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Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's been a shit day...

Or rather, I'd rather do something truly constructive to vent my frustrations anyway. Or rather, I'm really glad that I tend to be more expressive-prone than your typical S'porean anyway. :D

So let's jump straight to the point...
Namely, how in the blue **** did Sunderland win Man City?

Just a brief take on that match. I got stupefied here. No so much on how Mancini got his karma, but rather the nature of Sunderland's team layout.
If you think this is YET another 4-5-1 shit formation, you're horribly wrong. Out of the middle 5, we're actually seeing no less than three players far better in getting forward, i.e. Johnson, McClean, and Sessegnon. Simply put, it's far towards a proxy 4-2-3-1 play. In fact, the only reason why Martin O'Neill played a flat 4-5-1 on paper was very likely down to 3 likelihood reasons:

1. MON's orders were very simple: All five must defend. This is quite a bit unlikely given the fact that we're talking about 3 attacking players rather than 1-2 Mackems in Rojiblancos otherwise.

2. It's actually a bluff deployment. Again not that likely since MON isn't the kind of manager to hit a football overhaul midway through the season.

3. A little bit from both.

My vote goes to 2. Why? The key men in the deployment were none other than Jack Colback and Craig Gardner. Colback can operate either upfront as a left back or central midfielder. Craig Gardner on the other hand can be played anywhere across the midfield. Therefore, it seems very likely that it could only be answer 2. And why? Very simple, folks. 4-2-3-1 is basically a non-linear variation of your typical flat 4-5-1 where the onus is far towards possession then just merely defending from the deep.

In particularly, Colback and Gardner could be seen as your typical holding midfielders and while it's indeed true that City Slackers were pinning the Kucing Hitam for prolonged period, I suspect MON was actually gambling big upon luring the Orang Biru into a trap. Simply put, we're talking about a 6 man wall with 4 guys being cut adrift up front. And this is where Sunderland played in their greatest game as of now. It's actually no different from visualising any fight between Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner and Bastion. If Orang Biru can make the pressure tell, then it's GG. But yet by defending deeply with 6 Anglo-Saxon Rojiblancos, the biggest untold danger is the fact that once the Cat broke forward, it could AND will free up the 4 man Nightcrawler Team. The key lies in knowing where the ball should go upon a successful break-and-counter. Should it be going to Jonno, Mr Un-Poppy-lar or that Orang Hitam? The problem with this kind of tactic is that Jonno and Un-Poppy-lar would be on the wings while Orang Hitam will be taking on a central attacking role. If City were able to regroup in time, everything would still go LPPL (note from Kuok-gor-gor: LPPL is a swear word. Please don't learn the wrong things from a truly fallible human being).

Therefore, while it's easy to say that Mignolet managed to play like Jon Snow standing tall in Castle Black with Jonno pulling off a Tyrion-shoot-his-lao-peh, maybe we should see things from another POV. And it's called O'Neill being a far better man motivator. Come to think of it, maybe the tabloids ain't truly a bunch of liars with all the damning rumours of Robbie Manc not so Man City atm.

Actually come to think of it, didn't Mourinho said something truly trollolol about Mario Bal-LOL-telli before?

Minor correction:
Okay to be fair, Cesare Prandelli managed to somehow perform a miracle not even Mourinho was able to do.
Let alone Mancini.
Just ask Jonno.
Although I have no intention to troll the dead.
Dale Roberts
Oct 22 1986 - 14 Dec 2010
And still writing the script from somewhere up-above...

And let's talk a bit about how Manchester United banged that 4th $$$ shot
Given the vast significance behind the potential impact where Sir A.Fergie's dreams of this season's Premier League trophy marching back in the pure passionate red of Manchester is now one step closer, there's no intent from me in promoting any pr0n.

Yes, $$$ shot=lagi kisiao wu lui come end of season liao lor!

Simply put, the verdict was an evidence most damning on what I've said last time round. Yes, proof that I'm surely not firing that horse-after-cannon (放马后炮) after all. And this time round, something really went wrong horribly.

Seriously, United-leaks have never been so bloody scary to be fair. People were criticising why Paul Scholes was having a horrid game and I was like "well, Scholes' only sin lies in a potential studs high challenge Keano style."

Jokes aside, the biggest problem (according to the basics of Minghui-matics) lies in:
No Vidic=No internal security
No Tiote=No security check

Am I trolling here? Unfortunately, no. If you guys can read beyond the written superficiality, you'll know that a lot of Toyol United's defensive fortune depends on Vidic while Burung United's end depends on Tiote. Simply put, I don't see any Vidic just like I don't see any Tiote. Hence, the only thing separating the two would be scoring the goals. And sadly for the Geordies, they scored three, they scored never enough. 

Ironically, it's actually a way more fragile defence on Old Trafford's end that caused the aforementioned three not-so-enough goals. Which basically means that Manchester United's dependency on Vidic is way more addictive than Newcastle's need for Steven "Mr Anti-Mackem" Taylor. Of course should Coloccini go crocked, every doomsayer would start prophesying that the whole of Tyneside can't perform without Coloccini.

In a very real sense, a serious lack of loose artillery was the key behind Pardew's defenestration. And come at this moment, I'll have to hold my hands up by saying I was grossly wrong in assuming that Hernandez was the literal super-sub. In a very real sense, this was not just only a far more technical front two. It's actually a far more intelligent front two. No offence meant to Wayne Rooney of course since he's pretty much an intelligent footballer, but the common nature between Dutch and Latin American football would have ensured that while Rooney's grit was sorely missed, this was an area which will only contribute in tracking back the ball.

And come at this point of time, I think Scholes' lack of mobility was the reason why people might be saying he had a relatively poor game. Carrick is a decent player in holding the ball at the back, but Roy Keane he's never meant to be.
Read: United truly lacks a player who can self-immolate like a phoenix.

When I saw Giggs at one end while Valencia running from the other, I think Fergie might have played in a bluff deployment of sorts. A flat middle 4 to create an effective counterattacking wall upon which everything would just shift into a 4-3-3 once going forward. A shrewd bluff-all-you-mofos call imo with Valencia moving upwards and RVP playing your quintessential centre forward no different from Fernando Torres himself. Of course we all know that's a loose comparison since Fergie is no Rafa "" Benitez, but let's not get into the stupid technicalities. I'm not a pundit ffs.

Final stretch (****! 9+PM! WTF man?)

The key point(s) I'm gonna hammer out ain't whatever David Yeo had said here (but srsly, 22881 locals and 1 foreigner bloke from S'pore? Apeh ini????). Rather, let me be brutally frank by saying the only reason why Blackburn failed thus far wasn't down to Henning Berg. When Blackburn fans said they always had a way stronger following all the while, they're actually right.
In fact let's just face it: Berg lost the dressing room. Or rather I believe none of the players gave any two hoots about him.

Let's face that damning trolling face, guys: We being lucky in the 1st half was a pure utter load of drivel bollocks. Boro being tied 0-0 was only down to a wasteful syndrome in front of goal and Blackburn was nowhere better. With the only difference being that we're actually bossing every and any other shit, that is.

So what/where truly went wrong for Blackburn? Very simple. Berg's failure wasn't down to a case of abilities nonexistent. It's actually down to the absurd expectation on Blackburn being "too big of a club" to remain in the Championship for long. Utter rubbish. Leeds "****ing dirty" United was a far bigger club than Blackburn and look where they are now? It's not a case of prestige. Just like we're screwed by a momentary dumb decision on the Southgate appointment, Blackburn and Leeds alike were screwed by decisions way more disastrous than 100 Joseph Stalins being cloned. I don't think there's a need to go anywhere further here since we all know who are the two Davids laughing right now at the top flight.

And now let me talk about Boro. Truth to be told, we can't afford to be that wasteful in front of goal. Now a lot had been said on Emnes being crap. My take on the issue? Let's wait out the whole damned thing first until end of season. You see, Emnes' only problem lies in a barren patch atm. Which is something every striker will always have. You don't get to see Martin O'Neill crucifying Steven Fletcher on the spot, do you?

In fact, wastefulness in front of goal shouldn't be Emnes fault. If we're to see things from a wider perspective, everybody else apart from Jutkiewicz and Steele ought to be dragged out and shot dead. Which is pure bullshitting, of course.

In fact, I suspect our lads were still suffering under the stigma of that stupid defeat at Elland Road where we deserved at least a point otherwise. Mogga said that a flu virus going viral shouldn't be an excuse back then, but when I tried imagining Woodgate performing below par, every single damned thing just went to pieces.

In short, our lads might be trying way too hard to make the last match count. We have the edge in pedigree, but we're equally crap in terms of composure. And if we're to be the same mental state come this Saturday, that certain self proclaimed Blackburn fan (not you btw, Tobias) will be laughing from somewhere sitting on his couch.

Note: Certain parts now quasi-censored due to yet another infringement of logic
Because I need to say a bit on Blackpool. Blackpool as a team has a way far better quality-attitude mix than Blackburn. Do NOT underestimate Owen Coyle. His failure under Bolton could be seen as the same case for how Mogga failed miserably up north beyond the border at the Old Firm. Blackpool however, is a different proposition. This is a team still living by Ian Holloway's legacy and that's why Coyle is here for. To continue the Clockwork Tangerines firstly and foremost above all.

Now this is a team rightfully labeled as one of our chief prototype models. We tried to play them off the park last time round, we got mercilessly sliced apart by this very band of Elven Bladesingers. Come this current regime, we'll still be facing the same old racial enemy despite their change in commander-in-chief. Of course we do have our very own Dwarven guardians, berserkers, and warrior bards. Yet, will that be enough for us to make our home superiority count? A lot will hinge heavily on how we will react to the onslaught. In terms of goals, we're way luckier than Blackburn due to us being the home team dominating the proceedings.

Read: ****ing mental pressure ftmfl.

Paiseh hor, most (in)famous Hokkien swear word involved.
Cannot print.
Heavens forbid that our lads get this Mogga-naut in the dressing room tunnel