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Friday, 1 August 2014

'Tis scientifically proven, guys and girls...

...that if you feel your IQ is somewhat abnormal, pls do not fret. I'll be the first to admit I don't do drugs since ppl tend to say S'porean society is quintessentially squeaky clean. That plus my Christian faith forbids the usage of meth, weed, pot, hash, 'shrooms, etc. On the sexual end, I'll be the first to admit that despite my personal struggles for the past N years, no girl has ever slept w/me since I'm nvr the type of Irish/Greek/Roman/*insert any other angmoh race here* demi-god capable of making the opposite sex swoon. Basically, it means that:

Pri 5-6: I liked a girl=I never questioned why=got myself marah by said girl's mom

Sec 1-5: got heavy crush on a particular girl 1 yr older than me (imo the prettiest girl in my schooling yrs) >got a less heavy crush on a girl 1 yr younger than me (def the bustiest girl of her batch) >got a decent crush on a girl 2 yrs younger than me (said to be the prettiest girl of her batch).

ITE: got crush on a few girls, either they nvr realised or they chose to marah me personally. Okay, second part is a case of one girl or two only.

NSF: everyone listens to Steve b/c he's the AS1. I listen to Steve even more b/c he's capable of charming girls. That plus I was the only one kenna friend request rejected by a particular chio'bu. That was when Friendsters was totally hot. Not to mention every NSF bloke from 32SIB managed to friend her apart from me.

Church: personal demons still existed, thankfully Someone upstairs managed to take care of this problem for me by now.

Then lastly, being a night owl has always been my personal trait. And it still remains a signature trait till now. Basically, this means either 1 out of 3 possibilities:

1. I'm actually a genius born in an Asian society.

2. I'm not a genius b/c ppl enjoy telling me abt my shortcomings and nothing else.

3. I'm just a poor paranoid sod who happens to need my 1st gf.

Regardless of whatever bullshitting you're seeing above, it seems that local S'porean girls tend to operate at diff frequency compared to Japanese girls.
Don't believe me...=...not my pasal

According to Minghui-matics, this is basically how the politically correct balance works itself out:

Stereotypical S'porean lengzai
1. Low income
2. Low manners
3. Low crass

Stereotypical S'porean lengloi
1. High demands
2. High upkeep
3. High class 

According to my very same Minghui-matics, however, this is also how the politically incorrect balance evens out the odds.

Semi-stereotypical S'porean bloke
1. High level of humility
2. High level of self-deprecating mannerism
3. Low level of maintenance

Semi-stereotypical S'porean girl
1. High in demand
2. High in class
3. High in romanticism

Note that whatever being stated here should only be seen as pure drivel unless proven otherwise. If you have any doubts (esp if you happen to hold a pink IC), pls consult your nearest sociologist first before consulting your nearest psychologist.

With everything being said and done...
...please allow me a moment of shameless plugging. You see, Singapore has its very own Singapore Blog Awards coming up. Yet, I do NOT see anything Singaporean abt this blog. They tend to say funny ppl tend to follow you on Twitter, I am one of the many living examples here. Since I'm hell bent on promoting myself before any/every girl low-standard enough to care...
Above two clips is only there for ambiance's sake, you can either ignore, or loop either one for teh lulz.
When you devised names for your characters, surely there has to be a fixed system, no? Language will forever be an integral part to any and every given society. Even if we're talking abt countries like the US and S'pore, it merely means every society has its own ethnic groups. If you're a Spanish, it means you speak Spanish. If you're either black or white, it means English is your mother tongue. Ditto for every Tamil, Malay, Chinese, Eurasian and other races present in S'pore.

However, there are also those who happened to think up names on a whim. My advice to such aspiring writers is this: While it's okay to create names out of a whim or two, remember the manner of naming system planned beforehand. If you don't even have an idea on what to do, then you might need to reformat everything and redo the job again. Quite a bit like my ITE ex-classmate, Marc, who always had to reformat his PC whenever Kazaa decided to spread virus 4 teh evulz (note: that was actually years ago where P2P can result in any manner of download, be they legal or illegal, harmful or non-harmful).

In fact, this is something I've learnt along the way. This is exactly why despite glaring differences at times, I'll always try to take note on what really makes individual races unique so as to speak. The only catch? I'm still trying to go around fine tuning this shit. Don't understand, nvr mind. Take a look below:
Guy Cody: Kalaran
Alestrial Eliaden: Kalaran first before a Cinha
Karen Tenias: Kalaran
Joenne Nances: Kalaran
Lukas Brun: Kalaran
Yeras Wynda: Kalaran

Jon Wood: Teutonian
Leon Talonarc: Teutonian
Mannion Camsell: Teutonian
Beriad Song: Teutonian

Common ground-Both Teutonia and the Kalaran Empire are considered territories belonging to the Causaceans, i.e. your typical Northmen.

Aeranath: NOT a Causacean

Problematic factor-Aeranath is a True Apostle and it's been hinted that True Apostles do NOT take any shit or whatsoever from other races. Therefore, the verbal nature behnd this name, Aeranath, should be considered a form of anomaly. Albeit his father, Rowein, also applies as well. Then ofc we also have similar wild cards like Ziron, Erik and Aor.

Funny examples-Tristan Ajax is a Sudhlit, but his ties with Teutonia which was blatantly implied is an understandable factor. Sarel Aphros... well, we all know the deal behind a dark Ciel. -.-

Likely solution>If the Causaceans believed themselves to be homo sapiens superior, then I might need to grant their wish in the name of personal perfection. However, it also means that I need to resolve that other glaring anomaly otherwise known as Slarvea, i.e. the Slarveans are also Causaceans, but their naming culture is glaringly different. Deus ex machina, anyone? >.<

Side note-Since Aeranath=/=an Elf, it's only natural for me to add this in.

Kerstein de Bladefort: Elf
Eliador de Lioncourt: Elf
Lara von Dirkwind: Elf

Consistent pattern>Male Elves tend to take after the French, female Elves gravitate towards the Dutch.

Jarl Ironstone: Dwarf
Oarl Ironstone: Dwarf
Caarl Ironstone: Dwarf

Consistent pattern>Dwarves have a common pattern first name wise, detect it alrdy?

Ní dhéanfadh an saol capall rása d'asal
If there are any unspoken scandals plaguing every manner of fantasy fiction, it will be the fact that post 90% of the authors can't be bothered in creating characters of varying colours. By colours, I'm NOT referring to colours like the Lannisters, Targaryens, Starks and Baratheons. I'm talking abt characters fitting the below requirements:

1. They're humans, not elves, dwarves or etc.
2. They're any colour but white.

This reminds me of an unpleasant episode during my secondary school where a classmate asked me whether it feels nice being treated as a clown. My answer was no. Then he told me to shut up just b/c I happened to react the wrong way. My only problem with him? He was actually equally, if not more culpable on the same count.
I'd like to say J.R.R Tolkien was the one to start this trend, but I can't judge for the world. What I do know is this-Tolkien was truly the one defining contemporary high fantasy and this includes a culture otherwise known as men in white. If anybody has a beef with writers like Tolkien or Lewis just because they're capable of destroying S'pore's racial and religious harmony, my answer is to you is this:
In the world of political correctness, talk is cheap. It's one thing to talk abt race and racism, quite another to realise that after all these years of hard work, you're sub-consciously guilty on an equal scale.

Heihou no Tae'Geuk: Cinha
Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah: Cinha
Nanaya no Geun'Jin: Cinha

Note-While Cinha are quintessentially my own ver of East Asians, I decided to create a systematic variation so as to speak.

Marges: Sudhlit
Ithi: Sudhlit
Kish, i.e. Tristan's actual first name: Sudhlit

Note-Sudhlits are literally Tamils. If I end up insulting any caste purist, my advice is this: Better for you to go watch some pr0n.

Nurmai yal’ Zahr: Tamurian
Aeranath: technically one as well

Note-Tamurians are literally Malays. If I end up insulting any white Christian warrior, my advice is this: Better for you to go watch some interracial pr0n.

To be cont'd...

A/N: After some prior deliberation, I decided to devote This Known World to the more serious in-universe stuff. Hence my decision to put this post in That Random Blade.

P.S: There is a need for me to finish my Zhang Liang series. Due to the nature of Xiang Yu vs Liu Bang being eerily similar to recent events of late, I decided to put it on hold first. This is NOT to say I will wait until the conflicts are over. Rather, my muse might have committed temporary harakiri.

Add P.S: In a bid to distract (?) myself recently, I admit to being guilty of playing too much Marvel Heroes. When you realised your Nightcrawler has became super imba due to your own making, plenty of shit will ensue. Don't believe me, go try your luck after kitting the new and improved Kurt Wagner with Sandals of Hercules+Hydra Sonic Emitter+Soulsword. I'm talking this up via personal experience, the gods at Marvel should just say something like...
"**** it, guys. Let's just give Nightcrawler the Soulsword for good since the fans are more eager to see an impressed Scarlet Witch rather than an equally impressed Black Cat."