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Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Marvelous X-Men [aka random doop inspired by both Marvel Heroes and my super sad forever alone life]

Finally got chance to finish this. On a major hindsight, however, I should have done this much earlier.

Hopefully all you free people out there will have too much things to shut your mouth. In short, those who are actually blessed with a fulfilled life can ignore this message.

Somewhere @Hell's Kitchen...

Bullseye: Bullseye is here and someone's gonna get hurt!

*cue mano a mano brawl and plenty of badass blows*

Luke Cage: Man, yer just embarrassin' yerself.

@St James Power Station...

Spiderman: Is that a tail in your pocket or... oh, it's really a tail in your pocket...

Mr Fantastic: Spiderman, can I just say I'm glad that you're not a mutant?

Nightcrawler: Your humour is much appreciated, Spiderman.

Human Torch: Doesn't a king have better things to do?

Black Panther: Johnny... if we are not friends, I might not appreciate your humour.

Human Torch: Oh is that so? Guess who's the one attracting all the chicks?

Invisible Woman: Behave yourself, Johnny. You know Franklin looks up to you.

Thor: Greetings, T'Challa. From a prince to a king.

Human Torch: You seem to have plenty of smooch marks, Thor. Sucks to be Sif, I guess.

*cue abrupt screams and Ant-Man appearing*

Eric O'Grady: Okay guys! Info has it that the Brotherhood is now on the move. Specific area is the Sapphire Pavilion, Siloso Beach.

Thor: You deserve a slap from Mjolnir, Eric.

Eric o'Grady: Erm... actually it wasn't me stripping local hotties of their bikini tops.

*cue an ominous form looming behind Susan Storm*

Iron Man: Believe me when I say Eric isn't the one responsible for this mayhem.

Invisible Woman: Mr Stark! I am a married woman!

Ms Marvel: Guess you got tired of all those super models, Stark? Hmm, I don't think so.

Nightcrawler: Why is it that I feel like that odd one out?

Human Torch: Because you need a girlfriend! Wait... is that Johnny Blaze out there?

Ms Marvel: Yep.. that's our Ghost Rider having a go at Daimon Hellstrom.

Nightcrawler: ...I'll pray for you, Johnny Blaze...

Human Torch: Guess Satana must have tried taking Kurt's virginity without any success...

*preparing to diffuse the fight, the rest follow T'Challa's lead*

Black Panther: Vengeance cannot heal the soul, Ghost Rider...

Meanwhile somewhere near Sentosa Cove

Purifier 1: Freak on move!

*cue plenty of explosive action*

Deadpool: hoo hoo hoo hoo! hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Purifier 2: Human rights are for humans!

*cue plenty of pointy action*


Purifier 3: Mutie lover, wise up!

Deadpool:  SHEEE BAAAAIIIII!!!!!!!!

*cue bombs going off everywhere, hence resulting in mass collateral damage*


Professor X: That's it. I have to pay the local government millions. Nathan, can you stop Wade Wilson from singing that annoying song? If you don't do anything, I swear I'll bomb that idiot with Cerebro...

Back @the war scene...

Cable: You know what invulnerable means?

*cue weapons of mass destruction plus plenty of wasted Purifiers five secs after...*

Deadpool: This defeat is brought to you by the letter, Deadpool!

Cable: Domino, you're only half right when it comes to Wade's capability in driving others into suicide...


Professor X: Kurt, Magneto is now engaging the X-Men! I fear Nathan and Wade won't make it in time.

Back @the war scene...

Deadpool: Did someone talk bad about me or is it the weather?

Cable: Don't worry, Wade. You just sneezed, that's all.

Deadpool: Guess it's high time we do that tag team body-slide, huh buddy?

X-Men vs the Brotherhood@Sapphire Pavilion

*cue ongoing combat raging for the past N minutes*

Magneto: Those who stand against our cause shall tremble before us!

Nightcrawler: Magneto! You do great injustice to our kind!

*cue Mortimer Toynbee appearing just nearby*

Toad: Never see it coming!

*poor Mortimer kenna pwned by Chaos magic* fail...!

Scarlet Witch: You're no match for Chaos magic!

*cue Remy LeBeau's ranged stunlock 4 teh trollololz while Rogue continues her tough "love"...*

Rogue: Ah, ah, sugah! Ya goin' down!

*cue more ranged stunlocking from Remy LeBeau... then RAGIN' CAJUN!*

Sauron: ...been defeated... by mere mammals...

*zoom back to Wanda Maximoff, poor Wanda got hit from behind!*

Professor X *via telepathy ofc!*: This is bad! Someone aid Wanda! We cannot afford to have her in the Brotherhood's grasp even though Magnus is her father!

Nightcrawler: EN GARDE!

Pyro: You burned me out, mate...

*3 down, 3 more to go...*


*Frederick Dukes misses his target though as Kurt manages to 'port away in time. With Wanda in his arms ofc!*


*survived massive body slam=£86m. Gunning down the Blob=priceless. There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard. 4 down, 2 to go*

Juggernaut: You know what invulnerable means?

Cable: I do know what invulnerable means, Cain Marko.

*cue invulnerable vs invulnerable, Piotr Rasputin suddenly launches himself into a steely fury*

Colossus: I will not be denied!

Juggernaut: Impossible! I'm unstoppable!

Colossus: Rise and Colossus will strike you down again!

*upon realising that the battle cannot be won...*

Magneto: You may have won this battle, but the war goes on!


*Max Eisenhardt pulled off a bailout, the Marvelous X-Men are victorious! Nathan Summers, however, notices something out of place... or is it?*

Cable: Kurt, how can you be so positive in times like this?

Nightcrawler: You take after your father a little bit too much, Nathan.

Storm: Kurt, your humour and grace lift us all.

Colossus: What a combination, comrade Nightcrawler! Your speed! And my strength!

*suddenly sensing another thing out of place, Logan starts making his move*

Wolverine: Before you say anything, Deadpool...

Deadpool: You want blend or goody?

Wolverine: ...shut up.

Gambit: I thought I was the only loose cannon. Then I met Deadpool.

Sometime later @outer space...

Rocket Raccoon: Woo hoo! More paydirt!

Gamora: Quiet, Whiskers!

Groot: I AM GROOT!

Drax: Can't believe Charles Xavier needs our help in hunting down the Shadow King...

Rocket Raccoon: Hey, Gamora! You owe me a buck!

Gamora: For what, Whiskers?

Groot: I AM GROOT!

Drax: I think it has got something to do with that mega Korean natural beauty...

Rocket Raccoon: Heh, yeah... PSY, right?

Gamora: Be civil with your tone, Whiskers. Park Shin Young is after all an A-lister celebrity.

*Flashback 2 weeks ago on the Korean News Network, i.e. KNN*

News anchor: It's official, folks! The spaceman who saved our precious Park Shin Young is a real man. Let us hear what her agency has to say! 

Agency spokesman: Originally, we thought Miss Park's account was a mischievous excuse since the tabloids enjoy writing about her love life. Firstly, allow me to represent the S.T.A.R agency in saying that every article written thus far is a lie. Unfortunately, random witnesses have their claims on that stupid and crazy spaceman verified true. This is why we need a lie detector test in the first place. To prove that Miss Park will never lie over her current status.

*back @outer space*

Star-Lord: The name's Star-Lord, Legendary Outlaw. Remember my name when you're in intensive care... wow, that's a bad-ass pick up line reserved for a bad-ass hot Korean chick! Now what's that fat pervert's name again? Uh... King... uh... Kim... Kingpin? Yeah, must be that Kingpin...

*enters the Destroyer*

Drax: Hey, where's that Korean liquor you bought around one fortnight ago?

Star-Lord: I think it's still stashed somewhere. Good luck in finding it, Drax.

Drax: Just a curious question here. How much did you spend for that stuff?

Star-Lord: For free? I bought it off the shelf when the boss aint' lookin' in my direction.

[around the same time as above scenario...]
[somewhere above the Korean airspace...]
[somehow nearing a random university supposedly famous...]