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Monday, 16 July 2012

Yay I lied!!!!

Depending on how one will define the term hypocrite. You see, I did say in my previous post that I won't attend Breaking The Silence@The Cathay due to a problematic trait in character. Apparently, the Above decided to boot my backside beyond the goal line ala Leo Messi style. Since I've decided to do things my way, let me just put every single chapter into parallel mode. The Garou style. ;)

Process 1
I reached Dhoby Ghaut=I ended up lost. Fortunately, The Cathay is just  nearby despite Unlimited Random Works abound. But apparently, my self-induced trauma might had just begun. Registering at the counter solo style is one thing. Being asked who referred me was quite another. Simply, its not the counter girl's fault. Just that I should have prepared myself better on being asked forth such a question. Luckily, I was under TNP's Aegis. Period.

Process 2
So after a major blur cock moment where I had to grip around with the vital rules of the game, everybody started the merry walk. Different coloured stickers=Different routes taken.

Process 3
In the middle of the campaign, two interesting episodes of note happened. Firstly, it seems that buddy blindside is the vogue. When you're granted the right to act with impunity in sticking stickers onto the backs of your friends...
Plus a particular bloke attempting a classic act of note:

Process 4
After we finished the walk, there's one interesting act of "vengeance" as in if you got the guts, you show it. Slapping your palms on the wall has never been so high before. And all for a legit reason. If you've attended this part, you'll know why.

Process 5
Memory is a bit hazy here since I don't know whether this comes before or after Part 4, but apparently, if you're a victim and you feel like speaking out, you're allowed to. Sadly, I never got the chance. Unfortunately, its not because I'm feeling generous. Its because I can never be this ah-kong Wong:

Process 6
So now comes the karate part. All I can say is this:

Final Process
Minister Heng Swee Kiat was the Guest of Honour for this occasion. Despite my snarker persona towards everything Government, I do not profess to be an Opposition supporter. Or rather, I'm pretty much non-partisan due to my innate dislike for politics. Yet if there's anything to go by so far, Minister Heng has done a fairly good job so far. At least he did address things that have gone broken mode. On things that still require improvements, I'm keeping my eyes open. Hopefully for the better since no sane person will like to see the Government collapse. No joking from yours truly here.
PARALLEL (No intention to snark. Honest!)

Actually nothing much for me to add. Barring the 1st OP for a manga/anime series most fitting for the occasion: