with this focal character specifically bar a motivational reminder since I do have a stupid tendency to go whim-write mode. Thankfully that might have been an object of the past. King of Kings must be very happy for me now despite leaving her FictionPress account for dead due to RL commitments. So original plan was to create a Genjo Sanzo clone, hence my initial ideal seiyuu being Seki Toshihiko. After coming across GAR-cher of Fate/stay night, and some other characters voiced by that other bloke, my vote has been officially split in between Suwabe Junichi and Seki Toshihiko (albeit I still can't shrug off my own visualising of Aeranath speaking like Genjo Sanzo).

Now if you all see the way the votes pan out, Aeranath isn't really that popular. For now that is since I might end up creating a 2nd Jaime Lannister fanbase wise. And well... truthfully spoken, the name Aeranath just popped up out of a random whim. That is until I realized that I might be accidentally guilty of trying to hijack J.R.R Tolkien himself...
Proof that I've screwed this up: Bloke no.26
This one however belongs to a freak coincidence
And the same goes for the Ranger deal mainly because I actually like that particular high fantasy occupation/class. Although The Known World's own brand of Rangers are born to be dicks so as to speak (which isn't really saying anything much since at least 90% of all dwellers in The Known World should be measured along the same yardstick)

So basically, the fact that he's an asshole is rigged by yours truly and that there's nothing likable about him when it comes to killing fellow assholes b/c he's only killing shit for the lulz (bar any rare moments of batshit insanity).

Weapon is a longsword. But it's not the kind of longsword seen in Westeros since G.R.R Martin actually fashioned the whole concept as a standard broadsword more than anything else.
Name of the longsword: Fragarach upon which its very unique nature shouldn't be something strange to all you Irish mythology buffs.

And it's really true that Aeranath's skin colour was indeed inspired by the Dark Elves hailing from Mizuno Ryo's Record of the Lodoss War. Whether he should truly be seen as part of an unique race or just plainly an actual bastard should have been made quite clear by now. That plus we all know he's a Fencer anyway (duh!).

Guy Cody=still no picture yet...
Antithesis to Aeranath sorta to say. Unless we want to factor in whatever heroic BSOD moments happening at a very alarming pace. Certified as The Lancer within the classic 5-Man Band trope even though Aeranath has gotta be the most lancer-esque bastard despite being The Leader.

And yesh, he's actually the second most popular bloke thus far.

And yesh, he's pretty much a young Robert Baratheon or the ever-so-manly Stannis Baratheon himself.

You can pretty call him Mr.Boro in a fictional sense due to his resilient character under shit situations. Bar the Aera factor ofc.

Weapon is a spear (duh!!) and he's certified to be an actual Lancer in-story (duh!!!).

Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg is actually something coming out from Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne) of Fate/Zero. And yes, I'm using a singular verb rather plural verb.

I think you all might have a clear idea on how I modded the above weapon in A Ranger's Tale anyway.

Alestrial Eliaden
The above character is a mere experiment gone nuclear...
As in how I might envision Alestrial in real person mode. And why I implied this entire insanity to be another Chernobyl is very simple. It's not really down to her tied at first spot with Guy in my FP profile poll, but rather some wise man/girl actually upped the relevant character concept link under the Google image search where I can now identify two such terms: "park shin hye wiki" (this is the prototype) and "park shin hye best picture" (I only realized this a day or two before). And it's really a no-brainer on why I find this rather amusing since I'm not doing a K-entertainment blog. I'm way too old for that despite people around me giving me that "u mad bro?" kinda face upon knowing my actual age of 30. O.O

Yes, things are happening behind my back and I don't even know how/why 9 out of 10 times.

And yes, that Daenerys Targaryen parallel I've highlighted in my FP profile. It might not shitting anybody to be fair since I've already shoehorned a Dragon into the entire equation despite her original simile being that of a fawn. Of course given that Aera is seen as a wolf while Guy is a lion, something has to be done drastically in order not to create any ass-pull effect. Although I suddenly realized that I might have created a closer parallel than I'd otherwise expect due to the fact that both are your quintessential gentle girl (unless we're to discount how Dany has developed as a character thus far)

So on any factors Badass Army wise, my current concept has something to do with The Wild Hunt. And I kid you not when I say this is something taken straight from Norse mythology.

Apparently, there's an actual reason behind such a concept popping up...

And it's a no-brainer that she's The Chick out of the classic 5-Man Band trope.

Overall popularity: Ales actually scored the highest with a post 100 page views on my post for her character concept. Actually, she's the only one breaking that mark out of the rest in my Character Concept posts.