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Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy belated 8th March!

Erm.. okay, why am I sounding like a feminist? I know women have a part to platy in every society, but still the title sounds weird. Must be the fact that I'm still SDU.*
*Single, Despondent, Undesirable

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Four Seasons of Life

NE 228 Spring

Spring arrives, winter departs.
Buds and shoots clothed the fields.
I hear the maidens’ song, the children’s dance.
Surely joy and hope shall fill my heart.

“Are they for real?”

She look down at me, her gentle blue eyes teasing my curiosity. It’s been a hard day at school, everybody seemed so unfriendly. Is it because of my looks? They called me a yellow girl, but my skin isn’t that colour.

“Yes, they are,” smiled the woman I called mother, her body scent akin to freshest blossoms, “I’ve seen one before.”

“But I never did!”

Mother laughs at my protest, a hand flicking her golden blond hair. I giggled in spite of her response, for I know my mother just as she knows me.

“Ales,” whispered the noblest lady hailed by the name Emma Watts Eliaden, “You’ll always be loved. Remember this if you desire to love.”

“Mother, have you ever loved someone before?”

Sudden fear gripped my mind as mother’s body abruptly tensed up, surely she won’t slap me like that teacher yesterday. Gods, please don’t let mother be angry…

“Yes,” I hated that sigh of hers, it betrays nothing but weakness.

“I used to love three men. Two Humans and one True Apostle.”

So that’s why mother said she has seen a True Apostle before.

“Will I get to see one, mother?”

“If the Holy Quintet allow you to. Now go to sleep, for the following day will be long and arduous.”

You don’t have to repeat it, mother. I know it will be long and arduous.


NE 233 Summer

Summer is now, spring bade farewell.
Beneath the scorching sun a lion rests.
I hear people laughing, their hearts never crying.
Surely passion and fire have consumed me.

“Are… ar…”

Before I can finish my words, the boy slapped my hand away.

“Little brat! Do you know what you’re doing?!”

“Twong, please… don’t shout at him.”

If my plea managed to reach Twong’s ears, he merely answered me with a foul mouthed barrage unheard from a Houseman’s lips. Yet, he would rather die than to direct those words against me. Then it all happened in a flash.

With a lunging tackle, the nameless boy took Twong down cleanly. Raining punches upon his face like some relentless beast, a lion’s portrait seen in the Encyclpedia Bestiary haunts my mind.

‘Tis said that a lion will always protect its pride till either victorious or dead, Milady. The males are known to be especially ferocious, hence a symbol revered by men of war.

This was Yeovil’s explanation when I asked him about lions. And it seems that he’s truly one amongst the rest. But still…

“Why are you still following me?”

“Because I want to be friends with you.”

“Fuck off, stupid girl. I could have killed that son of a bitch if not for you holding me back.”

“Where did you learn all those words?”

“From hell. You happy?”

My mind suddenly turned blank, I know not what I’m doing. All I want is to stop him, to comfort him. He has never been loved, that’s why I must stop him all the more. Please, Holy Father above. Let him not continue his folly, for he knows not what he is doing.

Then the trashing stopped, I found myself embracing a wild boy tamed. I’m unable to behold his sapphire eyes brimming with fire, but only because he is being held from behind. His body warmth, heaving shoulders and unmistakable scent… all of this translates into a single thought formed through words.

This is your home, Guy. Welcome back.


NE 238 Autumn

Autumn beckons, summer gone.
Atop oak and birch rained leaves of gold.
I hear the wind blowing, its song no one knows.
Surely rest and warmth will herald dawn.

“Wait, are you mad?”

“No I’m not.”

Never one used to answers curt, Joenne’s expression speaks a thousand words.

“Why always me?” whined my willowy friend.

“Because you are Joenne Nances.”

If there is any way to resolve a potential tantrum thrown, a sincere smile will more than suffice. Knowing Joenne is like understanding a straightforward maze, a giggle from Karen affirmed my thoughts.

“Oh, Jo,” sighed Karen, her lips curving into a quaint smile, “You know Ales and her fairy tales.”

Unable to help but chuckle silently, ‘tis true that Karen Tenias is the only person incapable of angering me. Plenty has been said about how desirable Granad Tenias’ only daughter is, but both me and Joenne know where her actual beauty lies.

“Why not we make a little wager?” asked Joenne, her enthusiasm yet to wane.

“What kind of wager?”

Even Karen’s attention is piqued, I don’t like the feeling of this.

“If Ales wins the top award for this year’s Words Award, she must tell us why she’s so obsessed with this so called True Apostle.”

“You’re speaking in singular, not plural.”

Bemusement towards Karen’s reply promptly caving in, somehow everything around seems to freeze and collapse. Emma Watts Eliaden will always be remembered for many good reasons, but only one is enough for me.

“I was merely fourteen back then, yet never shall I forget beings foulest and forged from elements. I knew what awaited me verily at the end, yet the only thing greeting me was his strength, gentleness and sorrow unseen.”

“Mother, what does he look like?”

“I do not know, for his back never ceased facing me.”

Was mother talking about the same individual? The answer to this question, I know not. Nevertheless though, I was more blessed than her and undeservedly so.

‘Tis a lunar night seven years ago, his beautiful gaze betraying only anger, sorrow and something else altogether…


NE 240 Winter

Winter comes, all has passed.
Under skies of blue a wolf sounds its hunt.
I hear tales of heroes, the bards welcomed.
Surely hearth and songs have made me warm.

Winter at Histalonia was something unheard of, Alestrial Eliaden nonetheless could detect winter had heralded its descent upon the Greater North. She remembered clearly the rare occasion or two where her mother took her to the nearest tavern. Her father would flare up after their visit, incessant complaints deploring their daring act. Then there was the three of them huddling together before the fireplace, mugs of hot tea in hand before a bard hired to regale them. Many a disapproval was voiced, but never did she give a care. Cruax Nances and Granad Tenias, however, remained unamused at what they scoffed as a behaviour unladylike.

“There is no snow and frost here,” murmured the Cinha maid already defiled, her tears fighting a losing war against harshest reality. Joenne must be enjoying apple strudels right now with Karen busy rejecting potential suitors. Then there were Guy and Aeranath.

Will I still be loved? Should a harlot deserve to be loved?

Damning questions condemned Alestrial to a broken state, a broken doll cursed with a value hundredfold before that fateful night. A moment of loss, an eternity of pain beckoned now. She loved Guy Cody for his upright innocence, but mayhap even this itself was already gone. What then about Aeranath?

“Do I love him?” whispered Alestrial unto herself as frigid wind assailed her back, “Did I love him first eight years ago?”

Recognising the futility justifying her question, laughter erupted from her throat. Emotions was one thing, the ability to stay rational quite another. Despite a cynical chortle so unlike her, Alestrial Eliaden managed to recall all too clearly what the Serpent spoke this morning.

“Loss of chastity will only mean you shall tame two beasts at a time. Lions and wolves alike do not entertain the sheep.”

As she closed her eyes for the night, a nagging question teased her momentarily.

My right hand and left… am I worthy enough to have both men at either side?