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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A special post for a special occasion tomorrow

But before I get started, allow me to utter forth a politically incorrect statement of intent to all you schoolyard bullies out there:

Limlaopeh wa si siang, kua dio jiu zaiya liao...

Okay, system vented out, onto the real story. Break The Silence@Sunday 5 pm. Now let me be a jerk by saying that instead of joining the walk, I will be posting this message of encouragement. You see, I tend to be a slacker even up till now. In a very real sense, chances are that I'll go napping mode until evening or so. Yes, I'm a very heavy sleeper at times. Yet it doesn't really hurt anybody else if they want to join in the experience. The fact that I can be termed a hypocrite in this context doesn't mean that everyone in SG'pura should. Pretty much like I don't have to murder a fellow human being just because my best friend did so first. My message of encouragement? A picture speaks louder than a thousand words. If you guys see anything wrong with the graphics, be assured that it's down to the image width way too wide. (read: the stats shown isn't the total picture)

Yes, that's MY hit chart@Fictionpress itself. One has to wonder when the karma dog is going to bite the unsuspecting bastard in ways most unexpected.

Final show of respect to the truly worthy. Because I used to be a passenger crossing the road as well.