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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lore: The Red Lions

Have been waiting to do this for a very long time. Anyway, here it goes:

Source of inspiration from that most politically incorrect supporter

INTRO: Separated into ten Divisions, the Red Lions are the highest symbol of courage built from humility. They bear no bitterness towards those undeserving and justice will always be met out unto the countless knaves unfortunate enough to raise their ire. Rooted within the Northern territories of the Kalaran Empire, equality is the only route to merit fully earned.

We who are sworn to oath, pledge ourselves as one united legion.
Ignoring barriers the only way, foolishness will be there to tear down.
Let the truly spiteful shrivel, let the truly weak be preyed upon.
For all are one as a body made up of many parts.

Each Division is being led by the highest operational commander known as a Gaffer. The formal way of addressing is "Gaffer Sir", yet such a rule should never be seen as cast iron. There have been numerous cases where informal greetings of respect are seen as acceptable. As for the coordination of daily operations, the Headquarters at the Manchester Division will be put wholly in charge. By default, the Gaffer of the said Headquarters will have total discretion in allocating any manpower to the respective Divisions, hence a need for acute acumen in strategy.
Field leaders are known as Sergeants (or Sarge in personal terms) while exceptional leaders are labeled as "a leader rank", i.e. those combining exceptional skills in fighting with a relevant standard in tactical mastery. In addition, every Gaffer will have his own personal assistant together with various bunk officers put in charge of disciplinary affairs.

Every able-bodied lad at the age of fourteen is entitled the choice whether or not to join the Red Lions. No fee is needed since this is the only militia organisation officially endorsed by the Empirical administration. However within the first three months of basic training, anybody can opt to drop out due to its demanding pace and training regime. After the three month grace period, all who remain behind can never desert from their eventual postings at the pain of death by hanging.
From there onwards, the recruits (Cubs) will be allocated to various parts of the Merseyside Academy and they will be split into numerous Platoons led by a single Platoon Sergeant. Once reaching the age of eighteen years, the Cubs will be officially recognized as Lions in what is most commonly known as Leaving the Den Parade, i.e. the Passing Out Parade.

A Command is defined as an universal term for soldiers within a specific job scope (cue Chapter 2). For the Red Lions, this is no different. Each Division is entitled to twenty Commands (A/N: One Command as a unit numbers from a hundred to five hundred soldiers) split into two main categories: the Support Command and the Engagement Command. The former comprises of fresh graduates from the Academy while the latter belongs to the more seasoned veterans.
Naturally, individuals from the Engagement Command are needed to lead any number of troops from the given Support Command(s). Those from any Support Command will undertaking runner missions and reconnaissance with skirmishing required as the final resort. As for the Engagement Command, they will be seen as actual combat units.

Deployment can be listed as one of the two: actual security in any major settlements (Phalanx) or assault troops (Shockers). The former is tasked with protecting the residents from inner strife as well as outer invasions if regular forces fail to arrive on time. The standard equipment for this instance will be:
1. a coat of scale mail
2. a steel spangenhelm
3. a halberd
4. a white surcoat with the Red Lions' coat of arms. i.e. a lion in red half standing.
For Shockers, it will be a green sleeveless tunic with a matching pair of pants. A suit of leather scales will be worn underneath together with high leather boots and the same type of helmet. The coat of arms will still be visible with spear and crossbow being the default weapons of choice.

First and foremost, the Academy of Merseyside will always be located at the centre of the North together with the Manchester Headquarters. Further upward will be the Divisions of Highbury and White'hart. To the Eastern side, the triumvirate of Teesside, Wearside, and Tyneside stay strong. Westbound will be the Edwood and Seaside Divisions while further down South will be Cardiff and Stamford.

The Central is typified by a flat terrain surrounded by hillocks at the centre region where agriculture has always been a sure sign of prosperity and wealth.
The North End is far colder and littered with a greater number of hillocks bordering the steppes of Slarvea. The North East is all about rugged terrain comprising of forests, mountains and marshlands with a sporadic amount of fertile land irrigated by the downstream flow of River Portar.
North West base its riches upon the maritime trade where Seaside earned its name. Edwood is actually an island under the Empire's total jurisdiction with its fame built upon the excellent timber meant for galleys.
The South End has the most frequent human traffic coupled with a varied terrain, hence gaining the fame of being the richest and most fortified area out of the rest.

The Lions at Highbury and White'hart are renowned crossbowmen, for the defensive high ground available can never be ignored.
Key adversaries: Mounted raiders from Slarvea.

The terrain of North East ensures cutting off any of the enemy's supply/advancing routes can become a reality upon Shockers' merit.
Key adversaries: Bandit organisations beyond the reach of law and random Orcish raids.

The Seasiders and Edwoodmen are mostly the Phalanx type with manpower supplied to the Imperial Navy whenever needed.
Key adversaries: Marine raiders from the arid Southlands while the Serpent of Histalonia himself should be seen as a potential danger as well.

Rich in resources, Stamford and Cardiff stand as the key logistic points where their Phalanx will be stationed in various outposts with a sustainable number of Shockers on patrol round the clock within the surrounding hard/rough terrain
Key adversaries: Frequent Orcish raids together with equally frequent encounters with organised mobs of highwaymen.

And lastly but perhaps the most vital of them all, Manchester's terrain location has cemented their status as the reinforcement hub made possible by the sprawling distributaries branching from River Portar.
Key adversaries: Everyone listed above.


Division of Manchester: Fergie Malom

 Division of White'hart: Andrei Boaz

Division of Highbury: Arsun Wengas

Division of Teesside: Moggray Tonn

Division of Tyneside: Chrys Hughes

Division of Wearside: Marty Bruce

Division of Edwood: Jake Walken

Division of Seaside: Ian Holls

Division of Stamford: Joes Mouriz

Division of Cardiff: Mack Malte

A/N : The city of Lindel where Aeranath made his debut in Chapter 1 is actually part of the North West.