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Friday, 8 August 2014

El Estratega: Seis

Made a promise w/myself that should we lose to Villareal, I'll re-kick this history monster. On an interesting side-note, Brains and Brawn is no longer Nightcrawler's BFF. Or rather, I've alrdy relegated Hank McCoy to orang baik dua. Come to think of this, it seems that Bobby Drake is much more Kurt'esque than that other furry in blue. No wonder my Nightcrawler is now kitted with Insignia of Iceman due to that double whammy, i.e. Soulsword+Hydra Belt-Mounted Sonar Targeting System.

A/N to self: Since I alrdy got 2 lvl 60 blokes and one (quasi-literal) Invisible Woman at lvl 34 41 or so, I decided that the time is ripe for me to buy Ancient Gourd of Prestige. Only one mind you.

Add A/N to self: If you're NOT out to create a diff build for your hero, don't even bother to bugger Clea for that crazy drinking vessel which happened to make Naruto somewhat more famous.
Proof that I'm not lying>
With that being said tho, re-calibrating Nightcrawler into that classic 'porter which has enraptured all fanboys and fangirls will be nice. That plus this was how Kurt Wagner became a martyr for his faith. Well sorta since Hope Summers=/=real.
Bastion, on the other hand, deserved that most badass moment of *bamf!*
Doesn't suck too much to be Jamie Lannister tho it seems.

Strategic A/N: If you want Nightcrawler to sign for Barcelona, then One Step Ahead=one million steps ahead.

Brains and Brawn=Hank McCoy and Hank McCoy
《史记; 留侯世家》

Upon entering the Qin palace, the Duke of Pei beheld horses, dogs and women numbering a thousand plus. Intending to keep them for himself, he refused Fan Kuai's request for audience. Thus Liang's advice: "The government of Qin was bereft of morals, hence m'lord gaining its capital city (i.e. Xianyang). In order to destroy its remnants, we paid the troops with only simple wages. Now that we have just entered the Qin territory, complacency is nowhere different from aiding tyranny. As the saying goes, 'sound advice may be jarring to the ear, but vital in progress while bitter poison is only good for pestilence'. Hence I beseech Your Highness to heed Fan Kuai's words."

《Annals of History; Marquis of Liu》
Written by Sima Qian

Throughout Liu Bang's colourful life, we end up seeing the good (e.g. Zhang Liang, Xiao He and Zhou Bo), bad (e.g. Chen Ping) and the ugly (e.g. Han Xin, Peng Yue and Qing Bu). So who's that man they called Fan Kuai?
1. He was an old friend of Liu Bang back during their youth.
2. Before he took up arms, he was a butcher.
3. In the ancient times, the Chinese were not so different from the Koreans. [1]

When we talk abt scoundrels, low-lives and unorthodox bastards, we tend to come up with ppl like him, him and him. [2] Liu Bang ain't that different tho even though he ended up being the 2nd Emperor of China. In the world of novel writing, characters evolve from one state to another. We call this character development, history is also about real people evolving from one state to another.

Talking abt Liu Bang is just like talking abt my beloved Boro. Cynics always enjoy calling us that shite team which belongs to neither the North East nor Yorkshire. [3] Likewise, cynics enjoy calling Liu Bang both drunkard and a lecher. Or in general terms, a lecherous drunk [贪酒好色之徒]. Yet, there is nothing laughable over Liu Bang's desire to become a great man.
Imagine this situation:
You're born as part of the society, but society doesn't seem to like you.
You're part of your class, but your classmates def doesn't like you.
You're part of your NS unit, but your khakis doesn't have the same interests as you.
You're alrdy 31 and will be 32 this yr, but girls doesn't want you.

If Liu Bang was to be that kid in your school, he'd most likely be that poor kid kenna bullied left, right and centre.
If Liu Bang was to be your platoon mate, he'd most likely be that clown earning nothing but teh lolz.
If Liu Bang was to be that one local bloke out of a million, he'd most likely be laughed off as a loser.
If Liu Bang was to support a football team, he'd def support the Boro.

Now back to Fan Kuai. How in the blue hell did he manage to talk like some Korean minister out to bust some corrupted heads? He's supposed to be a brainless dog killer in every sense of the word! You might as well go ask G.R.R Troll how in the blue hell did Jaime Lannister manage to become an honourable man.

Certain things will nvr change. It's like someone saying "I'll nvr ogle at girls again!" where in fact, he still do have a weakness for that pretty radiographer in his workplace. Likewise, seeing plenty of horses, dogs and pretty lasses should be nothing bar a recipe for disaster. To highlight whatever Liu Bang might be thinking back then, allow me to do a parallel analysis.

Parallel satu
Owning a fine horse to the common folks back then is like owning a Ferrari.
Parallel dua
Owning a pedigree dog to the common folks back then is like Paris Hilton owning a slow loris. [4]
Parallel tiga
Owning a pretty lass to the common folks back then is like having Kate Upton as your BGF. [5]

If there's anybody not amused by Liu Bang reverting to himself, it'd be Fan Kuai. I don't have to explain for you Fan Kuai's reason behind getting alarmed since one can easily imagine what kind of gahmen was the Qin administration. [6]

Liu Bang's answer?

So imagine this kind of scenario...

Fan Kuai: KNN! That stupid dai-kor-dai! What the **** is he thinking?

Xiahou Ying: Aiyah, very simple mah! You dunno meh?

Guan Ying: Eh, we all been lobo for dunno how many years liao and dai-kor-dai triple confirm is our lobo king leh!

Fan Kuai: LPPL lah! You think I bodoh or buat bodoh? Bladdy hell... if this goes one, he confirm will go mabuk forever one!

Zhou Bo: Not to mention go hong every chio-bu he see... jialat, liddat how?
Xiao He: My comrades and brothers, there is still hope. Remember that bloke who doesn't look like a man?
The rest: Huh? You mean that bapok????!!!!

Fan Kuai: Eh, that stupid lah! Kapalah budoh, that idiot only knows how to think creatively one. Can't even hold a sword, I bet jipahban that he confirm can't even kill a cat or a dog!

Xiao He: Understand the risk and know there's none.

1/2 an hour later or so, below is Liu Bang's reply...
《史记; 留侯世家》


Houston, we got a problem here...







《史记; 留侯世家》

Xiang Yu arrived at Hongmen intending to attack the Duke of Pei. Xiang Bo, in turn, hurried to the enemy camp in order to seek an audience with Zhang Liang. Despite his best efforts, Liang refused Bo's persuasion to escape. He said thus: "I am now accompanying the Duke of Pei as the envoy under the King of Han. In the face of such emergency, I cannot back off as such action goes against principles and morals."

In return, Liang led Xiang Bo to meet the Duke of Pei. After a few bouts of drinking, they agreed to forge an alliance via marriage. Xiang Bo informed Xiang Yu that Liu Bang has never dared to go against him, that the Duke of Pei was merely defending the conquered areas against opportunistic knaves. Upon meeting Xiang Yu, both parties managed to resolve their differences. The relevant details can be found in Xiang Yu's biography. 
《Annals of History; Marquis of Liu》
Written by Sima Qian

If there's any famous song coming to mind where Liu Bang was concerned, it should be this. Ofc Xiang Bo wouldn't be so stupid to persuade the enemy to bail. The only catch? Zhang Liang wasn't seen as one. Then again, I truly doubt Xiang Bo actually viewed Liu Bang in the same way where Israel view the Hamas and vice versa.

At this point of time, Zhang Liang was still officially under the Han banner. In short, he could have bailed and tell Xiang Yu that his fellow Hans will forever swear fealty to the Chu! But hell no! Why would Zhang Liang abandon Liu Bang? Can you imagine me ditching my beloved Boro for Leeds, Newcastle or Sunderland? Total bullshit! FourFourTwo don't rate our chances of winning promotion, that's not my problem ffs.

Okay, rant over, let's continue...












《史记; 项羽本纪》

Xiang Bo was an uncle of Xiang Yu, his relationship with Zhang Liang deemed cordial. When Zhang Liang was following the Duke of Pei, Xiang Bo hurried throughout the night unto the Duke's encampment in order to meet Zhang Liang in private. After stating the serious nature of the circumstances, he persauded Zhang Liang to leave, saying thus: "If you don't listen, you'll perish!"

Zhang Lianf replied hence: "I am now accompanying the Duke of Pei as the envoy under the King of Han. In the face of such emergency, I cannot back off as such action goes against principles and morals. Indeed I must inform the Duke of this."

Upon relaying his message, the Duke of Pei was alarmed: "Why is this so?"

Zhang Liang answered: "Who was the one suggesting such a measure for m'lord?"

"Some scoundrel advised me 'hold fort at the passes to repel the various lords, for through this plan I can be lord over the lands of Qin'. Thus, I chose to listen."

Zhang Liang said: "Do m'lord truly think our forces are capable of fighting the King of Xiang?"

The Duke of Pei became silent, saying thus: "Unable to.. what must I do?"

Zhang Liang replied: "Summon an audience with Xiang Bo then. Tell him the Duke of Pei dare not disobey the King of Xiang."

The Duke of Pei said: "Do you have close ties with Xiang Bo?"

Zhang Liang answered: "During the time of Qin, he was my travelling companion. Xiang Bo was guilty of murder, but your humble vassal saved him. Now that such an emergency has reared its head, he came specially to warn Liang."

The Duke of Pei asked: "Is he older than you?"

Liang answered: "Indeed, m'lord."

No chance in hell, that's most likely how post 90% of the English tabloid media view our chances. Ofc w/tabloid being tabloid, it's just like me saying Emma Watson will never pose for the Sun. Which ofc by itself is a statement really damn true. [7]

Which now comes to Karanka's current wheeling and dealing in the transfer market. Tango w/Genk while running the risk of getting ganked has nvr been Karanka's agenda, but the Adam Clayton deal is diff kettle of fish altogether it seems. Ofc if 'tis true that there's only one Boro in Clayton's mind, no one should be a dick and slap some retarded sanctions on him. Regardless of whether Huddersfield is truly an honourable club ain't the question, the question lies in our reinforcements are considered a little weak compared to teams like Fulham, Cardiff and Norwich. [8]

Zhang Liang's convo w/Liu Bang is just like me asking Karanka a similar rhetoric question. The difference between Liu Bang and Karanka lies in maturity, their common ground is basically having the capacity to command. Latter factor is like Xiang Yu with the catch that Liu Bang's shrewdness was the reason why he won the Conflict of Chu-Han.

As for Xiang Bo's relationship w/Zhang Liang, it's pretty much like some 30+ local bloke being friends w/Eddie Howe. A friendship forged NOT from pri/sec/ITE school yrs or whether you both got the same pretty girl as your friend in Friendsters, but rather a friendship built upon mutual respect and a mutual mentality.

 Ofc after all being said and done, diplomacy was to be the only way out. For now that is...
Which now comes to an interesting side story concerning a Chinese who's... well not so Chinese lol!

To be cont'd...
[4]: Slow loris are considered endangered species, so please don't endanger others and yourself b/c the cops won't be the ones endangered.
[5]: BGF=Best GirlFriend.
[6]: If you still demand an example, however...
[8]: Now if only we're relegated last season. Sucks to be us...