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Monday, 10 December 2012

@all in my dept...

And no, it's NOT DDR. I'm leased to that side, NOT part of their side. Although I do know a few of them working at both levels. But anyway, it seems that there a couple or so of blokes in blue believing that my mind was occupied with girl(s) yesterday where in fact I was just going through what I should write in the next post. >.<

1st Part: 2 things on Footie
Fact: House of Commons is now replaced by the Greater Manchester Police for reasons most obvious.
Fiction: Woody's bitch slap is merely a visual effect. Problem Tobias???? :P

2nd Part: 2 things spammed on Random Insanity, i.e. I actually shared these two before.
Two cold hard truths of note:
Dwarves in standard epic fantasy will always enjoy their brew, and well... <3 that Hobbit girl. (*¬*)

3rd Part: I should have updated this far more often. Die Fuhrer needs far more love.
And herein signals forth that halftime break...
It would have made perfect sense. In fact it should be until I realised that this was a comment made towards a Die Untergang parody vid that shouldn't be taken that seriously. And to think people tend to say S'preans can't take jokes.

James Steal tried to troll like a stealer...
den Swagman gave him an Ultra 2 instead
Now for 2nd half:
Note - I still remember Mrs Yoga of 1995 and Ms Lau of 1996. Seems that my years of studying at Gan Eng Seng School wasn't that shitty after all, due to this bloke being the odd one out having a certain interest in History.
Kuok Minghui's cold hard truths:
"Handicap? Talk about handicap—I'm a one-eyed Negro Jew."
- Sammy Davis Junior during a nice little talk with Jack Benny

We all know Steven Spielberg as the film director of "Schindler's List", but apparently, he's a Jew as well.

Schwarze in German basically means "black" as in the colour, not the race.

Music and the Muse: After a massive turmoil incurred up above, it's high time for me to do something sensible.

Order Of Disclaimer!
Due to the nature of the clips below, I'm very sure SHyn Corp will have me hanged, drawn and quartered if I ever get caught in the comfort of my own home. But then again, I don't profess myself to be a fan of K-entertainment. Or just about any given entertainment circle. But then again, is it a sin for me to say that PSH is really pretty? (*¬*)

Japan: I've yet to get started on Fate/Zero

The remaining three labels called The Known World:

A Game of Thrones HBO means the same ol' blood/gore/etc

And lastly, Saber's most traumatic moment bar that part on Kiritsugu saying "bust the Grail pls"

The answer to everything in the final section. And some might say in relation to SHyn Corp as well. :P