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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nothing better to do... Pt III

Apparently, I find the need to create a positive angmoh character b/c if shit happens, it means shit happens for a reason.

Note: Yes, I know I'm being a jerk, but I assure you guys that this had nothing to do w/our gayest* 90 mins ever @Hillsborough.
*Any offence towards LGBT is unintentional since I prefer calling homosexuals... well, homosexuals. No point playing up a slurring match ffs. 

More tweaks
1. Leveling up won't increase stats, but rather improving hit chances, attack rate, chance to critical hit, and Evasion.
2. Formation now simpler. Different terrain will decide your party formation.
3. Only two different formations, namely Attrition and Skirmish.
4. Attrition will reduce amount of SP used per attack while Skirmish confer a base 15% chance of Evasion for every party member.
5. Counterattack can only be manually executed, i.e. pressing the Standard Attack button, unless otherwise stated.

PC tweaks (again!)
Guy Cody

Starting level-10

Expertise level up bonus-Base physical damage increase by 5% per level up.

Weapon mastery-Hunting Spear [normal damage-piercing; critical damage-piercing]
Starting level-2
Mastery level up bonus-Critical damage increase by 3% per level up.

Born to live and die on the battlefield, a soldier either asks no questions or answer every one of them. Unto honour he owes allegiance, his life no one remembers.
Class Skill-On Guard
[Stoic: Successful Parry will regain more SP; self buff]
[Advance: Recover SP upon successfully defeating an enemy; self buff]
(70% chance to trigger)

Armour mastery-Medium
Default Armour: Chainmail Undershirt
Equipment Rank: D

Grail-Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg
Effect [Gae Buidhe]-Enemy's maximum HP reduced by the same amount of damage taken; deal extra damage against Demons.
(Default Grail used)
Effect [Gae Dearg]-+60% attacking range; +20% chance to critical hit; automatically nullify any Magic targeted against this character.
(Can only be triggered after at least 3 enemies defeated)

Effect: Take lower damage from all forms of attack.
(70% chance to trigger)

Seasonal element-Summer
Effect: +35% damage dealt so long both HP and SP remain above 50%.

A majestic beast commanding awe and respect, many a hero had been associated with the king of beasts. Mainly seen within forests and atop mountains, a lion beheld on grassland plains is a sign of kingship to come. Thus the common saying "a lion amongst men."
Effect: Confer Protect; +1 Strength and +1 Fortitude once Protect ability is triggered.
[Protect: Defend nearest party member from all attacks for remainder of the bout if this character has yet to engage an enemy, will take much lower damage this way; protect buff]

[+5% damage for every 10% HP gone.]

[Technique Attacks cost less SP whenever highest level enemy is of a lower level.]

[12% chance of +1 Fortitude to entire party whenever an enemy is defeated.]

Dolorous Stroke-Trigger an attack immediately after Stance window ends.
[Vulnerable: Attacks cost more SP; target debuff]
[Hemorrhage: Suffer additional damage over time; DPS target debuff]
(Stance window duration-Medium)
(Effect duration-Remainder of current bout)

Critical Eye
[Accuracy: +40% critical damage upon hit; target damage]
[Expertise bonus: +4% chance of critical hit.]
(Effect duration-2 bouts)

Counter Movement
[Preempt: -12% chance to hit, +5% damage received from any attacking member; target debuff]
[Expertise bonus: +8% chance to hit.]
(Effect duration-1 bout)

Spear Storm
A flurry of thrusts, swiftest barrage of slashes. Woe unto any incurring such deadly storm.
Add 1 Momentum per every 3 seconds; can stack up till 8 times.
[Momentum: Attacks deal 30% more damage, critical damage deal 10% more damage; self buff]
[Draining: Can only be used once per battle]
(Effect duration-2 bouts)

'Tis a lion's roar and thunderclap, a fury vocal and true.
-60% damage received from all attacks; +40% damage dealt. Character cannot move until duration ends.
(Effect duration-Remainder of current bout)

Vanir's Luck~Lir-Absorb the next enemy's Magic targeted against this character, regain 10% SP after effect triggers. Can only activate one Vanir's Luck at the same time.
(Effect duration-Until Magic effect is triggered)

Vanir's Luck~Dian Cecht-Regenerate HP; +12% chance of Evasion. Can only activate one Vanir's Luck at the same time.
(Effect duration-Remainder of current bout)

Vanir's Luck~Lugh-+20% damage. The lower the HP, the higher the damage. Can only activate one Vanir's Luck at the same time.
(Effect duration-Until starting of next turn)

Vanir's Luck~Dagda-Automatically defeat any non-Boss enemy with 30% HP or less, boss enemies with less than 30% HP will receive massive Fire damage instead. Can only activate one Vanir's Luck at the same time.
[Fatal: Can only be used if target enemy has 30% HP or less.]
(Effect duration-Instant)

[Stun: 50% chance to Stun surrounding enemies within a wide circle; area debuff]
[Purge: Remove all buffs from surrounding enemies within a wide circle; area debuff]

Léōn tēs Neméas
Unleash an energy blast shaped like a golden lion; all enemies at the front takes massive damage. Character gain +2 Strength and +2 Fortitude permanently this way.
[Guardian: Can only perform this Overdrive when Protect effect is activated.]
[Auto trigger: Will automatically activate once the requirements are met]
[Draining-Can only be used once per battle.]

To be cont'd....

P.S-Since limpeh enjoy being a sick bastard every now and then, I decide to make an effort in cheering up a certain Jacob Butterfield. [plus every long suffering fellow SSB also...]