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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nothing better to do...

Therefore I decided to pull some pointless(?) tweaks to A Ranger's Tale RPG. Before that however, allow me to up a clip just for teh lolz. :)

New note: Remember The Known World tags? Well, if it ain't official, it's merely concept. Ditto for this one also.

New note dua: I too stupid, forgot to switch back my FB status settings to Public.

Technique tweaks
1. Now conferring specific status upon a successful Technique Attack.
2. Yes, Technique is now a 2-fold system so as to speak. Gamer first select one specific Technique before combat, after which the relevant command input (i.e. Technique Attack) pressed will release its respective effect.
3. Magic stays unchanged. Just sayin' this lol!

Stats tweaks
1. Officially changed to a 4 stats system, namely Strength, Speed, Dexterity, Fortitude.
2. Ranking system stays unchanged.
3. Stat buff system stays unchanged.
4. Strength denotes the amount of damage dealt; Speed denotes the amount of critical damage dealt; Dexterity denotes the number of Attacks executable per command input once SP gauge is at least 1/2 full; Fortitude denotes the character's resistance to both physical damage and negative Magic effects.
5. HP not only indicates the maximum amount of damage any character can take, but above all is decided by a combination of Strength and Fortitude.
6. Evasion is decided by the combination of Speed and Dexterity.
7. Expertise no longer decides a character's stats.

1. Instead of affect whatever percentage relevant, Truth now affects the character's stats ala trigger effect.
2. This will go by the stat buff system stated above.
3. Ales' only Truth=Dragon (truly doubt Daenerys Targaryen was unwittingly responsible for Park Shin Hye's awakening sexuality[?] tho).

1. Starting sellswords now have their respective class. Or rather Human race.
2. Traits of sellswords: Kalaran-automatically block the next physical Attack upon successfully defeating an enemy; Teutonian-deal 25% more damage whenever SP is 3/4 full or more.; Slarvean-Attacks cost less SP; Tamurian-faster SP regeneration; Sudhlit-deal 2 ranged Attacks instead of just once; Cinha-deal double damage against enemies with 50% HP or less.

1. Ranged weapons can only be used during the character's 1st Attack unless said character belongs to the Archer Expertise.
2. Two handed weapons can only deal 1 Attack per command input unless said character belongs to the Berserker Expertise.
3. Exotic weapons can only be used by characters belonging to the Adapt Expertise.

1. Fencer
Weapon type usable-Blade
Expertise trait-Footwork
Apply Stealth to counterattack, +2% critical damage.
[Stealth: Attack will always hit; hit buff]
2. Lancer
Weapon type usable-Pole
Expertise trait-Duelist's Guile
Apply Off Guard for 3 seconds per hit; can stack up till 4 times, attacks cost less SP when attacking affected target.
[Off Guard: Enemy cannot counterattack; target debuff]
3. Berserker
Weapon usable-All unless specified otherwise
Expertise trait-Frenzy
Gain Momentum during the start of every bout; can stack up till 6 times, cannot use Magic.
[Momentum: Can attack 1 additional enemy and +10% damage dealt per Momentum gained; self buff]
[Burst: Consume 1 Momentum for every Focus attack, resultant damage automatically count as critical and will always hit; target damage]
4. Archer
Weapon type usable-Ranged, specified weapons
Expertise trait-Survival Artist
Attacks will slow down enemy. 60% chance to Aid.
[Aid: Deal damage to attacking/attacked enemy; damage support]
5. Adapt
Weapon type usable-All
Expertise trait-Spontaneous Flair
Attacks cost less SP,apply Mimicry to attacked enemy.
[Mimicry-Enemy Technique attacks cost more SP; target debuff]

To be cont'd (?) b/c I too tired alrdy...