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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Houston, I got a problem here...

They say weird things happen to weird ppl, shit always happen to good ppl. Today, I discovered my wireless network has gone to shit. Like some ranting justice king, my internet has officially gone on strike. Don't believe me?

Mainly my FB and Blogger can load decently, but not 90% of the rest. iirc it actually took my 1 or 2 tries to reload my blogspot/G+ account. Tried to call Singtel helpline, can't get through. Msg went something like "Network busy". In short, either I'm facing a nationwide crisis or... well, guess there might really be ppl who are:
1. unhappy with me even though I'm still a nobody.
2. due to point 1, it means these very same blokes are out to do funny stuff aplenty with my internet+cell phone.

For the sake of others, I rather myself to be paranoid here...

But anyway...
...since I have nothing better to do, might as well do a random stuff or more abt Marvel Heroes. Interestingly enough, MH is now currently undergoing network maintenance (must be b/c of some funny bs happening last night. Game was uncharacteristically laggy last night w/my Nightcrawler experiencing his own time freeze moment or two during Mob-rush Manhattan). Since I've alrdy got 3 characters in my roster, might as well share a bit or more on my current thoughts.
Correction: Above stated problem is due to Brimstone Blitz going light speed modal.

Black Panther
Really like my current BP, most likely I won't spend 65 Eternal Splinters for teh lulz again. I think it took me 2 Retcon Devices to put right my current T'Challa. atm, I do NOT have 4 Legendary Blessings befitting a lvl 60 hero. Rather, I only have like 3 Legendary Blessings out of 4.
1. Legendary Blessing of Odin
2. Legendary Blessing of Hogun
3. Legendary Blessing of Loki

On numero uno, I find it quite useful in a sense that not only does it give me 5% bonus in anti-boss damage, the best thing is the whole 7 Spirit recovery upon defeating an enemy thingy. Given that my current Black Panther is horrendously short on max Spirit (the fact that my current main [?] actually has more Spirit despite only at lvl 53 really says a lot), I really need plenty of Spirit recovery. Ofc given that T'Challa is literally a hybrid-DPS, having his fearsome twosome IS a MUST. On that count, it means that I need to get 2 Legendary Blessings of Frigga. Nothing less should suffice. Period.

On Hogun, 'tis a no-brainer since this is all abt boosting your ratings for Defense and Physical Damage by 3%.  I know some will pull this off, but allow me to add in that whatever 3% bonus conferred is calculated via the base value, i.e. 3% of your base health & 3% of your base Physical Damage. It might not amount to anything much, but... more on that later on.

Legendary Blessing of Loki... erm I actually moved that Blessing to my Nightcrawler. -_-

Going by the equation... it should go something like 2 Frigga, 1 Odin and 1 Hogun.

Reallocating the Omega points ain't too difficult (and to set the record straight, god ol'Ryolnir is actually kind enough to do that Omega pts reset every now and then). Basically, I plonked much of my OPs on Terrigen Mist and Shadow King's Possession. I suggest placing 1 rank for TM no matter what due to that 1% probability per hit (which means no matter what, you should be able to activate your merry +1 bonus for just abt any one stat apart from Intelligence & Fighting).
And yeah, Hogun+SKP=this. And I've yet to get Frigga atm.

Invisible Woman
Insanely enough, I ended up pulling off a Wakanda relic for her. This is due to 3 factors:
1. I favored a Defensive upgrade.
2. I favored a Life regain per hit custom core.
3. I favored Doc Ock medallion (even better if we're talking abt cosmic ver here).
The only tricky part? I need to use her more since Stormy Sue's gameplay is something quite unique. I'm someone used to playing offensive, no matter whether it's DPS attrition (Black Panther=Mogga) or DPS+DTS hit+run (Nightcrawler=Pochettino). Invisible Woman is best used as vital support (Southgate?), this means I won't suggest anyone crazy enough to do a terminal solo on Kingpin, M.O.D.O.K, Doom or Kurse (note that these blokes tend to play mob swarm [Kingpin is arguably the worst as he'll call in Elektra & Bullseye as boss tier back up], so pls feel free to go all out on the contrary if you're not walking alone. imo playing 2 character raid party is enough, 3 member party=SPG galore*).
**Smackdown Party Girl ain't someone you'd associate w/Sarong Party Girls. Period.

1st impression=Levitating Disc is crap. NO! LD is the BEST shit you'll ever get, so go ahead and up this power till like 10+ or so. Def you shouldn't do a LD on anywhere below 10 or 11. Ideally, you should up this at 13 or so (this is provided you've pumped enough power pts on Invisibility in order to regain Spirit). iirc against mob spawn bosses (esp on terminals), you'll need plenty of fly-about in order to land stuff like Resonating Wave or Storm of Spheres. Okay, I'm technically lying since doing a RW-SoS loop on a continual basis is your only hope in getting out alive. Which is why I favored Relic of Wakanda.
(note: due to an absurdly crap durability, using a Radioactive Isotope which confers life+spirit regen+invulnerability is a must once you get it)
(add note: I've yet to try out Stormy Sue on a higher lvl basis [she's only at lvl 32 lol!], so I believe I'll need at least 1 Retcon to reset every singled damn shit at lvl 47 or so.*)
*Thank goodness I ran too much Manhattan on T'Challa. Which means I've yet to take Bullseye out cleanly to the cleaner for Heroic difficulty, let alone Super Heroic.

Oh and one more thing: you'll really need to max out her Invisible Combat & Personal Force Field. Max out only 1 of her Focus oriented attacks due to the presence of Combat Force Fields (basically it means having 3 passives to max out). With 2 power pts given at least (well, her Intelligence is the average median of 3 anyway and that's ignoring whether she'll gain any permanent Intelligent bonus), it should be easy.

A/N-Realized Quantum Compression has to be shittiest signature ever. That is unless you're willing to create synergy play w/Shield Dome. Something like QC>SD>mass QC detonate.

Probability of epic failure on the above mentioned experiment shall NOT be held liable to my credibility b/c this is something formulated only in theory.
Just like actual communism if I say so myself.

Blessings [tentatively] recommended: 1 Loki+3 Volstagg. Or if you feel like it, 1 Loki+1 Heimdall+2 Volstagg or 1 Heimdall+3 Volstagg.

Apparently, Storming Sue can boast quite a punch in terms of Defense rating once properly kitted. That plus I've got this impression that her Mental & Energy Defense ain't shabbily shafted either. Basically, this means two things. Defensive upgrade is a must in the name of survival while maxing out Kevlar (mainly for Physical Defense boost albeit it also confers Energy Defense boost) for your Omega is equally important, if not more vital. Also put 1 pt each for both Life regen Omega skills w/Doom Armor being the closest 3rd in priority.

A/N-Ever wonder how to use the Great Kahuna? Buy 1 for 100 conch (or is it 150?), donate the rest, and max out the Great Kahuna monster on Invisible Woman.

Currently my joint main w/Black Panther, perfecting his build was quite excruciating in terms of Retcon spam. I think I used around 3 RDs on him lol! But the result is worth it. As they say, you learn something new every day. The average S'porean will call me siao, try telling that to a certain Jaeshi (sp?) if you happen to recognize him playing Guilty Gear or BlazBlue. I do NOT know Jaeshi personally apart from watching him using ridiculously crap tier characters for Guilty Gear (Anji for GGXX and Order Sol for GGAC) and BlazBlue (Bang for BBCT and Tsubaki for BBCS upon realizing Bang has became god Bang).

Using NC is all abt maxing out 3 passives, namely Incredible Acrobatics, Master Swordsman and Heartseeker Guard. IA & HG are a no-brainer (you'll need those IA to survive and HG for counteroffensive), but why MS? b/c you'll need a maxed out Sword skill to compliment whatever imba DoT+DPS mode. With Sabre Swipe as your starting Sword skill, it means upping Flash and Grab till 20 or so=a must. FnG might have been nerfed, but do NOT underestimate its crowd pull factor. Just like how NC was a crap character plot impact wise, FnG tends to divide opinions among gamers and fans alike. Just like how NC is still a fan fave after undergoing a semi-literal trip to the Mandai Crematorium, a semi-quasi trip to Hell, a literal trip Heaven and literally back again, FnG remains the MH equivalent of the local ladies' man. After all that's said and done, try using FnG>SS combo. Due to the narrow circular AoE for SS, it's extremely easy to one-shot 2-3 green grunts (and that's discounting Kurt Wagner's X-Factor, otherwise known as super 变态 crit/brutal hit game).

As if it's not enough, try throwing Infernal Brimstone into the mix. By upping it till 20 (def only an idiot will up IB beyond the 20 mark), it basically means a heaven sent one shot against elite mob. A word of note tho: To make this work, you'll need Shadowmeld in order to pull off an upgraded Bamf Bomb. Whether NC is able to crowd-pull large targets below Sentinel lvl remains to be seen. Maybe boleh, but maybe tak boleh since I'm not too sure whether a Strength 4 NC can really pull this off (to set the record the straight, I've experienced actual success on the occasional mech-pull prior to my final re-upgrade).

MS truly shines in terms of FnG>X-Slash. This is arguably your boss kill tactic. In short, max out only X-Slash sword skill wise. Effective mix up w/Agile Strike means NC can easily sustain himself for prolonged DPS pwnage. A word of important note tho:
Make sure to have River of the Soul for whichever lvl 50 Uru equipment. Strongly recommend either War Plate (+800 Defense rating) or War Ax (+400 Melee damage rating). Apart from the gloves (which confers Physical damage buff instead), the rest are not even crap, i.e. the other 2 are literally redundant.
Correction: X-Slash>Death Blow=even more kickass. Throw in RF and DB can/will effectively become NC's final hand. Now if only Arc System Works will try and make Kurt Wagner playable for either BlazBlue or Guilty Gear. :)

For Righteous Frenzy, you cam max it out w/ease so long you're comfy w/doing a RF>XS sequence. Melee X-treme X-Man anyone? I've alrdy hit lvl 53 w/NC. Basically it means I've unlocked Brimstone Blitz, it means Nightcrawler is officially the Amazing Melee X-Man of MH.

Current Omega focus:
Terrigen Mist (1% probability=+1 Durability/Strength/Speed/Energy=3 useful stats out of 4)
Kevlar (Much needed Defense boost for Physical & Energy)
2 Life regen skills (If you end up spamming Shadowmeld to save your ass more oft than not, it means you're not doin' it right)
Harpy+Psi-Ops (refer to Ideal Blessings, saving the best part for the last)

Ideal Blessings:
1 Loki+1 Volstagg+2 Fandral or 1 Volstagg+3 Fandral. Due to NC's super 变态 critical/brutal damage game, I'd personally lean towards LV2F.

P.S: We all know having a BFF [Best Friend Forever] is mostly a girl thing complete with rabbit ears, Siloso Beach and bikini.
However, there's nothing girly abt Kurt Wagner's 3 BFF [Badass Friends Forever].
BFF satu (reminds me of somebody I dunno personally)>Brains and Brawn
BFF dua (Marvel should just go all out and resurrect Excalibur for good)>Siberian Strongman
BFF tiga (same first name, but def not Mr Eric Soh)>Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

My pick?

Pointless P.S: Because Nightcrawler deserves some romantic love post-Heaven, I might as well put my national beauties on display.