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Monday, 23 July 2012

The Conman Rises


松乃举正,正辞让,不得已而往。正既还,为松称说先主有雄略,密谋协规,原共戴奉,而未有缘。后因璋闻曹公欲遣将征张鲁之有 惧心也,松遂说璋宜迎先主,使之讨鲁,复令正衔命。正既宣旨,阴献策于先主曰:“以明将军之英才,乘刘牧之懦弱;张松,州之股肱,以响应于内;然后资益州之殷富,冯天府之险阻,以此成业,犹反掌也。”


Analysis: I'm not gonna translate this b/c it will be far easier for me to do a summary here. Simply put, its just like in the novels. Both Fa Zheng and Zhang Song saw Liu Zhang until sibeh sian. (i.e. sick and tired in Hokkien) Then after Zhang Song's audience with Cao Cao ended up in failure, the second guy to approach is Liu Bei. Upon hence Fa Zheng was recommended as the envoy. Apparently, Fa Zheng liked what he saw and heard from Liu Bei himself. So here comes his advise:

"Judging from O'General's wisdom, you should take advantage of Liu Zhang's weakness. With Zhang Song as the vital cog of the province, we can create chaos from within. After the province is taken, we can utilize the riches and treacherous terrain as the platform for an empire with extreme ease. "

Hence Liu Bei heeded the advice and met up with Zhang at the Pei region. After going all the way up north to Jia Meng, Liu Bei turned back south to attack Liu Zhang.

A lot of people tend to vilify Fa Zheng due to this. Calling him a traitor seemed a tad too harsh to me. Firstly, we're talking about an age of turmoil. Either you have the ability or you're just a mere sucker. No one can blame Fa Zheng over the fact that:

1. Liu Zhang has severe issues in utilizing the correct personnel.

2. Fa Zheng was a true blue talent. Frankly speaking, Liu Zhang screwed=Liu Bei's gain.

刘备的江山不是哭出来的, 而是被坑出来的。
(Trans: Liu Bei's empire wasn't born out of tears, but rather from trickery)

Note: Can't translate Zhang Song's actual status (别驾). But let's just say that he's part of Liu Zhang's cabinet whose rank straddled between a local official and a high ranking government post.

[郑度说璋曰:华阳国志曰:度,广汉人,为州从事。“左将军县军袭我,兵不满万,士众未附,野谷是资,军无辎重。其计莫若尽驱巴西、梓潼民内涪水以西,其仓廪野谷,一皆烧除,高垒深沟,静以待之。彼至,请战, 勿许,久无所资,不过百日,必将自走。走而击之,则必禽耳。”



璋果如正言,谓其群下曰:“吾闻拒敌以安民,未闻动民以 避敌也。”


Analysis: Again only summary. Apparently, Liu Zhang do HAVE capable people at his disposal. (Huang Quan(黄权), Liu Ba(刘巴), Zhang Ren(张任), and Cheng Ji(程畿) are the best examples as well) The only problem? He's a second Liu Biao. All hot air, not substance.

Zheng Du was a capable person who actually held a high rank as an attendant. His proposal of a scorched earth tactic was the best bet in repelling Liu Bei and co. Yet, Liu Zhang's character was way too nice. He couldn't harden his heart to hold his own civilians hostage so as to speak. And that's given the civilians would be safe via being driven to the western end. -.-' Fa Zheng was right after all. He knew that Liu Zhang won't pull this off. Guo Jia the 2nd?

[及军围雒城,正笺与璋曰:“正受性无术,盟好违损,惧左右不明本末,必并归咎,蒙耻没身,辱及执事,是以损身于外,不敢反命。恐圣听秽恶其声,故中间不有笺敬,顾念宿遇,瞻望悢々。然惟前后披露腹心,自从始初以至于终,实不藏情,有所不尽,但愚闇策薄,精诚不感,以致于此 耳。今国事已危,祸害在速,虽捐放于外,言足憎尤,犹贪极所怀,以尽余忠。明将军本心,正之所知也,实为区区不欲失左将军之意,而卒至于是者,左右不达英 雄从事之道,谓可违信黩誓,而以意气相致,日月相迁,趋求顺耳悦目,随阿遂指,不图远虑为国深计故也。 事变既成,又不量强弱之势,以为左将军县远之众,粮谷无储,欲得以多击少,旷日相持。 而从关至此,所历辄破,离宫别屯,日自零落。雒下虽有万兵,皆坏陈之卒,破军之将,若欲争一旦之战,则兵将势力,实不相当。 各欲远期计粮者,今此营守已固,谷米已积,而明将军土地日削,百姓日困,敌对遂多,所供远旷。愚意计之,谓必先竭,将不复以持久也。空尔相守,犹不相堪,今张益德数万之众,已定巴东,入犍为界,分平资中、德阳,三邈道侵,将何以御之?本为明将军计者,必谓此军县远无粮,馈运不及,兵少无继。今荆州道通,众 数十倍,加孙车骑遣弟及李异、甘宁等为其后继。若争客主之势,以土地相胜者,今此全有巴东,广汉、犍为,过半已定,巴西一郡,复非明将军之有也。计益州所 仰惟蜀,蜀亦破坏; 三分亡二,吏民疲困,思为乱者十户而八;若敌远则百姓不能堪役,敌近则一旦易主矣。广汉诸县,是明比也。又鱼复与关头实为益州福 祸之门,今二门悉开,坚城皆下,诸军并破,兵将俱尽,而敌家数道并进,已入心腹,坐守都、雒,存亡之势,昭然可见。斯乃大略,其外较耳,其余屈曲,难以辞极也。以正下愚,犹知此事不可覆成,况明将军左右明智用谋之士,岂当不见此数哉?旦夕偷幸,求容取媚,不虑远图,莫肯尽心献良计耳。若事穷势迫,将各索 生,求济门户,展转反复,与今计异,不为明将军尽死难也。而尊门犹当受其忧。正虽获不忠之谤,然心自谓不负圣德,顾惟分义,实窃痛心。左将军从本举来,旧心依依,实无薄意。愚以为可图变化,以保尊门。”]

I'm gonna have fun with this. Simply put, I'll only list down the vital portions of Fa Zheng's letter to Liu Zhang. Take note that this was during the siege of the Luo city. Which would also hint at Pang Tong's death before hand. i.e. he died during the siege at the Luo province.


Trans: [Even though Luo had soldiers numbering ten thousand, all had been weakened. Once the battle has been declared, numbers alone will never amount to an advantage gained]

Verdict: Talking cock=lying


Trans: [With grained store amply, our defence is now durable without fail. Yet Milord's land is dwindling by day and the people wearied as well. Whatever you've stored isn't enough due to our forces covering the distance.]

Verdict: Talking cock=The truth. (Refer to Zhao Yun's advice against granting the lands and houses of the people to the generals after Liu Bei took over the reins)

[今张益德数万之众,已定巴东,入犍为界,分平资中、德阳...今荆州道通,众 数十倍,加孙车骑遣弟及李异、甘宁等为其后继。]

Trans: [Hence leading an army of a few ten thousand, Zhang Yide has conquered Badong and entered the boundaries of Jianwei, taking down Zizhong, Deyang...the road from Jing Province is now clear with numbers increased ten fold together the likes of Sun Quan's brother, Li Sheng and Gan Ning as reinforcements]

Verdict: Sun Quan was still facing off against Cao Cao at that time=Lying bastard.

Badong was a collective effort with Zhuge Liang as the de-facto chief=Lying asshole

Zhao Yun was the bloke taking down Jianwei and Zizhong via Jiangyang=Lying ****er

The part on Sun Wu and Jing Province=Not even Fergie can lie THIS good.

The rest of the letter?
V lobo who neh update his character in over N years
Now let's see if I will kenna dio... After all, I believe SG'pura sure can take jokes one lah!