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Monday, 24 March 2014

Skies of Arven Character Bio Pt 2

Nothing to add, brain can't function, got an imminent feeling that I very damn suay. Sorry Kak-Ros. Once suay, scally forever suay. :P

A/N-One more thing, this is for you Salty Fish: I'm gonna pirate Eric Chen Guangsheng's copyright quote here, listen carefully...

Syvia Honne

Capable of speech, yet born to be silent. Able to laugh and cry, yet cursed without feelings.

Age: 15
Hair color: Auburn
Hairstyle: Shoulder length with the front parted towards one side
Eye color: Amber
Physique: Petite and slim

Homeland: Freyea

Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Men who judged women by beauty; idealism
Personality quirk: Will always communicate with sign language despite physicians finding nothing physically wrong with her.
Personality strength: Incredible mental fortitude capable of putting even the strongest of men to shame.
Personal weakness: Has never spoke a word before since birth; has emotions, but unable to feel a thing for others.
(Both traits will always cause communication literally impossible.)

Profession: Shaman
Weapon: Staff
Technique base: Magic support; Magic damage; Lightning Element.
Technique focus: Sudden surge in any given effect.

Dirge of the World
Levitates in mid air while maintaining a state of trance, after which a giant sword of purple energy descends from the gaping sky with its tip pointing down. Capable of razing one entire village belonging to the Surface and even annihilating an average sized Heaven. While devastating, the maximum range of this Streik varies at random.

Born in the Heaven of Freyea, Syvia was destined to have the finest of everything. Alas an unfortunate event struck her mother, said disaster forever a matter of mystery. Some said Lady Nille Honne was seduced by an Incubus, other whispered she's in fact a Succubus. Then there were those believing rumours of a changeling supplanting the real Syvia Honne. No matter whatever word spoken, one thing was certain: Syvia Honne couldn't speak despite the physician's diagnosis stating otherwise, the same went for her lack of emotions. Gaining very little friends and plenty of scorn, Syvia was extremely wary towards any potential suitors. Yet all nobles male and female must be engaged by the age of sixteen, this was something earning Syvia's silent resentment. Neither able to speak out nor to feel, Syvia decided end her own life by plunging down to the Surface below. This was just before her drake reached the Heaven of Frae where she would be forever chained. As if both blessed and cursed by the Hallowed Three, Syvia miraculously survived, only to encounter a barbaric race proud and fierce. This was where that lone wolf merely a few years older caught her attention: Ein.

To be cont'd...