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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Let's do some canon shipping...

Gist on all that matters: Apparently, I might have gone way too earlier than expected for this one. Simply put, this is me talking cock on whatever character relationships present. Due to some possible romantic fandom implied thus far, I've decided to chuck everything under this blog title.


So let's go down to the more trivial aspects first...

Eliador de Lioncourt X Lukas Brun
There's some ambiguous shit going on between the two if you guys really wanna play your own Word of Yaoi. Firstly and foremost, it's pretty much blatantly revealed that the two know each other. While initially we're supposed to believe that Lukas despised Eliador via the whole Yeras Wynda issue, it seems that we might be too simple in mind after all upon that most damning part on Lukas turning to the dark side. Given Eliador was blatantly hinted as a schemer upon the highest end in-plot (not to mention that I've pretty much rigged it via sources beyond the story itself), it could be construed as an immediate blackmail. Or maybe it's still not that simple after all given whatever positive image Lukas had prior to any hidden trauma.

Moggray Tonn X Yeras Wynda
Hinted that this happened somewhere in between.

Guy Cody X Yeras Wynda
Blatantly hinted that Guy do have an eerie similarity to the Gaffer of the Teesside Division if we are to believe anything coming from Yeras' reaction. Whatever being said from her towards Lukas had surely been certified as a mere in-plot excuse. The biggest and most damning question? We can't discount the Ales factor quite apparently.

Arondight X Ceres
Current status:
Ambiguity still in force

Lars Alterfate X Lolyx
Any coincidences with this famous internet meme is purely coincidental. Unless we're talking about Lars' somewhat warped sense of humour. Any possible romance is still up for conjectures since we've only seen everything via Lolyx's POV. Which isn't really saying anything given that nothing vital has been known about Lars' character apart from whatever having been stated here.

Sarel Aphros X Aeranath
It's rather complicated.

Aeranath X Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah X Lars Alterfate
It might be far more damning than otherwise assumed.


Now for the major two...

(Note: This is only about Alestrial Eliaden. I won't entertain any questions on whether I'm a closet fan on all things Korean)

I know the beast doesn't really look like a Dragon despite me keying in the key words...

Fitting imagery apart from the apparent artistic nudity. Which is why I need to up that disclaimer note to save my own pantat.
Ales X Guy
This is something quite straightforward since everything started from Guy beating the living shit out of some bullying shit. Now why Ales chose to stop Guy where in fact she could just stay back and watch the show has yet to be truly explained. For now, let's just treat it as something in-character. That was when both of them were only twelve years old (or in The Known World's jargon, twelve winters). Incidentally, the two actually made a promise of marriage by the time they reached eighteen. Of course kids will always be kids, but it seems that neither are really that prepared to let go. More notably Ales since Guy had already screwed his way out of the equation. Somewhat literally. Which is pretty much interesting since it's not just down to a mere emotional impulse. Apparently, Guy's view of life could be construed as Ales' source of envy as in she can never live by such a simple principle. But then again, I've never said that everybody's life would go according to plan. Reality in every sense can be a bitch. Perhaps that's why the most recent Gallup Poll actually gave S'poreans a rather damning verdict on being the least positive. Yet the strongest proof outing me as a social deviant. And I'm not exactly joking to be fair.

Nothing suggestive in-plot here. At least I don't plan to for now anyway...

Ales X Aera
I'm not too sure on how to phrase this one out. It's quite a complicated mess because:
1. Everything actually started one year earlier than how Ales met Guy.
2. There's some kind of restraining device on Aera that can never tear itself away from Ales.

If there's anything to go by, it would be way too damned stupid to say "okay, yeah... let's just create a love triangle just because Aera is the main character!"
In fact, I'll prefer to create Aera as a focal character rather than the main protagonist although granted I will have to face up to certain challenges since that will mean:

1. Aera's importance must never be compromised one way or another.
2. Every character must be treated equally if we're talking about the general major (protagonist) cast.

In fact, while I can never really predict what kind of insane bullshit being pulled out in the not-so-distant future, at least I can breath easy due to my penchant for getting paranoid over stuff that might not even be happening (i.e. Aeranath is my Twitter handle, we all know by now who are the real life inspirations behind Ales and Hyo respectively, and I've weaned myself off everything entertainment circle wise).

In fact, the entire surrealistic nature between Aera and Guy will only heighten some crazy drama, which I hopefully won't end up having morons asking questions like "hey, is this supposed to be a K-drama script?"



Latest Update!
Boro losing to Neil Warnock's ****ing dirty Leeds might not be so bad after all I guess, because I'm gracious enough now here to say that Leeds has always been a Championship team most deserving of a big break upstairs. Apparently, I won't kill Warnock anywhere within A Ranger's Tale despite knowing that he will still keep on talking cock in front of the press journalist.

In short, negative shit will always have some funny motivation in me where A Ranger's Tale is concerned. Now I'm feeling far more confident of a pre-Christmas update. Or at the very most by the midnight cuckoo's call since S'pore actually won the AFF Suzuki Cup on aggregate score.