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Thursday, 26 July 2012

So apparently Mogga pulled off a 3-5-2...WTF???!!!

As per promised to the blokes at the oneBoro forums, here I am to pull this tactical talk off. Of course we all know that's just me talking here, but meh.
Okay, so let's set things off here: Mogga started off with a 3-5-2. Which goes something like:


Parnaby  Hines  McManus

Arca  Bailey  Thomson  Leadbitter  Reach

Emnes  L.Williams

So wtf is Mogga trying to prove here? That he had pulled off a 3-5-2 before? (which is pretty much true here fyi) Just a summary of what I'm seeing here:

Kevin Thomson=crocked record=still give him the skipper band=WTF???

Should this be a question mark? I think not. Firstly, Thomson is a good player by his own rights. The only thing that made him MIA was down to his horrendous record with injury that only Matthew Bates himself can better off. If there's anything to go by, its Mogga's way of saying "I've got faith and expectations in you". Interestingly enough, Bailey and Leadbitter were actually far more adventurous here. And why not? The two of them are far more of a box-to-box midfielders. With Thomson staying behind, he didn't have to exert himself too much since we got the other two surging forward. Thomson=Holding midfielder. That's how I see his role.

The Bailey and Lead Show

We all know what Bailey is capable of. Pretty much of a Stevie G mold, playing style wise. If he's there to provided the surging runs, then Leadbitter wouldn't have to do that much running, no? Ok, he still have to do the running, but still if there's anything to go by here, how he created the first goal IS the exact reason why Mogga signed him. He can't pick that vital guy 50 yards out, but boy can he do so within 10-20 yards out. In the world of Championship football, that would have been more than enough to make people take notice. 1 split second of lapse=GG. Pretty much like having Bailey wielding the machine-gun while Leadbitter is there as the running sniper behind.

Back 3

Nothing much to say here. But a lot has been asked on why no Bennett? To me, the answer is very simple. Can he fit into a 3-5-2? If there's anything to go by, he's extremely good in running at the opponents at 100kph. But defensively wise, I'll have to hold back my judgment. Simply put, 3-5-2 needs to have people who can run forward and tracking back within a single time of space. If you get caught out, opponents are gonna have fun with the flanks. Again we don't have to read too much into the 1st friendly. Bennett should know this very well. Villa interesting in him? Apparently, I don't trust the tabloids in all things transfer news. Mr Eric Soh has taught me that much and I'm extremely grateful to him for that.

P.S: Wonder if Ms Empress Soh can reserve a slot for me come his big day?

Luke "Skywalker" Williams and Marvin "Marvelous" Emnes

They're not orthodox strikers. So why? Now if there's anything to go by, this is the reason why we're starting to see glimpses of Mogga brand football despite a 3-5-2. It's possession football. It's all about keeping the ball on the ground and using movement to bamboozle your opponents. Given that this was a friendly, a decent run out is only natural. In fact having the two at the forefront do have it's perks for the rest. i.e. we move=everybody move as well. You can say that it's a 3 part decoy, 7 part for real. Which is why Emnes didn't get on the scoresheet. It's not that he has lost his touch. Just that the stress had been relieved here. Also seeing how Luke Williams jinked past 4 guys before scoring the second goal just gets to remind us that the Force is still strong in this kid.

Arca and Reach

A lot has been said on why start with Arca? Why Arca so substandard? To me, it's very simple. Hey, he's like 31 or 32 now! Coupled with the fact that he didn't play that much last season and can you blame him for an obvious case of match rustiness? Just to set the record straight, a certain King Henry got crucified by random goons last time round for around his first 6 months of English football or so. And it's NOT a mere friendly season no less. Adam Reach, now this is a kid who has shown promise all the while. Yes it's still too early to tell. But given what I've seen in his reserve matched, the future is strong for him so far. All in all a solid showing. A good crosser of the ball here.

The Red Submarines.

46th min


Parnaby  R.Wlliams  McManus

Arca  Bailey  Thomson  Leadbitter  Reach

McDonald   Ledesma

Still 3-5-2 with a far offensive approach? To me, this might be a far more orthodox frontline. Arca was retained to give him that far needed match time. Pretty much of the middle 5 were untouched. Ledesma as the false No.9 while McDonald as the orthodox striker. But maybe not so orthodox on the hindsight. McDonald isn't your standard 1.8m striker. Again Mogga trying to prove something with his classic swashbuckling Boro. Interestingly enough, Rhys Williams did seem quite rusty here for his own lofty standards. A no brainer here as well since he's another lad who didn't get much playing time last season until the final few games. And even then, the penultimate Southampton match was all about him coming off as a sub. And since the middle 5 were untouched, is it any biggie to see Bailey scoring his only goal of the match? Go figure guys. He's a B2B for crying loud! Also Ledesma proved why Mogga was willing to sign him from Walsall. I believe he can only get better. Yep, that goal scored by him. I blame everything on that one. :D

59th min


Parnaby  R.Williams  McManus  Halliday

Bailey  Thomson 

Ledesma  Smallwood  Park


Shift in formation. 4-2-3-1. With an orthodox back 4, Mogga was trying to control the match from the back 4. Parnaby able to go forward was down to Rhys Williams and McManus adding far needed strength on the spine. Halliday going leftback mode is a wtf. Or is it? If there's anything to go by, Mogga might be testing how he will fare in such a position. You can't expect an offensive midfielder to play a decent tracking back game on his first try on the ptich, so I guess that's why we have a de-facto back 3 here with Bailey/Thomson plugging the empty gap so as to speak. Is it a more reserved approach? Seeing the forward 3 in conjunction with Halliday and Parnaby seem to dispel anything and everything asked by the cynics. We're talking about the same ol' swashbuckling Boro here with Smallwood, Park and Ledesma going foward as the pressure support for McDonald. Take note that Scottie in every context as the player is your classic goal poacher. Even though he missed a sitter, I don't we should read too much into that. After all, he's one of the several blokes lacking much needed match time last season. All in all going 5-3 up would mean that Mogga can afford to strangle the match via outright possession and pushing forward. And Scottie finally scored as well. Two goals in fact with Park having a hand in the first one. I believe that will do this Aussie a good deal of confidence boost here. AnalAlex will be pleased at that. And lastly, if there's anything to go by, it will be interesting to see whether Park and Smallwood can make the step up as part of our Academy production line. :)

A/N: We don't have to be too harsh to Leutwiler. It's not as if he played for West Ham last season and let in 5 goals per average game.