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Friday, 22 August 2014

Tis scientifically proven, guys and girls... パート 이

Original plan: do+finish current chapter of A Ranger's Tale.
Current plan: Gone case liao, I now kenna fever. Srsly, either I'm merely some poor OCDP moron or truly the Vincent van Gogh of SG. In any case, obsessive character is bad for you unless you're a proven genius. Then again, maybe all I need is  beautiful and intelligent gf. Evidence here, ppl.

If you want to be a writer, make sure you impress ppl with your prose.

All you kentang ppl: Pro-simi?
Limpeh: You all ask me ah?
All you kentang ppl: You mean pose ah?
Limpeh: Sorry, pose is only for pretty local SG girls in bikini who happened to be intelligent also.

Prose is generally the manner/style which you write your story. Diff writers have diff prose. Take for example E. L. James herself+her signature...

Then we also have that certain banned series arguably more famous than plenty others banned books...

As for some others which are more (?) well known...

Plus some others which are not so well known in comparison...

Also got the troll as well...

Crude humour aside, I'll have to say that if you want to do your own book, make sure there has to be a certain flow to your work. Sounds funny? Well... the best I can explain is this:

There are diff ways to pull off your own style.

Do you enjoy writing sentences which are short, yet without commas?
That's your own style.

How about lengthy description+character interaction which is pretty short and succinct?
Well, that sounds quite hard to pull off.

90% of sentences used being short and succinct, but with that catch 22 known as lengthy fight scenes?
I don't blame you for being a screaming Drizzt fangirl.

What abt me, you might ask? Well, I do enjoy pulling off commas in the middle of every sentence used. Back during my 1st draft, it's pretty much 99% of the narration. Come the current rewrite, it becomes something like 90% or so. Some good blokes/gals at FictionPress actually commented that my style is a reminiscence of the Old English style. Just don't ask me how true their words are b/c I've learnt not to give a damn to stuff like this.*
*Then again, it feels really good having others calling you a genius unwittingly.

Also, you need to decide whether you're out to do 3rd person, 2nd person or 1st person. 3rd person POV is the most fundamental of them all since this is basically the style educators tend to teach first. 2nd person and 1st person tend to be taught much later, but allow me to rubbish the talk on writing in past tense.

We have 3rd person POV, otherwise known as the omniscient POV, being done in past tense.
1st person can be either done in past or present tense, but personally I feel 1st person POV will only make sense in present tense.
2nd person is the most fun of them all. On one hand, past tense is legit. On the other, you can try emulating the troll pictured above.

3rd person POV, while 100% straightforward, is also quite restricted in terms of versatility. You can only make the readers see everything via a bird's eye view. Suspense wise, it would have taken a good chunk off the scene. Think of things this way:

Stevia never saw her boyfriend waiting to hug her from behind.
This is 3rd person POV, otherwise known as omniscient narrative.

Stevia's throat tightened for a brief moment, her heart racing in response to her boyfriend's gentle voice and reassuring warmth.
This is 2nd person POV, otherwise known as unreliable narrative.

1st person POV is also counted as unreliable narrative.

So what is unreliable narrative?
What is the opposite of a god?
A man.
What is the opposite of a goddess?
A woman.

You see, 3rd person view allows the reader to be that proverbial "god/goddess" while 2nd/1st person POV allows the reader to be THAT person him/herself. Ofc there's always space for pulling off a hybrid style. This is not something deemed unique w/K-pop b/c Rowling actually pulled it off first. Some scenes are done in 3rd person, others done in 2nd. It's down to your preference iirc since I'm also guilty off ripping off Rowling in this respect (the only bugger-all catch being me alternating between 2nd person and 1st person).

Also, doing strict 2nd person means doing your story in present tense.

Do take note though: writing in strict 2nd/1st person demands a superior grasp on whatever scenario you're writing. Remember that you're writing from the narrator's POV. Which means if there are events related to the past, you use past tense. Whatever present situation at hand, you use present tense.

Bonus-kun before I go zzzz
Title inspired by this vid...

Apparently, I tend to get myself easily influenced by others around me. Simply put, there will always be characters inspired by real life people/events I do/don't know personally or otherwise. This is NOT to say Aeranath is based on myself, let alone the rest of the supposedly (?) vital cast. Such statement is tantamount to self-wanking. As others can AND will tell you, self-wanking is bad for your overall well-being.

However, I might need to tweak this stupid habit somehow or another. I don't mind killing random characters off, even those inspired by individuals I've got no beef against. Yet, this also means there those inspired by people I don't like. Which means this is something I need to retcon for the rewrite. Sadly for some others, I'm still born a jerkass bastard. Which means whichever characters/events inspired by real life events will stay this way. No choice, this is valar born this way.*

Which now comes the greatest conundrum (?) facing yours truly:

P.S: Have to say that ever since I pulled off the whole Alestrial Eliaden=Park Shin-hye stunt, shit just ended up into a downward spiral if you get my drift...

To be cont'd...