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Monday, 18 August 2014

El Estratega: Ocho

Adomah's overhead kick goal disallowed due to dangerous play, Rooney's same stunt earned Utd a goal. Wonder if there's truly life after Howard Webb and Fergie... maybe I should try sending a resume over to Borussia Dortmund or Atlético Madrid? Maybe even Bayern Munich or Barcelona also?

A/N: If you think I'm for real, think again.

Dealing w/hantu and doing a hantu

《史记; 项羽本纪》

When the Duke of Pei was already out, the King of Xiang sent the Capital Commandant, Chen Ping, to summon him. The Duke said (to Fan Kuai) thus: "For what matter did you ask me out here? I've yet to bid formal farewell."

Fan Kuai replied: "The other party is prepared to make mincemeat out of us, how can I stay still?"
Hence they promptly left while commanding Zhang Liang to stay back. Liang asked: "Why are you in a great hurry, m'lord?"

The Duke replied: "I have a pair of white jade which I wishes to give the King of Xiang. At the same time, I also have a pair of drinking vessels made of jade meant for godfather. Alas I fear for the latter's wrath, hence not daring to give. Please give them for me."

Zhang Liang said: "I understand."

By this time, the army of the King of Xiang were situated below Hongmen while the Duke of Pei already had his army at Bashang with a distance of forty li separating them. The Duke of Pei placed a carriage while escaping alone by horse. With Fan Kuai, Xiahou Ying, Jin Qiang and Ji Xing wielding shields and swords, they traveled from the foot of Mt Li till Zhiyang. The Duke of Pei said to Liang: "From here to our camp is only twenty li. Once I returned safely, you can return (back to Xiang Yu)."

When the Duke of Pei has reached his camp, Zhang Liang entered before Xiang Yu saying: "The Duke of Pei was unable to hold his liquor any longer, hence already left. As a compensation, he ordered me to offer this pair of white jade as a gift to m'lord. At the same time, there is also a pair of jade drinking vessels offered before you as well."

The King of Xiang asked: "Is the Duke of Pei well?"

Liang replied: "He actually heard that m'lord has the wish to punish him, hence he already departed alone and now back in his camp."

The King of Xiang received the white jade and place them at his seat. Fan Zeng, on the other hand, threw down the jade vessels and smashing them to pieces with a drawn sword. Then he said: "Aye! An immature boy is not good enough for my advise! He who shall take the land from the King of Xiang, surely that will be the Duke of Pei! We are now good as captured."

《Annals of History; Xiang Yu》
Written by Sima Qian

This is virtually no diff from the bellend road screwjob. On one hand, we got sorely done by some ref who happened to the most hated man in Vicarage Road atm. On the other, we're only good enough to boss the match from the back till midfield. We lost 1-0, this is no diff from Liu Bang bailing out halfway with only 4 loyal amigos following him. If this is to be the world of blogosphere, that will mean one particular blogger remaining piss poor just b/c he failed to secure even 1K worth of followers.

Yet, it must also be stated that the fat lady haven't sung yet. Liu Bang was like that, ditto for my beloved Boro as well. To play it safe, Liu Bang actually asked Zhang Liang to stay behind! Can you imagine Karanka telling a valuable asset in his backroom staff that...

AK: Okay, I know you've mentioned before Lambert and Allen coming off the bench. I need to go Anfield temporarily.

??: Erm... okay, boss.

Above section is a skit, but there's nothing maen maen over the cold hard truth. Zhang Liang had to stay behind to allay Xiang Yu's suspicions. By now, all should have known Zhang Liang's position, let alone talent. Interestingly enough, Zhang Liang actually told Xiang Yu the truth. Why? Has he became orang hantu dua?

No, Zhang Liang has nvr been that orang hantu. Only one orang hantu, his name is orang hantu satu. By telling the Xiang Yu the truth, it means Zhang Liang understood perfectly what kind of person Xiang Yu was. If he lied even a single word, chances are that Xiang Yu would knew straightaway. It's just like me saying Stuart "not Attwell" Gray is gonna play 2 flat banks+high block against us at home. That'll be giving too much away. Telling Xiang Yu what he wanted to hear, i.e. Liu Bang being a useless coward, means putting his guard down. It's just like me telling Gray that Karanka will be going all out to win via 4-2-3-1 w/Tomlin in the hole.
Is this correct? Yes.
Is this a trick answer? Hell yeah.

Moral of the story?
Meme too cute, like her too damn much... (y)

Which is why when we see Fan Zeng's reaction, it's like imagining Nigel "not de Jong" Pearson warning the likes of Ronald "not McDonald" Koeman and Brendan "not Fraser" Rodgers beforehand of this for next season. [1]

Now back to our main (?) strategist...
《史记; 留侯世家》

Running out of time, need to zzzz soon. To summarise this passage, this is basically abt Liu Bang becoming the King of Han. The prelude to such a generous (?) treatment is this:
He sent precious gifts of gold and jewelry to Xiang Bo.

If we're talking abt the local law in S'pore, it should be this.
If we're talkin abt lawful means, basically it's Liu Bang begging Xiang Yu not sing that certain song which somehow made John McCain into a global household name. [2]

Contrary to popular belief, Zhang Liang wasn't the one telling Liu Bang to rebuild the bridge while reorganising his army into what I'd call The Great Iga-mono Movement. [3]

Also, it must be stated that Zhang Liang was actually Xiang Yu's envoy since every Chinese history buff would tell you the same thing when it comes to any era. [4]

Lastly, we got the part called calling the bluff. Remember my stupid fairy tale? Let me tell you what it means to call a bluff.

Numero tres realised for that for some reason, 0 wasn't the one for her. On the other hand, numero cuatro chose to bail out of the race b/c she believed her dearest amiga is 0's best choice for a gf. So imagine 0's shock when...

Mak ML: Eh, how do you pronounce 吴 in Cantonese?
0: ...

0 found it funny that Mak ML asked him this question despite admitting that she's Cantonese. Unable to shrug off that monkey buggering him, he went on Facebook to do some (quasi) illegal snooping. That was last year, he realised a couple of things.

Hi time to be Sherlock RDJ Holmes, folks! End of story (for now), but I need to ask you all some damning questions.

1. If numero cuatro was guilty of giving 0 a false Christian name that sounded weirdly like a certain nation fighting w/Jew Nation over the Golan Heights, does that mean something?
2. If numero cuatro was perfectly fine w/declaring her single+available status on FB, does it mean anything? Let's assume that she's actually a beautiful girl blessed with idealism towards love. I firmly believe this is something stereotypical SPGs will gladly scorn... :P
3. 0 has gotten himself into trouble b/c when he started sharing stuff from numero cuatro's account, others could easily track the trail. In short, no warning PMs or outright blocking. That is until December or so where it seems that she's trying to send a veiled msg via a gradual profile take-down rather than doing this one-shot.
4. 0 saw a G+ profile bearing her name. The only problem? There should be others bearing the same Christian name as well. The counter-problem? 0 realised there are actually blokes and gals working in the relevant dept having their own G+ account. And 0's blog is actually hosted on Google.

If you all think above section is too convoluted like some K-drama or 夜市人生, it's okay. Even 李友志 requires development and his very own heroic BSOD moment w/金大风. How abt football analysis then? A very simple one concerning the #BFF of #LFC, namely #BVB.

If you're Jürgen "not Kok" Klopp, what would you do in the face of dressing room hemorrhage? This is the exact kind of situation the best team in English south coast is currently facing [5]

Should he admit defeat before the German Shepherd press?
Mutiny will surely follow b/c the players would have broken faith with he-who-broke-bread-with-them.

Should he remain bullish in front of the German Shepherd press despite winning 2-0 against a Bayern Munich team operating on the same percentage of efficiency as Pep "not you, Pep" Guardiola? [6]
He'll still end up a loser since there's one thing in common between football and Singapore. [7]

In the freak chance where Kloppo is reading this, let me tell you this:
If the question never demand you to choose between ein and zwei, it means there has to be a drei lurking in the shadows like Kurt Wagner himself, no?

Moral of the story:
Disappointed Asian dad can now stop worrying.
We have a new problem here and his name is *make your guess lol!* [8]

[1]: And this is not to mention Pope Francis I asking who's that team they call the Boro.
[2]: Because I want AND need to be fair, saying Obama is guilty of singing a similar song concerning the Pentagon is equally immoral. Quite contrary to what others might think of me, I'm much more of a politics hater when it comes to the grand ol' US of A. No wonder why the Republicans were demanding answers over that Snowing-gate back then. No, I'm not being sarcastic here.
[3]: Alternatively known as Shinomori Aoshi and his (anti) merry Oniwabanshū.
[4]: Most (?) notably Zhang Hong of Eastern Wu if we're using Cao Cao as Xiang Yu's parallel.
[5]: Apologies to Eddie "not Murphy" Howe if he happens to read this part. Via a freak chance ofc!
[6]: And by that, I'm hyperbole'ing Nightcrawler using his 'ports to take down Purifier grunts instead of random big-ass Sentinels.
[7]: Not the Juventus-Singapore match, but rather pragmatism.
[8]: Weirdly inspired by O Especial himself despite me not being a jerkass S.O.B in RL.
"Pepe has a problem and his name is Raphael Varane."