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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Skies of Arven Character Bio Pt 1

Okay, so this is the altered title. For this multi-post, I'll be introducing a few major players in-plot. If some of this sounds like anime/manga/gaming schtick, be assured of whatever negative cultural influences I've received N years ago.


This cub doesn't belong to any pack. He's doomed to hunt and fight alone.

Age: 17
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Short with long bangs nearly covering the eyes.
Eye color: Sky blue
Physique: Tall and athletic

Homeland: Eden

Likes: Food; napping
Dislikes: Liars; thunderstorms
Personality quirk: Inquisitive; unable to deal with pretty members of the opposite sex, i.e. girls.
Personal strength: Capable of adapting to different circumstances at hand; able to maintain total focus no matter what.
Personal weakness: Only knows how to apply above mentioned traits within combat; socially inept; prone to anger once provoked.

Profession: Ranger
Weapon: Spear
Technique base: Agility and ferocity.
Technique focus: Killing the enemy with a single hit.

Under Heaven Asunder
Leaping upwards after which Ein hurls his spear in a blazing streak. Will always penetrate all forms of defense unless successfully dodged. Ein had slain a dragon before via this Streik.

An orphan abandoned and raised in the Ancient Paths, Ein has always displayed a feral streak surpassing his peers. While 'tis indeed true that every Edenish, male or female, is born with a wild disposition, Ein's case was exceptionally strong. Because he is not of Edenish blood, Ein was shunned albeit no one actually disturbed him due to basic honor demanded by the Ancient Paths. This brought about an innate yearning for companionship, which mayhap is the reason why he managed to become the finest Ranger Eden has ever seen in his generation. His overall skills are much beyond average, but nothing to laud about. Yet, his single focused demeanor has left even the most seasoned Rangers stumped.

To be cont'd...