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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Conman

[建安初,天下饥荒,正与同郡孟达俱入蜀依刘璋,久之为新都令, 后召署军议校尉。既不任用,又为其州邑俱侨客者所谤无行,志意不得。。。]

Trans: At the beginning of the Jian An calender, famine ravaged the land. Zheng and his fellow native Meng Da entered Shu in order to pledge their fealty to Liu Zhang. Stuck in the post as Magistrate of Xindu, he was later summoned to stand in for the Capital Commander of Military Treatise. Upon being treated as nothing and slandered by his fellow migrants, he became despondent.

Verdict: Dio pah. [1] 

[十九年,进围成都,璋蜀郡太守许靖将逾城降,事觉,不果。璋以危亡在近,故不诛靖。璋既稽服,先主以此薄靖不用也。正说曰:“天下有获虚誉而无 其实者,许靖是也。然今主公始创大业,天下之人不可户说,靖之浮称,播流四海,若其不礼,天下之人以是谓主公为贱贤也。宜加敬重,以眩远近,追昔燕王之待郭隗。” 先主于是乃厚待靖。]

Trans: Upon the nineteenth year (of Jian An), the Grand Administrator of Shu county Xu Jing attempted to surrender without success. Due to such a critical moment, Liu Zhang opted not to execute Jing. Upon Zhang surrendering, Liu Bei refused to use Jing and despised him.

Hence Zheng advised: "Amongst those with honour, yet without abilties, Xu Jing is the worst of the lot. Yet due to Milord just starting out to build your empire, you'll need to convince people flocking to your side. Jing's empty name has resounded throughout the land. If you refuse to treat him with respect, they will think you're disregarding the talents at your disposal. It's important to give him far heavier respect and beguile those near and afar just like how the Lord of Yan treated Guo Kui." Therefore, Liu Bei heeded the advice and treated Jing kindly.

Verdict: Sibeh ho pah [2]


Trans: Conferring Zheng the post of the Grand Administrator of Shu county and General who Spread the Might, he ruled the capital and assumed the role as the chief adviser. Be it gratitude of a single meal or the slightest of grievance, all were repaid in full as he willfully executed numbers of those who had harmed him.

Verdict: Dio pah jihao, jiatao si heng pah liao. [3]

[或谓诸葛亮曰:“法正于蜀郡太纵横,将军宜启主公,抑其威福。” 亮答曰:“主公之在公安也,北畏曹公之强,东惮孙权之逼,近则惧孙夫人生变于肘腋之下;当斯之时,进退狼跋,法孝直为之辅翼,令翻然翱翔,不可复制,如何禁止法正使不得行其意邪!” 初,孙权以妹妻先主,妹才捷刚猛,有诸兄之风,侍婢百余人,皆亲执刀侍立,先主每入,衷心常凛凛;亮又知先主雅爱信正,故言如此。]

Trans: There were those who informed Zhuge Liang: "Fa Zheng has gotten out of control as the Grand Administrator. Your Eminence, please inform our lord so that he won't continue to go overboard."
Liang answered: "Our lord is now at Gong An. Fearing the strength of Duke Cao up north and Sun Quan nearing by to the east, he still have to be wary of Lady Sun rebelling by his side. At this very critical moment as the wings of support that granted him a change in fortunes, Fa Xiaozhi is irreplaceable. Hence how can I stop Fa Zheng from acting with impunity?"

At the beginning, Sun Quan married his younger sister to Liu Bei. Agile in wit and fierce in character, she has the airs of her elder brothers. With maids and servants heavily armed numbering to a hundred plus, Liu Bei would always enter with trepidation; due to Liang knowing Liu Bei was extremely favoured towards Zheng, he had no choice, but to speak those words.

Verdict: Jin-eh sibeh kiampah. [4]

[先主立为汉中王,以正为尚书令、护军将军。明年卒,时年四十五。 先主为之流涕者累日。谥曰翼侯。]

Trans: Upon his self-proclamation as the King of Hanzhong, Liu Bei made Zheng the Imperial Secretary and the General who Protects the Army. Upon passing away the following year at the age of forty five, Liu Bei cried for days and finally bestowing him the posthumous title of the Yi Marquis. (Note: Yi in this context means wings/vital presence)

Verdict: Suaysiao. [5]


Trans: Although Zhuge Liang and Zheng differed vastly, yet they exhibited fairness and impartiality whenever needed to. Indeed Liang had never ceased to be amazed at Zheng's unparalleled wit.

Verdict: Bo-hang seng. [6]

[先主既即尊号,将东征孙权 以复关羽之耻,群臣多谏,一不从。章武二年,大军败绩,还住白帝。亮叹曰:“法 孝直若在,则能制主上,令不东行;就复东行,必不倾危矣。”]

Trans: Upon assuming his self-declared Emperor status, Liu Bei prepared to wage war on Sun Quan in order to avenge the loss of Guan Yu. Many tried to dissuade him without success. Upon the massive defeat during the second year of Zhang Wu, Liu Bei retreated back into Baidi as Liang lamented: "If Fa Xiaozhi is still around, he will be able to prevent our lord from this folly. Yet even if he failed to do so, he will still limit the losses incurred."

Verdict: Lang siliao=li ai pahlang li jiu dio pah. [7]


Chen Shou's verdict: Fa Zheng is discerning of victory and defeat with spontaneous planning and counter-measures. Yet he wasn't renowned for his acts. Upon being compared to the vassals of Wei, shouldn't he be seen as the parallel to Cheng and Guo? [8] 
《Records of the Three Kingdoms: Accounts of Fa Zheng》

Final verdict: Jigor lang jin-eh buay-sai pah. Ai pah li jiu zai-si. [9]

Glossary of all things vulgar dialect:
[1]: Getting whacked
[2]: Extremely easy to whack
[3]: After getting whacked, now its time for payback
[4]: Really asking for a beating
[5]: Extremely unlucky
[6]: No contest
[7]: Fella is now dead=If you want to be whacked, you will be whacked
[8]: Cheng Yu(程昱)and Guo Jia(郭嘉). Arguably two of the best military geniuses Cao Cao ever had in his lifetime coupled together with their problematic personalities.
[9]: You can not afford to fight this fellow. If you still want to, you'll die

P.S: Weirdly enough, a certain individual hailing from DDR has conjured up some funny images of Harada Katushiro himself. Yes, I know that Alisa was super distracting, but still...