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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Losers are not lauded. Unless it's him...

[项籍者,下相人也,字羽。初起时,年二十四。其季父项梁,梁父即楚将项燕,为秦将王翦所戮者也。项氏世世为楚将,封于项,故姓项氏。项籍少时,学书不成,去学剑,又不成。项梁怒之。籍曰:“书足以记名姓而已。剑一人敌,不足学,学万人敌。” 于是项梁乃教籍兵法,籍大喜,略知其意,又不肯竟学。

[Xiang Ji, a native of Xiaxiang, styled Yu. Aged twenty four upon first making his name, his foster father was Xiang Liang. Liang's father was the Chu general Xiang Yan who was killed by the Qin general Wang Jian. The Xiang clan were loyal commanders honoured at the lands of Xiang, hence the surname. When Xiang Ji was young, he failed as a scholar and subsequently, the way of sword as well. Incurring Xian Liang's anger, Ji said: "The book is only enough to remember names. The blade can only fight one at a time, hence both unworthy of learning. If I want to learn, it will be the way to defeat tens of thousand." Hence Xiang Liang taught Ji the art of war. Ji was joyful as he understood the intentions while never wanting to end his learning.
... Ji's height was eight foot feet plus (above 1.8 metres) with a strength capable of carrying a cauldron and blessed with an overbearing talent. Hence earning the awe of his fellow youths in the land of Wu]
《The Historical Annals: Sima Qian》
~ ~ ~


[Hence the Xiang Lord intended to flee eastbound across the Wu River... Ordering his soldiers to dismount and fight, the Han soldiers felled by Ji alone numbered few of hundred. Yet in return, the Xiang Lord was wounded by ten and a few.]
《The Historical Annals: Sima Qian》
 ~ ~ ~