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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nothing better to do... IV

Apparently, Singapore is fast becoming Smogapore and it ain't even anybody's fault! Ah well, at least I know how it feels to live in Teesside. Even if it's only less than 10% of the real deal. Can I have 3 pts off the road? Oh, and no updated tweaks for now b/c... well, you know why...

Note-I only add above song 4 teh lulz.

Okay, I literally lied...
1. Combat will commence in real time format. Oh wait, I didn't changed that.
2. Strategy phase is now 90% more streamlined w/3D graphics. Characters controlled by AI will be able to use any and every Technique/Magic/EX/Feat/Drive available to them.
3. Four button system now overhauled. 1 button for Standard (normal) Attack, 2 others for individual Technique Attacks selected, last button reserved for Block.
4. L1=Stance; L2=Parry; R1=Focus; R2=Magic
5. L1+R1=Feat; L2+R2=Ex
6. L1+R1+L2+R2=Drive
7. Item usage during combat is done by tapping Standard Attack button twice.
8. On point 2, it basically means you can only manually control 1 character with 2 Technique Attacks, 1 Magic and 1 EX of your choice for the entire combat.
9. Cooldown for Technique Attacks is now defined by a timer indicated on the respective character's portrait, i.e. portrait will be shaded in grey under cooldown status.
10. If character portrait is shaded in red, it means said character is defeated. You cannot recover sellswords this way after combat. PCs, however, will be considered alive after victory.
11. Certain Items can only be used during combat, others can only be used after combat.
12. Item usage during combat goes by order, i.e. first Item selected will be used, then second selected Item, so on and so forth.
13. Character controlled by you will gain bonus XP upon victory.
14. Characters controlled by AI can still use EX, Feat and Drive.

Alestrial Eliaden

Starting level-5

Expertise level up bonus-Gain 3% chance of automatic counterattack per level.

Weapon mastery-Longsword [normal damage-slashing; critical damage-slashing, piercing]
Starting level-1
Mastery level up bonus-Critical chance increase by 2% per level up.

Blessed with status and lineage, nobles will always be either loved or hated by many. While 'tis indeed true that most of them live a decadent life, there would always be verily few gaining respect and awe through merit.
Class Skill-Charisma
[Negotiate: Equipment higher than Rank C and sellswords cost less coin; misc buff]
[Inspire: Faster SP regeneration rate for all party members]
(50% chance to trigger; +2% chance per level up)

Armour mastery-Light
Default Armour: Brísingamen (counted as Accessory; necklace)
Equipment Rank: A
Effect: Immune to all enemy Magic.

Effect-Gain one additional Affinity element if you choose to control this character; Focus Attack damage counts as Fire.
[Limitation: Can only activate once per turn]

Effect: Every party member's maximum HP increase by 25% before the start of every combat.
(30% chance to trigger; 55% chance to trigger during boss combat)

Seasonal element-Spring
Effect: Constant HP regeneration for entire party whenever SP is above 70%.

An enigma commanding both terror and awe, Dragons have long been the stuff of folktales and myths. Scholars hold the view that this splendid beast has always been the figment of every nation's imagination, how one sees a Dragon is said to be an accurate proof on the relevant society.
Effect: Either confer +1 to a given stat to entire party or -1 to a given stat for all enemies.

[Technique Attacks cost less SP whenever highest level enemy is of a lower level.]

[Technique cost less SP whenever mounted; travelling time shortened by 70% if all party members possess a Steed each (Steed is counted as irremovable Item unless sold).]
[Affinity effect: (Steel) Every party member mounted will have the same bonus; effect will stack if affected party member also has this Skill.]

Arcana Major
[Magic cast by any party member will have its effect duration/extent increased.]

Arcana Minor
[Heal surrounding allies whenever executing Magic; Arcana Minor can only be gained if user has Arcana Major*.]
*Arcana Minor is automatically gained if Arcana Major is one of the character's default Skills.

Hildebrand-When attacked during Stance window, next attack dealt by every ally will count as critical.
(Stance window duration-Short)


Dancing with the Dragons
A fiery burst consumes both friend and foe, yet each one's fate cannot be anymore different.
All party members apart from this character gain 1 Momentum each for remainder of the battle; gain 2 Momentum instead during any boss battle if enemy boss is of higher level.
[Fire Magic: Nearest enemy takes Fire damage without HP drained; target damage]
(Rank C)
[Momentum: Attacks deal 30% more damage, critical damage deal 10% more damage; mass buff]

Ex Nihilo-Gain Denial of Oblivion* for the next three turns; can only be used once per every battle.
*Denial of Oblivion-Replicate Technique/Magic/Grail effect immediately after original user executed it.
Affinity effect-Life (increase relevant duration/extent of replicated effect)

[Fire Magic: Nearest enemy takes Fire damage amounting to Rank A Fire without HP drained; target damage]
[Invigorate: Entire party apart from this character regain 20% SP; mass buff]

Dies Irae
Release a massive conflagration burning everyone on the battlefield; all enemies damaged this way will have their max HP reduced permanently; every ally defeated this way will be revived with 25% HP and immune to all enemy Magic until your next turn.
[Purge: Remove all buffs from every enemy on screen; mass debuff]
[Adversity: Can be triggered with at least 20% SP if HP drops below 30%; auto trigger requirement]
[Auto trigger: Will automatically activate once the requirements are met]
[Draining: Can only be used once per battle.]

So anymore? Maybe I should add a song first...

P.S: Since this is a RPG post, might as well do something 4 teh lulz... :P
Yep, dudes. That's Homaki I'm upping here...
Wait, this sounds so wrong... will I kenna sued? -_-;