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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Even though as a Singaporean, I don't really celebrate it. Surprisingly Japan and South Korea do.

So whatcha gonna do this time?
Nothing much, only some whim write concepts once again. Apparently, ART ain't my 1st work. This time round, I'm gonna return whence I first started off.

I still remember being fascinated by the ol'school Tolkien stuff with authors like RA Salvatore and JRR Tolkien being my chief inspirations. Back then, I dunno who is GRR Martin despite this dumb kid starting to write like... I guess 2003? Anyway, might as well go back to the past for a while...

Circles of Arven
This is the original title, I dunno whether it should be changed since it's more of a reminder of my half assed writing past. That is if I manage to pull off the impossible if you get what I mean.

So any changes?
Originally, COA was all abt your run of the mill epic fantasy. Current conceptual changes will be more mature. If there's a chance, I want to try and see whether I can return back to my heroic fantasy roots. After going through years of painful baptism (as in plenty of harsh critique amounting to helpful scars), I discovered that Fate/stay night has became an effective tool inspirations wise. In particular, I really liked the Unlimited Blade Works route. The whole "idealism vs realism (some say cynicism)" struggle was truly an idea to behold. I dunno abt you, but 10+ yrs of hardship might have played a major part in me differentiating dreams from reality.

Ultimately, I know this sounds like a rip-off of FSN when I say I'm planning to do a brand new plot amounting to a boy's journey in becoming a man. Nothing planned of yet plot-wise, so pls don't bash me Mr Tobias.

This is my main character, which incidentally is my Hotmail account as well. Yet, chances are that I might change his name altogether. Maybe Ein? (note: Ein is quintessentially the German term used for singular purposes).

Diff in appearance-Originally silver haired and with purple eyes. May change to dark hair and blue eyes. Due to me being severely affected by J-culture, quite obviously he'd be quite a looker.

Diff in garb-Originally a simple combo of forest green+leather jerkin. This time round I might gun for a more brownish look, i.e. more brown/leather, less green. A scarf will look nice on him, I'm sure. So long ppl don't accuse me of trying to recreate Strider w/o proper authorisation from Capcom that is...

Diff in weapon-Originally a scimitar made of silver, this was b/c I was quite into Drizzt Do'Urden last time round (come to think of it, I believe the current Drizzt is much better albeit a brand new romance recently ended might have done a plot U-turn for good). This time round, I opted for a spear since I've pretty much grown into lancers fighting on foot over the years. Most likely I'll do a simple design of a wooden shaft+silver head. Trying to come up w/a name for the spear.

Diff in persona-Azuren is, suffice to say, a somewhat idiotic fella. I do not mean the cute manner like Guy Cody, but more likely your shonen manga archetype (funnily enough, Jon Snow's initial character was also like that). Current write wise, I'm gonna try doing a darker take. Most simple way would be a catch-22 mechanic. We all know Shirou's struggles against GAR-cher in UBW, it's a battle against himself (ironically, same goes for GAR-cher when it comes to his alternate alter-ego). Ein won't have such stupid problems popping up, that's why I mentioned "catch-22". I'm gonna have fun w/this lol!

Diff in ability-Azuren=Deus ex machina imba. This is NOT a good thing and I strongly condemn any writer who thinks he/she can make it big by pulling this off. Yes, I've been through this shit, so do NOT call me a liar. Hopefully, I can make Ein into someone 100% mortal+mundane. I swear this will my toughest task if so.

Diff in fighting style-Okay, no much diff guys. Azuren's ability is 100% instinct based due to his racial lineage, I don't intend to change anything where Ein is concerned. However, using ideas from how a wolf might retaliate against hounds do pose forth some interesting pointers. Apparently, wolves don't win on technique points, but rather sheer agility and ferocity plus a tendency to kill via a single snap of its jaws. In humane terms, we call this melee sniping. Okay, I made that final shit up.

Diff in power-Blame my J-culture obsession, but I enjoy the notion of having an imba weapon plus one major trade off. Toying atm w/the concept of adrenaline usage where a higher level means higher performance. Yesh, this is scientifically proven. That is until adrenaline wears off. Actually come to think of it, 'tis true for many others.

To be cont'd...

P.S-Feeling a bit unwell, hence this substandard post. To make amends, here's a little song for you guys. Enjoy.