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Sunday, 29 July 2012

So apparently, Mogga managed to bua [1] the correct(?) Spurs...

Depending on how you'll define the term development squad on all things Tottenham Hotspurs. Not that Mr Eric Soh will mind my FB joke posted just now. Some more posted in public view=siaoliao=sure kenna bua gu you liao.


Parnaby  McManus  Hines  Arca


Haroun     Leadbitter     Bailey

Emnes  Ledesma

Note that I would have done a 4-4-2 assumption had it not for the fact that Thomson was playing a withdrawn midfield role for the most obvious reason. O' horrors of anti-football! :o

Interestingly enough, Arca dropped to his usual(?) left back position. Which didn't help much on the whole "Joe Bennett giaki Villa hibeng"[2] rumour. If there's anything to go by though, Mogga had most likely killed off the tabloids ala how Guan Yu personally offed Yan Liang to end the Siege of Baima.[3] If jetting off together with the lads (Plus Woodgate as well for those who still think "him=crock-bait") means nothing to you, then I guess personal intelligence shouldn't account that much as well. [4]

So does that mean anything apart from additional cover for Bennett should things go awry in the middle of this coming season? Signing George Friend might be a case of having two fellas as back up more than anything else. Or rather Arca as Mr Utility via a possible tempo-control sub at the central mid? Seems that Mogga is starting to emulate El Zorro (ver.St George btw) here. Seems that deployment versatility has taken a onus in his greater plans. Especially on the withdrawn mid role. Now let's see what Mr Friend's intro will bring to the leftback picture since it's a 99% done deal at the moment here.

As for Haroun, Leadbitter and Bailey at the advanced mid area, it will be interesting to note that apart from Haroun, the other two are far more of center mids rather than width players (which added a whole new wtf factor so far on Bailey dropping to *gasp!* rightback?). In fact this might be Mogga's dice. To create a front 3 CM approach rather than to play width. ppl tend to say Haroun can play on the right, but to me, he's far more of a CM than a right winger. Unlike the prev 3-5-2 vs Falkirk, this is the kind of formation where shielding Thomson is far more direct. Back then, he has 4 guys as the trench cover (at least we had a back 3 support+2 guys running+2 wingbacks as width pressure). This time round, it's 3 guys at the front. i.e. La Italia Roja. [5]

The story on swashbuckling Boro? It's still the Typically Incorrect Boro here (And here I am building up absurd expectations for myself. -.-') with Emnes and Ledesma playing the same ol' MSU warfare. [6]


       Bailey  Hines McManus  Reach


  Haroun    Leadbitter    Halliday



Haroun's play shifted to the right due to Reach going left? Very likely. A potential 4-4-2? Doubt so since neither McDonald nor Prince Williams II are exactly the kind of 1.8 blokes running abt and holding up the play. [7] If there's anything to go by, it's very likely a false No.9 for Luke Williams where Mogga might be experimenting with a free role with this kid for all we know (note the e-word here). Interestingly enough, Halliday was being used as the leftback for the 2nd time in asking. Given the fact that he can't play centre back for crying loud, we don't have to assume [8] Bennettville=waiting to be built since tabloids have yet to break the fire alarm. Proverbially speaking ofc. And it seems that Arca won't be playing that much in the LB position given its pretty much physically demanding on-the-pitch.
Case in point: He got subbed by Halliday come 30th min.


  Bailey  Hines  McManus  Reach


Halliday                         Park


Curtis Main                McDonald
A far more expansive approach? Again, Main isn't the kind of lad spanning 1.8m. Yet with two proven wide players in the form of Halliday and Park, Smallwood doesn't need to run that much so as to speak. And herein lies the most vital factor: Luke Wlliams. By putting him behind two strikers instead of one, Smallwood can still retain his holding mid role without the pressure upfront being compromised. In fact if there's anything to go by, having two Scottish lions running wild and switching isn't a long shot this time round. As the official bloke no.3 in the hole, it could be argued that Williams' free role would only be relieved stress-wise, NOT role-wise. Also if there's anything to go by so far in this match, Reach can do a pretty neat job of surging forward as the fielded LB.

P.S: I dunno how well Bailey could play at an unfamiliar RB role. But if there's anything to go by, he might be there to anchor the backline ala a ghost centre back. Its been proven that he can play in the CB role. No j/k here. And if I'm spot on here, that will just create a whole new dimension in all things Unorthodox Them Boro. 

P.S: Apparently, if we can laugh at ourselves as the Smoggies tag, then I guess this shouldn't be too much.

After all, Middlesbrough+mocked as shit+our football not so shit after all=srsly...WTF? [9]

[1]: Normal context means getting interrogated in Hokkien. This is a quasi-special case so as to speak.
[2]: Joe Bennett going to Villa in Hokkien.
[4]: Dumb conformity exists for a very good reason. Just ask Borat and Bruno.
[5]: I'm just a poor Singaporean trying to make ends meet=I not him. So please don't see this term as legit.
[6]: For those who hate playing against Wood Elves in all things Warhammer Fantasy Battle bar 8th Ed.
[7]: We have one to be sure. A crocked Pole to be exact. Any links with that link is purely unintentional.
[8]: Making an ASS out of U and ME. To my dear Great Man of Wales, you taught me this.