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Friday, 21 December 2012

Let's talk about the four red bastards...

Note of Disclaimer!
The whole deal upstairs here has nothing to do with history. Denial of the Holocaust is actually illegal within Germany itself and we all know that Schafer is no Iranian president.
Apparently, I might be right when I stated in an off handed manner that the Battle of Jalan Besar would be won within our defensive third when I was conversing with Uncle Bawa which somehow or another started off with my current (lack of) ability to snag my first gf. So will the Thais cock up again? Knowing whatever little I understood about Winfried Schafer thus far, the War Elephants won't be that stupid anyway. Reanalysing the video replays should have meant something really bad for our Lions.

So will it be possible for The Land of a Thousand Smiles to hit an evolution streak where everything will end with a Million Smiles? I'd hate to jinx my own country, but it's possible. First blood drawn within the starting 30 minutes or so and we will all be in a very big ****ing trouble.

Crowd support? Check. A team of players far hungrier for a win? Well, Thailand is still considered a regional powerhouse you know. Ultimately, if we end up ceding possession like our ex-colonial masters in white, we'll be seriously mother****ed.

Of course we're not really guilty of that kind of stupid mistakes bar that 4-3 win over Laos (which shouldn't be that surprising since even Laos are catching up like a half-assed subway train which somehow became way faster than our MRT trains).

In fact, I'm right now wondering whether Thailand will opt for a possession oriented game since such a means of football will mean that you won't have that much chances to capitalise on vital mistakes. Will we have to force up our defensive line? Will the same old one third fort tactic work for Raddy yet again? Regardless of whatever happening come tomorrow, I guess I'll have to hold up my hands and say Singapore has improved vastly for whatever reason beyond my comprehension since we're heading the entire Order Rock Bottom In Trouble (abbrev: ORBIT) prior to the tournament. Even if we might end up failing to hold fort successfully within the first 70 minutes or so played.

Blokes 2: Asshole Bastards

Note of Disclaimer!
Entire clip is only for slapstick effect. I don't condone any acts of prejudice and discrimination against the intellectually challenged despite my fervent belief that the R-word should only be used against people way far worse off than every intellectually handicapped person just because he/she just happened to have a *gasp!* a normal standard of IQ. Just don't ask me why such an offensive word can also be politicised across the Atlantic.
We all know Sir A.Fergie is... well an asshole lol! Although I'll be the first to come out and state my admiration for the way he managed to handle his charges for N years in running. Now a lot had been said on the RVP deal being jacked up pre-season and a certain Mr David Chan actually messaged me via Twitter on how I see the situation. And my reply is very simple: Utd will laugh like El Diablo Roja yet again. Yes, Sauron has yet to bite the dust and RVP managed to became the latest Nazgul complete with a spanking new Fell Beast. And the answer to why is very simple: Juventus can't compete because of the impact of Calciopoli 2012 far outstripping that bunga-bunga-whatever-the-****. Man City? Well, Robbie Manc did say that he has to sell in order to buy and you don't end up selling Carlos Tévez away just because he managed to offend two clubs in a single go. No mean feat given that Manchester Utd is one half of the equation. Of course no one cares about Sheffield Utd despite any holy writ handed down by the FA. Or whatever figure of authority in charge of that particularly shit saga anyway.

So what am I trying to say here apart from insinuating that I might be firing a horse-backside-cannon (放马后炮) after all? Well, it seems that despite whatever media crucifying early into the season, the press box are waxing lyrical over how he's banging goals after goals despite the very fact that he's not exactly scoring like John Terry himself. Is it possible to stop this Dutch scoring machine? Will Utd need its very own little blue pill come the nearing transfer market should anything happen to RVP? Okay, we all know nothing untoward will happen anyway. Bar a freak injury. Bar the fact (?) that the Glazers decide to sack Fergie just because they're starting to believe in creating a renowned chicken farm right in front of Old Trafford itself with Fergie having to wear a lady's stocking over the head.

Blokes 3: Fallen Bastards

Note of Disclaimer!
I do not condone acts of war, I do not condone people wearing military uniforms so that they can just buang any random kid like a Frisbee. In fact, I'm an Asian. Why should I be a retarded racist prick towards any given race, let alone my fellow Asians? Arabs, Chinese, Malays, Indonesians, Tamils and North Indians plus Japanese and Koreans both North and South... we're all Asians. And yeah, have to include the Iranians, Turks and Kurdish as well. And the Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Pinoys and Thais also. Completed with the final mention of the Burmese and Tibetans, I sincerely apologise if I left out any ethnicity. Total recall can be a major drag.
Brendan Rodgers said it still way too early to talk about Champions League. And quite rightfully so since everything is still in transition. Will the doomsayers have their way? Will Anfield give way to a brand new Mayan museum so that people can use it as an excuse for the occasional magic mushroom trip? Apparently, there are vicious rumours stating that three rainbow unicorns have been sighted. Three rainbow unicorns that looked weirdly like three of the current Scousers in red. Of course, it's been later revealed that there ARE indeed people getting a tad too high on the 'shrooms which they insisted to be X'mas gifts coming from Neil Patrick Harris himself.

Note of Disclaimer!
Mother Nature just pissed her pants... that's all.
Tomorrow is another big day for another team of Lions in red. Leeds have just lost mightily 5-1 at home against a Chelsea team looking weirdly like a Premier League team in a Cup fixture. Neil Warnock's definitely damned mightily pissed off and we all know he's not gonna tell his lads to sit back. Because you see, we do have a very fierce rivalry with our orthodox Northern neighbours and this is nowhere different from Stannis Baratheon's manly army marching straight to Dreadfort's gates.

Basically, what can we predict from the whole showdown? Definitely whether it's 3 points or 1 let alone 0 at all. Quite obviously, Warnock will be talking cock before the ball gets kicked. Equally obvious is the fact that come win, lose or draw, he will be talking cock again in front of the press. Something along the line of we being a bunch of Sad Smoggie ****s who can only dream big of returning back to top flight. Not so different from what I'd expect from Carl "Carling" Jan De Vries apart from the fact that Warnock's a classic Anglo Saxon. Which basically means something serious in terms of ethnic temperament.

Of course we will be outfought and outnumbered once our fallen giant brothers starting surging forward. Of course we might end up seeing a repeat of that 2-1 loss against Nigel Pearson's Leicester at home months before. In fact, should we even try fighting them within the middle park? Any idiot can see that he who wins the middle wins the war. If we can't match these Jötunn running about in a truly intelligent and organised manner, we'll be pretty much knee deep into a Ragnarök of our own making.

At the same time, Christmas can herald forth Asgard for some and Niflheim for the all rest. We're nowhere different since we'll be facing Blackburn and Blackpool consecutively at home for our holiday fixture after a double confirmed bruising at Elland Road. Will we leave behind blackened ruins or will we end up kenna been-orh-orh? Championship football is no different from the legend of apple shot performed by William Tell and if we ever miss a single inch, someone needs to find a replacement for Albrecht Gessler instead of an actual little boy. 

So how should we manipulate our very own Valhalla? If Mogga is to be our very own Odin armed with Gungnir, who should be our Thor wielding Mjölnir itself, Heimdallr with his Gjallarhorn, plus that badass super sub named Víðarr? Will we truly behold our very beloved Baldr come end of the ongoing war? If you're to ask me, winning the playoffs will be far more akin heralding the imminent  rebirth post-Ragnarök.