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Friday, 28 February 2014

Nothing better to do... Pt II

But at least I showed up on TV last night for something I've done. Legally ofc. :P Oh, and one more thing:
Concepts are meant to be concepts, hence do not say never either way.
Come 3rd of March 2014...
We will no longer see this guy alive.
Don't believe me, I sumpah

Armour Mastery tweaks
1. Armour mastery remains under 3 types: Light, Medium, Heavy.
2. Characters with Heavy Armour mastery cannot utilise Evasion.
3. Characters with Light Armour mastery gain 10% bonus chance of Evasion.
4. Characters with Light Armour mastery gain 15% bonus chance of Evasion when not equipped with any armour.

Weapon Mastery (New!)
1. Every character (including sellswords) will have Weapon mastery.
2. Weapon mastery will increase as characters level up.

1. Elemental affinity is now triggered based on percentage chances.
2. Every character/enemy starts the battle w/full SP, i.e. SP=Stamina Points.
3. New system-EX moves. Will take up 1/3 of character's SP gauge.
4. Feat now consumes 1/2 of character's SP gauge.
5. Overdrive consumes 100% SP.
6. Once any character SP reaches 0, that character will suffer -1 for all stats.
7. Stats system remains the same, i.e. Rank S to D.
8. EX/Feat/Overdrive moves are counted as special attacks.

PC tweaks

Starting level-15

Expertise level up bonus-Critical damage increase by 3% per level up.

Weapon mastery-Longsword [normal damage-slashing; critical damage-slashing, piercing]
Starting level-4
Mastery level up bonus-Critical chance increase by 2% per level up.

Rangers are masters of wilderness, lords ruling the hunt. With nary an information gleaned from these enigmatic warriors, not even a half-wit would try riling their ire. Unfortunately for those already done so, the dead tend to have many companions.
Class Skill-Warping
[Assassinate: Counts as critical damage; target damage]
[Vulnerable: Attacks cost more SP; target debuff]
(60% chance to trigger)

Armour mastery-Light
Default Armour: Leather Cuirass
Equipment Rank: D

Effect: Focus attacks are counted as ranged damage with Lightning effect.

Effect: Chance of reducing attacked enemy's Fortitude unless enemy is healed.
(65% chance to trigger)

Seasonal element-Winter
Effect: The lower the attacked enemy's HP, the higher damage that enemy receives from this character.

Wolves are giant beast living alone, their greatest strength lies in a strong will to survive. Until it finds a mate, a wolf can and will only die alone. Accounted as a major threat to civilisation, they are mercilessly hunted down with varying success. Yet, these beasts will never cease their baleful howl and cruel jaws.
Effect: +1 Fortitude once HP drops below 60%; +1 Strength once HP drops below 40%.

[Attacks are counted as under Stealth effect when fighting in forest terrain.]

Martial Zenith
[Physical attacks deal full damage against Demons.]

[+5% damage for every 10% HP gone.]

Feint-Automatically trigger an attack if this Stance is interrupted by a melee attack; not counted as counterattack.
(Stance window duration-Short)

SP cost: 20%
[Avoidance: Immune to attacks caused by enemies under Stealth effect; self buff]
(Effect duration-Until starting of next turn)

Mobility Focus
SP cost: 16%
[Striker: Physical attacks deal 20% more damage; self buff]
[Reprisal: Only applicable during counterattack; self buff]
[Adversity: Costs lower SP if fighting against higher number of enemies]
[Expertise bonus: Trigger automatically instead; Affinity bonus: 30% chance to attack nearest enemy]
(Effect duration-1 bout)

Sudden Strike
SP cost: 16%
[Assassinate: Counts as critical damage upon hit; target damage]
[Hemorrhage: Suffer additional damage over time; DPS target debuff]
(Effect duration-Remainder of current bout)

This is a wolf sounding its baleful horn, a roar akin to mournful wail.
Apply Panic upon damage.
[Panic: Enemy suffers lower chance to hit while taking more damage; target debuff]
(Effect duration-Remainder of current bout)

Omega's Dare
Omega are wolves surviving without a home. Wandering from one territory to another, an omega wolf is the most dangerous wolf.
+1 Speed, but cannot Parry/Block. Evasion, however, is still possible.
(Duration effect-Remainder of current bout)

Revenge is every sword's best friend, vengeance its finest companion. 'Tis fury unleashed and retribution unabated.
+2 Strength.
(Duration effect-Until starting of next turn)

Sword and storm, ice and fire.
+2 Dexterity and +2 Speed; +5% Evasion for every successful hit.
[Draining: Can only be used once per battle.]
(Duration effect-3 bouts)

Firestorm-Deal damage to all enemies.
HP cost: 18%
Area of effect: Surrounding circle
[Fire-Reduce amount of enemy HP healed by 12%]
[Destroy Armour-Subsequent damage dealt ignores Armour]
[Absolute-Effects count as permanent]
(Magic duration-Instant)

Turbulent Cut-Deal continuous damage to surrounding enemies.
HP cost: 5%
[Air: SP will not be depleted for 10 seconds]
[Hemorrhage: Suffer additional damage over time unless healed; target DPS]
(Magic duration-6 seconds)

Stone Skin-Ignore damage from next physical attack.
HP cost: 3%
[Earth: Deal higher physical damage for next 5 seconds]
[Fortify: Take less physical damage until starting of next turn]
(Magic duration-Instant)

Blood Freeze-Nearest enemy takes damage.
HP cost: 5%
[Ice: Enemy takes more damage]
[Immobility: Suffer -10% chance to hit]
(Magic duration-10 seconds)

Storm Chaser-Regain 25% SP.
HP cost: 20%
[Lightning: Reduce enemy's Fortitude by 1 unless healed]
[Elemental Entity: Immune to physical damage]
(Magic duration-10 seconds)

[Assassinate: Counts as critical damage; target damage]
[Penetrate: 50% damage to armour]

Chaos Incarnate-Execute Vánagandr against all enemies on screen.
[Wrathful: Will always hit and deal full damage]

To be cont'd...