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Saturday, 22 March 2014

I break my oath, I bastardo [Pt Dos]

Nothing to say, I now waiting for the day where I shall be officially betrayed by Salty Fish, be it for better or worse. :P


[Upon declaring himself as the King of Hanzhong and renewing his status as the Governor of Yi Province, the First Lord made Quan the Attendant of Disciplinary Affairs. After establishing the Shu Han dynasty while preparing to make war against Wu, Quan advised: "The men of Wu are fierce fighters. Moreover, our forces shall be travelling downstream. Hence it's easy for us to advance, yet difficult for us to fall back. Thus, Your Majesty's humble vassal is willing to be the vanguard in order to test the enemy, for it is prudent for Your Majesty to lead the rear army."
The First Lord refused this counsel. Instead he made Quan the General who Defends the North in a bid to defend against any attacks from Wei while the First Lord remained at Jiangnan. Upon the Wu general Lu Yi breaching the lines via riding the river currents, the southern army were routed and the First Lord was forced to retreat. Alas for Quan, the path leading back was cut off. Unable to return, he could only lead his men to surrender to Wei. The relevant court authorities then proceeded to arrest Quan's wife without cause. Yet, the First Lord lamented: "It was I who wronged Quan, not the other way round."
Hence treating Quan's family as his own.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms; Accounts of Huang Quan》

Personal analysis:
Kak-Ros once told me not to use the word suay. Unfortunately, Huang Quan was really this damn suay. Firstly, allow me to say that Huang Quan's post was one wielding immense power within the central government. We all know what is an anti-corruption agency, but do we know what the Minister of Anti-Corruption does? Yeah, I know there's no such minister post existent in this modern times, but during ancient China, a clean government was especially important to both the people and government. To put it in my own Singlish (since Singlish seems to have gotten a positive spin to its otherwise notoriously broken rep), "Wu limpeh, wu chenghu. Boh limpeh, boh chenghu."

In short, Huang Quan's power scope was a case of quality overriding quantity. So why did Liu Bei reject Huang Quan's advice? imo the reason is very simple: Because Huang Quan was local talent indispensable. You see, it's quite easy for us to say his counsel was a sound one. Yet, leading the vanguard is a decision tantamount to hunting down Osama Bin Laden in his homeland while the Taliban are strong. Liu Bei could easily risk anyone, but NOT Huang Quan. This was why he opted to deploy his best man further up north where participation in conflict would be at its lowest. After all, no one told Huang Quan to declare war on that little usurper in the name of Han. This was also why Liu Bei refused to indulge that "whoever" bastardo when it came to the worst possible situation. In fact, I won't be surprised if said bastardo was out to do Huang Quan in just because a certain somebody happened to be el bastardo de imparcialidad.

In fact, Pei Songzhi said it aptly below.


I can't be bothered to translate it because I need to sleep asap. To put in a nutshell, Pei Songzhi was comparing Liu Bei with the Wu Emperor of Han while Huang Quan was compared with Li Ling. We're talking about exact circumstances, different outcomes. In fact, the poetry verse used to reflect Liu Bei's sentiments goes something like this: "Only righteous men would be joyful towards your children spared."


[The Wen Emperor of Wei asked Quan: "By forsaking the rebellious and serving the just, are you trying to emulate the likes of Chen (Ping) and Han (Xin)?"
Quan answered: "I have received my lord's benevolent treatment, thus surrendering to Wu was never an option. Alas there was no way back to Shu, thus my decision to defect. Moreover, it's good enough for an enemy general defeated to be granted mercy. How then can I dare comparing myself with men of renown?"
The Wen Emperor was delighted at the reply. Therefore, he made Huang Quan the General who Defends the South and Marquis of Yuyang. On top of that, he also became the Central Chamberlain with the privilege of accompanying him (Cao Pi). When surrendered soldiers from Shu started saying that Quan's wife had been executed, Huang Quan saw through their deception. Refusing to mourn, his conclusion was proven right upon questioning.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms; Accounts of Huang Quan》


[Annotations from the Annals of Han-Wei: When the Wen Emperor ordered a decree for mourning, Quan replied: "There has always been mutual trust between your lowly vassal, Liu (Bei) and Zhuge (Liang). They understood my difficulties, therefore I beseech Your Majesty to ask no more till the truth is out."]

Personal analysis:
Again, Huang Quan's super imba analysis came into play once more. We all know it's easy to trust those around us. But should they be worthy of that 24/7? Huang Quan was not one to be bluffed by rumours. Let me analyse how Huang Quan saw through the ruse.
Factor 1-If they never witnessed anything, it means they shouldn't even be telling you all sorts of cock and bull grandfather stories. It's just like imagining the jury saying "oh, let's sentence this bloke to death since human beings are incapable of lying". No, this parallel is NOT funny due to real life examples being done at the expense of every tax payer's hard earned money.
Factor 2-Huang Quan trusted Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang because he knew exactly what kind of people they are. The rest are just bloody kah-kia and extra one.
Factor 3-To prove once and for all that Liu Bei was never a permanent dick prone to mood swings and error, guess again what was Huang Quan's political status back then?

In fact during Liu Bei's short time sitting on his own comfortable iron throne, Huang Quan's highest status might be much more than just the Minister of Anti-Corruption. In the Accounts of the First Lord, Huang Quan was revealed to be the Chief of Imperial Affairs (光禄勋). In short, said post also granted him power over the royal guards and attendants. [1]


[When the First Lord passed away, all the vassals of Wei were joyful except for Quan. The Wen Emperor sensed that Quan was one with capacity before any situation, hence deciding to test him. After summoning Quan, he sent horsemen galloping to and fro around Quan. Those following Quan went pale with fear, yet Quan managed to retain his calm.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms; Accounts of Huang Quan》

Personal analysis:
Cao Pi, by then, realised that Huang Quan's self restraint was ridiculously imba. It's just like imagining that stupid Speed of Asuryan rule for High Elves being super broken for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th Ed. [2] In a bid to psycho this pandai orang baik, he decided to troll this sibeh suay bugger 4 teh lolz. A lot have been said on Zhuge Liang's error in appointing Ma Su to defend Jieting. [3] Ma Su's problem wasn't down to whether he's stupid. iirc Chen Shou actually lauded him as a genius in administering military proposals. Rather, his capacity to lead was extremely limited, hence Liu Bei telling Zhuge Liang NOT to use Ma Su greatly. Huang Quan was also more of decision maker than a commander. Yet, it was how he reacted towards adverse situations that set him apart from the rest. [4]


I'm also not gonna translate this due to time running short. What I'm gonna say is the fact that if you manage to gain respect from someone like Sima Yi, it means you're truly somebody. It's just like imagining a certain Eddie "that knight with very little beard" Howe earning José "O Especial" Mourinho's appreciation. In fact, Sima Yi actually told Zhuge Liang in a letter that Huang Gongheng was indeed a straightforward man at heart. Something proven by how he (i.e. Huang Quan himself) always spoke about Zhuge Liang himself.

I'm not gonna do the rest b/c I really need ZZZZ now. What I will say is this-Huang Quan was, without a doubt, a master of perception. In any given situation, it's easy to keep tabs on unwanted details. Yet, every problem will always have its own starting point. It's like envisioning how Guy of the Street Fighter fame might win his matches in-plot. I deal you that one decisive hit, you confirm GG. [5] If you can retain focus on what TRULY defines the situation at hand, it means you're capable of finding the correct solution. Period.

[1]: To put this in a certain Nanny Wee's own words, Huang Quan was definitely a dua-hoot in the chenghu. Guess this was why Cao Pi gave him a similar post.
[2]: And speaking of that, has the army book for Wood Elves come out yet for 8th Ed? Have to say this even though gameplay balance has nerfed badly ALL units with Skirmish rule.
[3]: We all know the story by now ffs.
[4]: Actually come to thin of it, it really feels weirdly like Go Dok-Mi kenna psycho by plenty of bitches. Only catch? I really feel surreal using this weird parallel. She Hulk is gonna have fun w/me the next time we meet. >.<
[5]: Please don't quote anyone from Capcom on whatever I've said. That is apart from whatever stated in canon.

P.S: Funny that Chen Shou seemed to enjoy mentioning Huang Quan's wife and NOT his children. Damn suay fella must be a really good husband.

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